# Artist Title Length Album Track # Year Genre Rating Bitrate Media
110 YearsNovacaine2:49(how to live) AS GHOSTS22017Rock 320 
210 YearsBeautiful3:15Division32008Rock 320 
310 YearsFix Me3:35Feeding the Wolves52010Rock 320 
410 YearsDancing With the Dead3:40Minus the Machine62012Rock 320 
510 YearsWasteland3:50The Autumn Effect52005Rock 320 
63 Doors DownTrain3:103 Doors Down12008Rock 320 
73 Doors DownCitizen/Soldier3:523 Doors Down22008Rock 320 
83 Doors DownIt’s Not My Time4:023 Doors Down32008Rock 320 
93 Doors DownLet Me Be Myself3:483 Doors Down42008Rock 320 
103 Doors DownWhen I'm Gone4:21Away From the Sun12002Rock 320 
113 Doors DownAway From the Sun3:53Away From the Sun22002Rock 320 
123 Doors DownThe Road I'm On3:59Away From the Sun32002Rock 320 
133 Doors DownHere Without You3:58Away From the Sun62002Rock 320 
143 Doors DownLanding in London4:31Seventeen Days52005Rock 320 
153 Doors DownBehind Those Eyes4:19Seventeen Days72005Rock 320 
163 Doors DownKryptonite3:53The Better Life12000Rock 320 
173 Doors DownLoser4:24The Better Life22000Rock 320 
183 Doors DownDuck and Run3:50The Better Life32000Rock 320 
193 Doors DownNot Enough3:14The Better Life42000Rock 320 
203 Doors DownBe Like That4:25The Better Life52000Rock 320 
213 Doors DownThe Better Life3:07The Better Life72000Rock 320 
223 Doors DownTime of My Life3:23Time of My Life12011Rock 320 
233 Doors DownWhen You’re Young4:16Time of My Life22011Rock 320 
243 Doors DownRound and Round3:46Time of My Life32011Rock 320 
253 Doors DownRace for the Sun2:59Time of My Life52011Rock 320 
263 Doors DownEvery Time You Go3:48Time of My Life72011Rock 320 
273 Doors DownIn the Dark3:43Us and the Night22016Rock 320 
2838 SpecialRockin' Into the Night3:59The Very Best of the A&M Years (1977-1988)12003Classic Rock 320 
2938 SpecialHold On Loosely4:39The Very Best of the A&M Years (1977-1988)22003Classic Rock 320 
3038 SpecialFantasy Girl4:04The Very Best of the A&M Years (1977-1988)42003Classic Rock 320 
3138 SpecialCaught Up in You4:38The Very Best of the A&M Years (1977-1988)52003Classic Rock 320 
3238 SpecialIf I'd Been the One3:53The Very Best of the A&M Years (1977-1988)112003Classic Rock 320 
3338 SpecialBack Where You Belong4:01The Very Best of the A&M Years (1977-1988)122003Classic Rock 320 
3438 SpecialLike No Other Night3:55The Very Best of the A&M Years (1977-1988)152003Classic Rock 320 
3538 SpecialBack to Paradise3:39The Very Best of the A&M Years (1977-1988)162003Classic Rock 320 
3638 SpecialSecond Chance5:02The Very Best of the A&M Years (1977-1988)172003Classic Rock 320 
37AC/DCJailbreak4:41'74 Jailbreak11984Rock 320 
38AC/DCHells Bells5:12Back in Black11980Rock 320 
39AC/DCShoot to Thrill5:18Back in Black21980Rock 320 
40AC/DCWhat Do You Do for Money Honey3:35Back in Black31980Rock 320 
41AC/DCGiven the Dog a Bone3:32Back in Black41980Rock 320 
42AC/DCLet Me Put My Love Into You4:15Back in Black51980Rock 320 
43AC/DCBack in Black4:15Back in Black61980Rock 320 
44AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night Long3:30Back in Black71980Rock 320 
45AC/DCHave a Drink on Me3:59Back in Black81980Rock 320 
46AC/DCShake a Leg4:06Back in Black91980Rock 320 
47AC/DCRock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution4:15Back in Black101980Rock 320 
48AC/DCHard as a Rock4:30Ballbreaker12005Rock 320 
49AC/DCCover You in Oil4:32Ballbreaker22005Rock 320 
50AC/DCThe Furor4:10Ballbreaker32005Rock 320 
51AC/DCBoogie Man4:07Ballbreaker42005Rock 320 
52AC/DCThe Honey Roll5:35Ballbreaker52005Rock 320 
53AC/DCBurnin' Alive5:05Ballbreaker62005Rock 320 
54AC/DCHail Caesar5:14Ballbreaker72005Rock 320 
55AC/DCLove Bomb3:14Ballbreaker82005Rock 320 
56AC/DCBallbreaker4:31Ballbreaker112005Rock 320 
57AC/DCRock 'n' Roll Train4:21Black Ice12008Rock 320 
58AC/DCSkies on Fire3:34Black Ice22008Rock 320 
59AC/DCAnything Goes3:22Black Ice42008Rock 320 
60AC/DCWar Machine3:09Black Ice52008Rock 320 
61AC/DCDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap4:11Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap11976Rock 320 
62AC/DCLove at First Feel3:10Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap21976Rock 320 
63AC/DCBig Balls2:38Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap31976Rock 320 
64AC/DCProblem Child5:44Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap51976Rock 320 
65AC/DCRide On5:49Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap81976Rock 320 
66AC/DCSquealer5:14Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap91976Rock 320 
67AC/DCRising Power3:43Flick of the Switch11983Rock 320 
68AC/DCDeep in the Hole3:19Flick of the Switch71983Rock 320 
69AC/DCShake Your Foundations4:10Fly on the Wall21985Rock 320 
70AC/DCSink the Pink4:15Fly on the Wall51985Rock 320 
71AC/DCFor Those About to Rock (We Salute You)5:43For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)11981Rock 320 
72AC/DCPut the Finger on You3:25For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)21981Rock 320 
73AC/DCLet's Get It Up3:53For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)31981Rock 320 
74AC/DCInject the Venom3:30For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)41981Rock 320 
75AC/DCEvil Walks4:23For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)61981Rock 320 
76AC/DCC.O.D.3:19For Those About to Rock (We Salute You)71981Rock 320 
77AC/DCIt's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll)5:15High Voltage11976Rock 320 
78AC/DCThe Jack5:51High Voltage31976Rock 320 
79AC/DCLive Wire5:49High Voltage41976Rock 320 
80AC/DCT.N.T.3:34High Voltage51976Rock 320 
81AC/DCCan I Sit Next to You Girl4:11High Voltage61976Rock 320 
82AC/DCShe's Got Balls4:50High Voltage81976Rock 320 
83AC/DCHigh Voltage4:02High Voltage91976Rock 320 
84AC/DCHighway to Hell3:27Highway to Hell11979Rock 320 
85AC/DCGirls Got Rhythm3:23Highway to Hell21979Rock 320 
86AC/DCWalk All Over You5:09Highway to Hell31979Rock 320 
87AC/DCTouch Too Much4:26Highway to Hell41979Rock 320 
88AC/DCBeating Around the Bush3:56Highway to Hell51979Rock 320 
89AC/DCShot Down in Flames3:22Highway to Hell61979Rock 320 
90AC/DCGet It Hot2:34Highway to Hell71979Rock 320 
91AC/DCIf You Want Blood (You've Got It)4:36Highway to Hell81979Rock 320 
92AC/DCLove Hungry Man4:16Highway to Hell91979Rock 320 
93AC/DCNight Prowler6:16Highway to Hell101979Rock 320 
94AC/DCBig Gun4:25Last Action Hero: Music From The Original Motion Picture11993Rock 320 
95AC/DCWhole Lotta Rosie5:33Let There Be Rock82003Rock 320 
96AC/DCGone Shootin'5:05Powerage71978Rock 320 
97AC/DCRock or Bust3:03Rock or Bust12014Rock 320 
98AC/DCPlay Ball2:47Rock or Bust22014Rock 320 
99AC/DCRock the Blues Away3:24Rock or Bust32014Rock 320 
100AC/DCStiff Upper Lip3:34Stiff Upper Lip12000Rock 320 
101AC/DCHold Me Back3:59Stiff Upper Lip42000Rock 320 
102AC/DCSafe in New York City3:59Stiff Upper Lip52000Rock 320 
103AC/DCCan't Stand Still3:41Stiff Upper Lip62000Rock 320 
104AC/DCCan't Stop Rock 'n' Roll4:02Stiff Upper Lip72000Rock 320 
105AC/DCThunderstruck4:52The Razors Edge12003Rock 320 
106AC/DCMoneytalks3:46The Razors Edge32003Rock 320 
107AC/DCThe Razors Edge4:22The Razors Edge42003Rock 320 
108AC/DCMistress for Christmas3:59The Razors Edge52003Rock 320 
109AC/DCAre You Ready4:10The Razors Edge72003Rock 320 
110AC/DCGoodbye & Good Riddance to Bad Luck3:13The Razors Edge112003Rock 320 
111AC/DCWho Made Who3:27Who Made Who11986Rock 320 
112AceHow Long3:24How Long: Best of Ace11993Classic Rock 320 
113Adelitas WayInvincible3:10Adelitas Way12009Rock 320 
114Adelitas WayScream3:34Adelitas Way22009Rock 320 
115Adelitas WayBad Reputation3:02Getaway12016Rock 320 
116Adelitas WaySick3:11Home School Valedictorian22011Rock 320 
117Adelitas WayCriticize3:02Home School Valedictorian42011Rock 320 
118Adelitas WayReady For War (Pray For Peace)3:31Notorious22017Rock 320 
119Adelitas WayDog on a Leash3:35Stuck12014Rock 320 
120AerosmithDream On4:27Aerosmith31973Rock 320 
121AerosmithWalk on Water4:55Big Ones11994Rock 320 
122AerosmithLove in an Elevator5:21Big Ones21994Rock 320 
123AerosmithRag Doll4:24Big Ones31994Rock 320 
124AerosmithWhat It Takes5:10Big Ones41994Rock 320 
125AerosmithDude (Looks Like a Lady)4:24Big Ones51994Rock 320 
126AerosmithJanie’s Got a Gun5:30Big Ones61994Rock 320 
127AerosmithCryin’5:09Big Ones71994Rock 320 
128AerosmithAmazing5:56Big Ones81994Rock 320 
129AerosmithBlind Man4:00Big Ones91994Rock 320 
130AerosmithDeuces Are Wild3:35Big Ones101994Rock 320 
131AerosmithThe Other Side4:04Big Ones111994Rock 320 
132AerosmithCrazy5:16Big Ones121994Rock 320 
133AerosmithEat the Rich4:11Big Ones131994Rock 320 
134AerosmithAngel5:07Big Ones141994Rock 320 
135AerosmithLivin’ on the Edge6:21Big Ones151994Rock 320 
136AerosmithJust Push Play3:51Just Push Play22001Rock 320 
137AerosmithJaded3:35Just Push Play32001Rock 320 
138AerosmithFly Away From Here5:01Just Push Play42001Rock 320 
139AerosmithNine Lives4:01Nine Lives11997Rock 320 
140AerosmithFalling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)3:25Nine Lives21997Rock 320 
141AerosmithHole in My Soul6:10Nine Lives31997Rock 320 
142AerosmithAin’t That a Bitch5:25Nine Lives71997Rock 320 
143AerosmithPink3:55Nine Lives111997Rock 320 
144AerosmithWalk This Way3:41Toys in the Attic41993Rock 320 
145AerosmithSweet Emotion4:34Toys in the Attic61993Rock 320 
146AerosmithYoung Lust4:19Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology102001Rock 320 
147AerosmithMonkey on My Back3:57Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology132001Rock 320 
148AerosmithLove Me Two Times3:15Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology22001Rock 320 
149AerosmithShut Up and Dance4:50Young Lust: The Aerosmith Anthology102001Rock 320 
150Aerosmith & Carrie UnderwoodCan’t Stop Lovin’ You4:04Music From Another Dimension!92012Rock 320 
151AirbourneRunnin’ Wild3:38Runnin’ Wild22008Hard Rock 320 
152AirbourneToo Much, Too Young, Too Fast3:42Runnin’ Wild32008Hard Rock 320 
153The Alan Parsons ProjectEye in the Sky4:37The Definitive Collection21997Classic Rock 320 
154The Alan Parsons ProjectDon't Answer Me4:14The Definitive Collection71997Classic Rock 320 
155Alanis MorissetteThank You4:18The Collection12005Alternative 320 
156Alanis MorissetteHead Over Feet4:24The Collection22005Alternative 320 
157Alanis Morissette8 Easy Steps2:52The Collection32005Alternative 320 
158Alanis MorissetteEverything4:34The Collection42005Alternative 320 
159Alanis MorissetteIronic3:48The Collection62005Alternative 320 
160Alanis MorissetteYou Learn3:59The Collection82005Alternative 320 
161Alanis MorissetteYou Oughta Know4:08The Collection102005Alternative 320 
162Alanis MorissetteUninvited4:36The Collection162005Alternative 320 
163Alanis MorissetteHand in My Pocket3:39The Collection182005Alternative 320 
164Aldo NovaFantasy5:03Aldo Nova11982Classic Rock 320 
165Aldo NovaHot Love3:54Aldo Nova21982Classic Rock 320 
166Aldo NovaIt's Too Late3:22Aldo Nova31982Classic Rock 320 
167Aldo NovaBall and Chain4:01Aldo Nova41982Classic Rock 320 
168Aldo NovaHeart To Heart3:42Aldo Nova51982Classic Rock 320 
169Alice CooperI’m Eighteen2:58Mascara & Monsters: The Best of Alice Cooper12001Classic Rock 320 
170Alice CooperSchool’s Out3:31Mascara & Monsters: The Best of Alice Cooper62001Classic Rock 320 
171Alice CooperElected3:43Mascara & Monsters: The Best of Alice Cooper72001Classic Rock 320 
172Alice CooperNo More Mr. Nice Guy3:07Mascara & Monsters: The Best of Alice Cooper102001Classic Rock 320 
173Alice CooperWelcome to My Nightmare2:48Mascara & Monsters: The Best of Alice Cooper162001Classic Rock 320 
174Alice CooperPoison4:27Mascara & Monsters: The Best of Alice Cooper222001Classic Rock 320 
175Alice in ChainsHeaven Beside You5:27Alice in Chains41995Rock 320 
176Alice in ChainsAgain4:05Alice in Chains61995Rock 320 
177Alice in ChainsOver Now7:03Alice in Chains121995Rock 320 
178Alice in ChainsCheck My Brain3:57Black Gives Way to Blue22009Rock 320 
179Alice in ChainsYour Decision4:43Black Gives Way to Blue42009Rock 320 
180Alice in ChainsThem Bones2:30Dirt11992Rock 320 
181Alice in ChainsDam That River3:09Dirt21992Rock 320 
182Alice in ChainsRain When I Die6:01Dirt31992Rock 320 
183Alice in ChainsDown in a Hole5:38Dirt41992Rock 320 
184Alice in ChainsRooster6:15Dirt61992Rock 320 
185Alice in ChainsDirt5:16Dirt81992Rock 320 
186Alice in ChainsGod Smack3:50Dirt91992Rock 320 
187Alice in ChainsAngry Chair4:47Dirt121992Rock 320 
188Alice in ChainsWould?3:27Dirt131992Rock 320 
189Alice in ChainsWe Die Young2:32Facelift11990Rock 320 
190Alice in ChainsMan in the Box4:46Facelift21990Rock 320 
191Alice in ChainsSea of Sorrow5:49Facelift31990Rock 320 
192Alice in ChainsBleed the Freak4:01Facelift41990Rock 320 
193Alice in ChainsI Can’t Remember3:42Facelift51990Rock 320 
194Alice in ChainsNutshell4:19Jar of Flies21994Rock 320 
195Alice in ChainsI Stay Away4:14Jar of Flies31994Rock 320 
196Alice in ChainsNo Excuses4:15Jar of Flies41994Rock 320 
197Alice in ChainsDon’t Follow4:22Jar of Flies61994Rock 320 
198Alice in ChainsHollow5:41The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here12013Rock 320 
199Alice in ChainsPretty Done4:35The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here22013Rock 320 
200Alice in ChainsStone4:22The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here32013Rock 320 
201Alice in ChainsVoices5:42The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here42013Rock 320 
202Alter BridgeIsolation4:13AB III22011Rock 320 
203Alter BridgeGhost of Days Gone By4:25AB III32011Rock 320 
204Alter BridgeRise Today4:21Blackbird72007Hard Rock 320 
205Alter BridgeAddicted to Pain4:16Fortress22013Rock 320 
206Alter BridgeOpen Your Eyes4:58One Day Remains32004Rock 320 
207Alter BridgeShow Me A Leader5:05The Last Hero12016Hard Rock 320 
208Alter BridgeMy Champion4:40The Last Hero42016Hard Rock 320 
209AmbrosiaBiggest Part of Me5:25Anthology21997Classic Rock 320 
210AmbrosiaYou're the Only Woman4:20Anthology31997Classic Rock 320 
211AmbrosiaHow Much I Feel4:44Anthology91997Classic Rock 320 
212AmericaA Horse With No Name4:11The Complete Greatest Hits12001Classic Rock 320 
213AmericaVentura Highway3:33The Complete Greatest Hits52001Classic Rock 320 
214AmericaCalifornia Dreamin’2:46The Complete Greatest Hits172001Classic Rock 320 
215AmericaYou Can Do Magic3:53The Complete Greatest Hits182001Classic Rock 320 
216Another AnimalBroken Again5:22Another Animal32007Rock 320 
217ApocalypticaNot Strong Enough3:367th Symphony32010Rock 320 
218ApocalypticaI’m Not Jesus3:34Worlds Collide32007Rock 320 
219ApocalypticaI Don’t Care3:41Worlds Collide82007Rock 320 
220April WineSign of the Gypsy Queen4:17The Nature of the Beast31991Classic Rock 320 
221April WineJust Between You and Me3:55The Nature of the Beast41991Classic Rock 320 
222ArandaStill in the Dark3:45Aranda52008Rock 253 
223ArandaSatisfied3:24Stop the World42012Rock 320 
224Art Of DyingTear Down The Wall3:05Rise Up32015Rock 320 
225Art of DyingDie Trying3:49Vices and Virtues12011Rock 320 
226Art of DyingGet Thru This2:43Vices and Virtues22011Rock 320 
227AsiaHeat of the Moment3:50The Definitive Collection12006Classic Rock 320 
228AsiaOnly Time Will Tell4:45The Definitive Collection22006Classic Rock 320 
229Atlanta Rhythm SectionSo Into You4:23The Best Of ARS91991Classic Rock 320 
230Atlanta Rhythm SectionSpooky4:58The Best Of ARS151991Classic Rock 320 
231Atom SmashDo Her Wrong3:28Love Is in the Missile22010Rock 320 
232Atom SmashErase Those Days3:40Love Is in the Missile42010Rock 320 
233AudioslaveShow Me How to Live4:37Audioslave22002Rock 320 
234AudioslaveGasoline4:39Audioslave32002Rock 320 
235AudioslaveLike a Stone4:54Audioslave52002Rock 320 
236AudioslaveI Am the Highway5:34Audioslave82002Rock 320 
237AudioslaveBe Yourself4:39Out of Exile32005Rock 320 
238AudioslaveDoesn't Remind Me4:15Out of Exile42005Rock 320 
239AudioslaveOriginal Fire3:38Revelations52006Rock 320 
240AutographTurn Up the Radio4:39Crank It Up41997Rock 320 
241AvatarThe Eagle Has Landed5:01Feathers & Flesh32016Metal 320 
242Avenged SevenfoldScream4:48Avenged Sevenfold32007Metal 320 
243Avenged SevenfoldAfterlife5:53Avenged Sevenfold42007Metal 320 
244Avenged SevenfoldBat Country5:13City of Evil42005Metal 320 
245Avenged SevenfoldHail to the King5:04Hail to the King22013Metal 320 
246Avenged SevenfoldThis Means War6:09Hail to the King42013Metal 320 
247Avenged SevenfoldNightmare6:14Nightmare12010Metal 320 
248Avenged SevenfoldWelcome to the Family4:05Nightmare22010Metal 320 
249Avenged SevenfoldBuried Alive6:44Nightmare42010Metal 320 
250Avenged SevenfoldThe Stage8:32The Stage12016Metal 320 
251Avenged SevenfoldGod Damn3:42The Stage42016Metal 320 
252AxeRock N Roll Party In The Streets3:29Offering12008Classic Rock 320 
253Bachman–Turner OverdriveTakin’ Care of Business4:45The Definitive Collection32008Classic Rock 320 
254Bachman–Turner OverdriveLet It Ride4:23The Definitive Collection42008Classic Rock 320 
255Bachman–Turner OverdriveYou Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet3:54The Definitive Collection52008Classic Rock 320 
256Bachman–Turner OverdriveRoll On Down the Highway3:58The Definitive Collection82008Classic Rock 320 
257Bachman–Turner OverdriveHey You3:34The Definitive Collection112008Classic Rock 320 
258Bad CompanyNo Smoke Without a Fire4:39Dangerous Age31988Rock 320 
259Bad CompanyHow About That5:27Here Comes Trouble11992Rock 320 
260Bad CompanyHere Comes Trouble4:10Here Comes Trouble31992Rock 320 
261Bad CompanyThis Could Be the One5:18Here Comes Trouble41992Rock 320 
262Bad CompanyTake This Town4:17Here Comes Trouble61992Rock 320 
263Bad CompanyHoly Water4:07Holy Water11990Rock 320 
264Bad CompanyIf You Needed Somebody4:21Holy Water41990Rock 320 
265Bad CompanyCan’t Get Enough4:15The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology11999Classic Rock 320 
266Bad CompanyRock Steady3:47The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology21999Classic Rock 320 
267Bad CompanyReady for Love4:59The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology31999Classic Rock 320 
268Bad CompanyBad Company4:47The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology41999Classic Rock 320 
269Bad CompanyMovin’ On3:21The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology51999Classic Rock 320 
270Bad CompanyFeel Like Makin’ Love5:13The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology101999Classic Rock 320 
271Bad CompanyShooting Star6:16The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology111999Classic Rock 320 
272Bad CompanyRun With the Pack5:22The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology21999Rock 320 
273Bad CompanySilver, Blue and Gold5:04The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology31999Rock 320 
274Bad CompanyBurnin’ Sky5:02The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology51999Rock 320 
275Bad CompanyRock and Roll Fantasy3:18The ‘Original’ Bad Co. Anthology91999Rock 320 
276The BandThe Weight4:34Harley-Davidson Road Songs121994Rock 320 
277BeckLoser3:55Mellow Gold12006Rock 320 
278BeckSexx Laws3:39Midnite Vultures11999Rock 320 
279BeckDevils Haircut3:14Odelay11996Rock 320 
280BeckThe New Pollution3:39Odelay41996Rock 320 
281Better Than EzraGood3:04Deluxe21993Alternative 320 
282Better Than EzraSouthern Gurl4:04Deluxe31993Alternative 320 
283Better Than EzraRosealia4:39Deluxe51993Alternative 320 
284Betty BlowtorchHell on Wheels4:14Are You Man Enough?12001Rock 320 
285Betty BlowtorchLove/Hate2:41Are You Man Enough?22001Rock 320 
286Betty BlowtorchI Wanna Be Your Sucker3:30Are You Man Enough?42001Rock 320 
287Betty BlowtorchI'm Ugly and I Don't Know Why2:44Are You Man Enough?52001Rock 320 
288Betty BlowtorchShut Up and Fuck2:09Are You Man Enough?62001Rock 320 
289Betty BlowtorchNo Integrity2:56Are You Man Enough?72001Rock 320 
290Betty BlowtorchFrankie3:11Are You Man Enough?82001Rock 320 
291Betty BlowtorchI Wish You'd Die1:59Are You Man Enough?92001Rock 320 
292Betty BlowtorchBig Hair, Broken Heart4:32Are You Man Enough?102001Rock 320 
293Betty BlowtorchPart-Time Hooker2:26Are You Man Enough?112001Rock 320 
294Betty BlowtorchRock My World3:21Are You Man Enough?122001Rock 320 
295Betty BlowtorchDresses2:55Are You Man Enough?132001Rock 320 
296Betty BlowtorchStrung Out2:23Are You Man Enough?142001Rock 320 
297Betty BlowtorchRock 'n Roll 692:39Are You Man Enough?152001Rock 320 
298Betty Blowtorch feat. Vanilla IceSize Queen3:23Are You Man Enough?32001Rock 320 
299Billy IdolDancing With Myself4:50Greatest Hits12001Rock 320 
300Billy IdolMony Mony5:01Greatest Hits22001Rock 320 
301Billy IdolHot in the City3:33Greatest Hits32001Rock 320 
302Billy IdolWhite Wedding, Part 14:12Greatest Hits42001Rock 320 
303Billy IdolRebel Yell4:46Greatest Hits52001Rock 320 
304Billy IdolEyes Without a Face4:57Greatest Hits62001Rock 320 
305Billy IdolFlesh for Fantasy4:37Greatest Hits72001Rock 320 
306Billy IdolCatch My Fall3:41Greatest Hits82001Rock 320 
307Billy IdolTo Be a Lover3:52Greatest Hits92001Rock 320 
308Billy IdolCradle of Love4:38Greatest Hits122001Rock 320 
309Billy IdolL.A. Woman (single edit)4:03Greatest Hits132001Rock 320 
310Billy IdolDon't You (Forget About Me)4:52Greatest Hits162001Rock 320 
311Billy IdolCan’t Break Me Down3:43Kings & Queens of the Underground22014Rock 320 
312Billy JoelPiano Man5:38The Essential Billy Joel12001Rock 320 
313Billy JoelShe’s Always a Woman3:21The Essential Billy Joel82001Rock 320 
314Billy JoelMovin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)3:30The Essential Billy Joel92001Rock 320 
315Billy JoelOnly the Good Die Young3:55The Essential Billy Joel102001Rock 320 
316Billy JoelJust the Way You Are4:50The Essential Billy Joel112001Rock 320 
317Billy JoelIt’s Still Rock and Roll to Me2:57The Essential Billy Joel142001Rock 320 
318Billy JoelYou May Be Right4:15The Essential Billy Joel152001Rock 320 
319Billy JoelDon’t Ask Me Why2:59The Essential Billy Joel162001Rock 320 
320Billy JoelAn Innocent Man5:20The Essential Billy Joel22001Rock 320 
321Billy JoelUptown Girl3:17The Essential Billy Joel32001Rock 320 
322Billy JoelThe Longest Time3:42The Essential Billy Joel42001Rock 320 
323Billy JoelTell Her About It3:52The Essential Billy Joel52001Rock 320 
324Billy JoelA Matter of Trust4:11The Essential Billy Joel72001Rock 320 
325Billy JoelI Go to Extremes4:23The Essential Billy Joel92001Rock 320 
326Billy JoelWe Didn’t Start the Fire4:50The Essential Billy Joel102001Rock 320 
327Billy JoelThe River of Dreams4:07The Essential Billy Joel142001Rock 320 
328Billy JoelAll About Soul (remix)6:00The Essential Billy Joel152001Rock 320 
329Billy SquierThe Stroke3:3916 Strokes: The Best of Billy Squier11995Rock 320 
330Billy SquierIn the Dark4:1016 Strokes: The Best of Billy Squier21995Rock 320 
331Billy SquierMy Kinda Lover3:3316 Strokes: The Best of Billy Squier31995Rock 320 
332Billy SquierEverybody Wants You3:4716 Strokes: The Best of Billy Squier51995Rock 320 
333Billy SquierShe's a Runner4:0416 Strokes: The Best of Billy Squier61995Rock 320 
334Billy SquierRock Me Tonight4:5616 Strokes: The Best of Billy Squier71995Rock 320 
335The Black CrowesKickin' My Heart Around3:40By Your Side21998Rock 320 
336The Black CrowesOnly a Fool3:43By Your Side51998Rock 320 
337The Black CrowesTwice as Hard4:11Shake Your Money Maker11990Rock 320 
338The Black CrowesSister Luck5:15Shake Your Money Maker31990Rock 320 
339The Black CrowesCould I've Been So Blind3:45Shake Your Money Maker41990Rock 320 
340The Black CrowesSeeing Things5:20Shake Your Money Maker51990Rock 320 
341The Black CrowesHard to Handle3:08Shake Your Money Maker61990Rock 320 
342The Black CrowesThick n' Thin2:44Shake Your Money Maker71990Rock 320 
343The Black CrowesShe Talks to Angels5:31Shake Your Money Maker81990Rock 320 
344The Black CrowesStare It Cold5:16Shake Your Money Maker101990Rock 320 
345The Black CrowesRemedy5:22The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion21992Rock 320 
346Black FlagNervous Breakdown2:10The First Four Years11990Punk Rock 320 
347Black FlagFix Me0:58The First Four Years21990Punk Rock 320 
348Black FlagI've Had It1:26The First Four Years31990Punk Rock 320 
349Black FlagWasted0:51The First Four Years41990Punk Rock 320 
350Black FlagJealous Again1:52The First Four Years51990Punk Rock 320 
351Black FlagRevenge0:59The First Four Years61990Punk Rock 320 
352Black FlagWhite Minority1:02The First Four Years71990Punk Rock 320 
353Black FlagNo Values1:45The First Four Years81990Punk Rock 320 
354Black FlagYou Bet We've Got Something Personal Against You!0:52The First Four Years91990Punk Rock 320 
355Black FlagClocked In1:33The First Four Years101990Punk Rock 320 
356Black FlagSix Pack2:19The First Four Years111990Punk Rock 320 
357Black FlagI've Heard It Before1:39The First Four Years121990Punk Rock 320 
358Black FlagAmerican Waste1:33The First Four Years131990Punk Rock 320 
359Black FlagMachine1:28The First Four Years141990Punk Rock 320 
360Black FlagLouie Louie1:18The First Four Years151990Punk Rock 320 
361Black FlagDamaged I4:07The First Four Years161990Punk Rock 320 
362Black Label SocietyStillborn3:15The Blessed Hellride32003Metal 320 
363Black SabbathGod Is Dead?8:521322013Metal 320 
364Black SabbathBlack Sabbath6:16Greatest Hits 1970–197812006Classic Rock 320 
365Black SabbathN.I.B.5:22Greatest Hits 1970–197822006Classic Rock 320 
366Black SabbathThe Wizard4:20Greatest Hits 1970–197832006Classic Rock 320 
367Black SabbathWar Pigs7:54Greatest Hits 1970–197842006Classic Rock 320 
368Black SabbathParanoid2:48Greatest Hits 1970–197852006Classic Rock 320 
369Black SabbathIron Man3:29Greatest Hits 1970–197862006Classic Rock 320 
370Black SabbathSweet Leaf5:03Greatest Hits 1970–197872006Classic Rock 320 
371Black Stone CherryWhite Trash Millionaire3:18Between the Devil & The Deep Blue Sea12011Rock 320 
372Black Stone CherryBlame It on the Boom Boom3:09Between the Devil & The Deep Blue Sea62011Rock 320 
373Black Stone CherryLike I Roll3:31Between the Devil & The Deep Blue Sea72011Rock 320 
374Black Stone CherryLonely Train3:50Black Stone Cherry32007Rock 320 
375Black Stone CherryHell and High Water4:02Black Stone Cherry82007Rock 320 
376Black Stone CherryBlind Man3:39Folklore and Superstition12009Rock 320 
377Black Stone CherryPlease Come In3:56Folklore and Superstition22009Rock 320 
378Black Stone CherryCheaper to Drink Alone3:51Kentucky82016Rock 320 
379Black Stone CherryMe and Mary Jane4:08Magic Mountain42014Rock 320 
380Blind MelonNo Rain3:37Blind Melon71992Alternative 320 
381Blink‐182I Miss You3:47Blink‐18232003Alternative 320 
382Blink‐182Always4:11Blink‐182102003Alternative 320 
383Blink‐182All of This4:40Blink‐182122003Alternative 320 
384Blink‐182What’s My Age Again?2:28Enema of the State51999Rock 320 
385Blink‐182Adam’s Song4:09Enema of the State71999Rock 320 
386Blink‐182All the Small Things2:48Enema of the State81999Rock 320 
387Bloodhound GangThe Bad Touch4:20Hooray for Boobies101999Alternative 320 
388Bloodhound GangFire Water Burn4:51One Fierce Beer Coaster31999Alternative 320 
389Blue OctoberInto the Ocean3:59Foiled for the Last Time32007Alternative 320 
390Blue OctoberHate Me6:20Foiled for the Last Time52007Alternative 320 
391Blue Oyster Cult(Don't Fear) The Reaper5:09Don't Fear the Reaper: The Best of Blue Oyster Cult61983Classic Rock 320 
392Blue Oyster CultGodzilla3:42Don't Fear the Reaper: The Best of Blue Oyster Cult91983Classic Rock 320 
393Blue Oyster CultBurnin' for You4:31Don't Fear the Reaper: The Best of Blue Oyster Cult141983Classic Rock 320 
394BlurSong 22:02Blur: The Best Of22000Alternative 320 
395BlurGirls & Boys4:18Blur: The Best Of102000Alternative 320 
396Bob DylanRainy Day Women #12 & 354:39Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits11967Classic Rock 320 
397Bob DylanLike a Rolling Stone6:10Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits51967Classic Rock 320 
398Bob DylanJust Like a Woman4:52Bob Dylan’s Greatest Hits101967Classic Rock 320 
399Bob SegerKatmandu6:09Greatest Hits 262003Classic Rock 320 
400Bob SegerShakedown4:03Greatest Hits 2102003Classic Rock 320 
401Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandNight Moves5:25Greatest Hits21994Classic Rock 320 
402Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandTurn the Page (live)5:03Greatest Hits31994Classic Rock 320 
403Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandHollywood Nights5:02Greatest Hits51994Classic Rock 320 
404Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandStill the Same3:20Greatest Hits61994Classic Rock 320 
405Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandOld Time Rock & Roll3:14Greatest Hits71994Classic Rock 320 
406Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandWe've Got Tonight4:40Greatest Hits81994Classic Rock 320 
407Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandAgainst the Wind5:33Greatest Hits91994Classic Rock 320 
408Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandMainstreet3:42Greatest Hits101994Classic Rock 320 
409Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandLike a Rock5:55Greatest Hits121994Classic Rock 320 
410Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandThe Fire Down Below4:27Greatest Hits 222003Classic Rock 320 
411Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandHer Strut3:51Greatest Hits 232003Classic Rock 320 
412Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandShame on the Moon4:53Greatest Hits 272003Classic Rock 320 
413Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet BandRock and Roll Never Forgets3:51Greatest Hits 2142003Classic Rock 320 
414Bon JoviEveryday2:59Bounce22002Rock 320 
415Bon JoviThe Distance4:48Bounce32002Rock 320 
416Bon JoviLivin' on a Prayer4:11Cross Road11994Rock 320 
417Bon JoviKeep the Faith5:44Cross Road21994Rock 320 
418Bon JoviSomeday I'll Be Saturday Night4:39Cross Road31994Rock 320 
419Bon JoviAlways5:53Cross Road41994Rock 320 
420Bon JoviWanted Dead or Alive5:07Cross Road51994Rock 320 
421Bon JoviLay Your Hands on Me5:58Cross Road61994Rock 320 
422Bon JoviYou Give Love a Bad Name3:44Cross Road71994Rock 320 
423Bon JoviBed of Roses6:35Cross Road81994Rock 320 
424Bon JoviBlaze of Glory5:40Cross Road91994Rock 320 
425Bon JoviPrayer '945:17Cross Road101994Rock 320 
426Bon JoviBad Medicine5:16Cross Road111994Rock 320 
427Bon JoviI'll Be There for You5:41Cross Road121994Rock 320 
428Bon JoviIn & Out of Love4:27Cross Road131994Rock 320 
429Bon JoviRunaway3:53Cross Road141994Rock 320 
430BostonHigher Power5:06Boston's Greatest Hits21997Classic Rock 320 
431BostonMore Than a Feeling4:45Boston's Greatest Hits31997Classic Rock 320 
432BostonPeace of Mind5:05Boston's Greatest Hits41997Classic Rock 320 
433BostonDon't Look Back5:57Boston's Greatest Hits51997Classic Rock 320 
434BostonCool the Engines4:35Boston's Greatest Hits61997Classic Rock 320 
435BostonFeelin' Satisfied4:11Boston's Greatest Hits81997Classic Rock 320 
436BostonForeplay / Long Time7:48Boston's Greatest Hits101997Classic Rock 320 
437BostonAmanda4:15Boston's Greatest Hits111997Classic Rock 320 
438BostonRock & Roll Band3:00Boston's Greatest Hits121997Classic Rock 320 
439BostonSmokin'4:21Boston's Greatest Hits131997Classic Rock 320 
440BostonA Man I'll Never Be6:32Boston's Greatest Hits141997Classic Rock 320 
441BostonWe're Ready3:59Third Stage21986Rock 320 
442Breaking BenjaminFailure3:34Dark Before Dawn22015Rock 320 
443Breaking BenjaminAngels Fall3:48Dark Before Dawn32015Rock 320 
444Breaking BenjaminI Will Not Bow3:36Dear Agony22009Rock 320 
445Breaking BenjaminGive Me A Sign4:17Dear Agony42009Rock 320 
446Breaking BenjaminSo Cold4:33We Are Not Alone12004Rock 320 
447Breaking BenjaminSooner or Later3:39We Are Not Alone72004Rock 320 
448Bring Me the HorizonHappy Song3:59That’s the Spirit22015Rock 320 
449Bruce SpringsteenMy Hometown4:12Greatest Hits91995Rock 320 
450Bruce SpringsteenBorn to Run4:33The Essential Bruce Springsteen72003Rock 320 
451Bruce SpringsteenHungry Heart3:20The Essential Bruce Springsteen132003Rock 320 
452Bruce SpringsteenBorn in the U.S.A.4:42The Essential Bruce Springsteen12003Rock 320 
453Bruce SpringsteenGlory Days4:17The Essential Bruce Springsteen22003Rock 320 
454Bruce SpringsteenDancing in the Dark4:03The Essential Bruce Springsteen32003Rock 320 
455Bruce SpringsteenBrilliant Disguise4:15The Essential Bruce Springsteen52003Rock 320 
456Bruce SpringsteenHuman Touch6:31The Essential Bruce Springsteen62003Rock 320 
457Bruce SpringsteenStreets of Philadelphia3:18The Essential Bruce Springsteen92003Rock 320 
458Bruce SpringsteenThe Rising4:49The Essential Bruce Springsteen112003Rock 320 
459Bryan AdamsThe Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You3:3718 Til I Die11996Rock 320 
460Bryan AdamsLet's Make a Night to Remember6:1818 Til I Die31996Rock 320 
461Bryan Adams(I Wanna Be) Your Underwear3:1718 Til I Die61996Rock 320 
462Bryan AdamsHave You Ever Really Loved a Woman?4:5118 Til I Die131996Rock 320 
463Bryan AdamsSummer of '693:34So Far So Good11993Rock 320 
464Bryan AdamsStraight From the Heart3:29So Far So Good21993Rock 320 
465Bryan AdamsIt's Only Love3:15So Far So Good31993Rock 320 
466Bryan AdamsCan't Stop This Thing We Started4:28So Far So Good41993Rock 320 
467Bryan AdamsDo I Have to Say the Words?6:11So Far So Good51993Rock 320 
468Bryan AdamsThis Time3:19So Far So Good61993Rock 320 
469Bryan AdamsRun to You3:53So Far So Good71993Rock 320 
470Bryan AdamsHeaven4:03So Far So Good81993Rock 320 
471Bryan AdamsCuts Like a Knife5:12So Far So Good91993Rock 320 
472Bryan Adams(Everything I Do) I Do It for You6:33So Far So Good101993Rock 320 
473Bryan AdamsSomebody4:42So Far So Good111993Rock 320 
474Bryan AdamsKids Wanna Rock2:35So Far So Good121993Rock 320 
475Bryan AdamsHeat of the Night5:05So Far So Good131993Rock 320 
476Bryan AdamsPlease Forgive Me5:55So Far So Good141993Rock 320 
477BuckcherryEverything4:231542006Rock 320 
478BuckcherryCarousel4:311552006Rock 320 
479BuckcherrySorry3:461562006Rock 320 
480BuckcherryCrazy Bitch3:221572006Rock 320 
481BuckcherryOnset3:351582006Rock 320 
482BuckcherryAll Night Long3:52All Night Long12010Rock 320 
483BuckcherryRescue Me3:13Black Butterfly12009Rock 320 
484BuckcherryTired of You3:07Black Butterfly22009Rock 320 
485BuckcherryToo Drunk...4:01Black Butterfly32009Rock 320 
486BuckcherryLit Up3:35Buckcherry11999Rock 320 
487BuckcherryBring It On Back3:31Rock N Roll12015Rock 320 
488BuckcherryRidin'3:40Time Bomb22001Rock 320 
489BushThe Beat of Your Heart3:00Black and White Rainbows92017Alternative 320 
490BushSuperman4:00Golden State42001Alternative 320 
491BushMan on the Run4:23Man on the Run22014Alternative 320 
492BushThe Only Way Out3:22Man on the Run32014Alternative 320 
493BushSwallowed4:51Razorblade Suitcase31996Alternative 320 
494BushEverything Zen4:38Sixteen Stone11994Alternative 320 
495BushSwim4:55Sixteen Stone21994Alternative 320 
496BushLittle Things4:24Sixteen Stone41994Alternative 320 
497BushComedown5:26Sixteen Stone51994Alternative 320 
498BushBody5:42Sixteen Stone61994Alternative 320 
499BushMachinehead4:16Sixteen Stone71994Alternative 320 
500BushGlycerine4:26Sixteen Stone101994Alternative 320 
501BushAlien6:34Sixteen Stone111994Alternative 320 
502BushThe Chemicals Between Us3:37The Science of Things31999Alternative 320 
503BushThe Sound of Winter3:28The Sea of Memories22011Alternative 320 
504BushThe Afterlife4:45The Sea of Memories42011Alternative 320 
505BushBaby Come Home4:15The Sea of Memories62011Alternative 320 
506Butthole SurfersBirds3:10Electriclarryland11996Rock 320 
507Butthole SurfersCough Syrup4:33Electriclarryland21996Rock 320 
508Butthole SurfersPepper4:57Electriclarryland31996Rock 320 
509Butthole SurfersThermador4:35Electriclarryland41996Rock 320 
510Butthole SurfersUlcer Breakout2:34Electriclarryland51996Rock 320 
511Butthole SurfersJingle of a Dog's Collar3:08Electriclarryland61996Rock 320 
512Butthole SurfersTV Star3:06Electriclarryland71996Rock 320 
513Butthole SurfersMy Brother's Wife5:13Electriclarryland81996Rock 320 
514Butthole SurfersAh Ha3:31Electriclarryland91996Rock 320 
515Butthole SurfersThe Lord Is a Monkey4:46Electriclarryland101996Rock 320 
516Butthole SurfersLet's Talk About Cars4:34Electriclarryland111996Rock 320 
517Butthole SurfersL.A.2:46Electriclarryland121996Rock 320 
518Butthole SurfersSpace4:25Electriclarryland131996Rock 320 
519BuzzcocksFlat‐Pack Philosophy3:06Flat‐Pack Philosophy12006Punk Rock 320 
520BuzzcocksWish I Never Loved You2:38Flat‐Pack Philosophy22006Punk Rock 320 
521BuzzcocksSell You Everything2:24Flat‐Pack Philosophy32006Punk Rock 320 
522BuzzcocksReconciliation2:57Flat‐Pack Philosophy42006Punk Rock 320 
523BuzzcocksI Don’t Exist2:20Flat‐Pack Philosophy52006Punk Rock 320 
524BuzzcocksSoul Survivor1:41Flat‐Pack Philosophy62006Punk Rock 320 
525BuzzcocksGod, What Have I Done2:16Flat‐Pack Philosophy72006Punk Rock 320 
526BuzzcocksCredit3:22Flat‐Pack Philosophy82006Punk Rock 320 
527BuzzcocksBig Brother Wheels2:39Flat‐Pack Philosophy92006Punk Rock 320 
528BuzzcocksDreamin’2:40Flat‐Pack Philosophy102006Punk Rock 320 
529BuzzcocksSound of a Gun2:27Flat‐Pack Philosophy112006Punk Rock 320 
530BuzzcocksLook at You Now2:16Flat‐Pack Philosophy122006Punk Rock 320 
531BuzzcocksI’ve Had Enough2:29Flat‐Pack Philosophy132006Punk Rock 320 
532BuzzcocksBetween Heaven and Hell3:16Flat‐Pack Philosophy142006Punk Rock 320 
533CakeShort Skirt/Long Jacket3:24Comfort Eagle42001Alternative 320 
534CakeThe Distance3:00Fashion Nugget21998Alternative 320 
535CakeNever There2:44Prolonging the Magic31998Alternative 320 
536CandleboxYou4:56Candlebox31993Rock 320 
537CandleboxFar Behind4:59Candlebox51993Rock 320 
538CandleboxCover Me4:46Candlebox101993Rock 320 
539The CarsJust What I Needed3:44The Cars Greatest Hits11985Pop 320 
540The CarsSince You’re Gone3:30The Cars Greatest Hits21985Pop 320 
541The CarsYou Might Think3:05The Cars Greatest Hits31985Pop 320 
542The CarsGood Times Roll3:44The Cars Greatest Hits41985Pop 320 
543The CarsTouch and Go4:55The Cars Greatest Hits51985Pop 320 
544The CarsDrive3:55The Cars Greatest Hits61985Pop 320 
545The CarsTonight She Comes3:53The Cars Greatest Hits71985Pop 320 
546The CarsMy Best Friend’s Girl3:42The Cars Greatest Hits81985Pop 320 
547The CarsHeartbeat City4:30The Cars Greatest Hits91985Pop 320 
548The CarsMagic3:56The Cars Greatest Hits121985Pop 320 
549The CarsShake It Up3:33The Cars Greatest Hits131985Pop 320 
550CavoChampagne3:07Bright Nights Dark Days12009Rock 320 
551CavoCrash3:15Bright Nights Dark Days22009Rock 320 
552CavoBlame3:17Bright Nights Dark Days62009Rock 320 
553CavoHold Your Ground3:22Thick As Thieves32011Rock 320 
554CavoNever Gonna Hurt4:07Thick As Thieves72011Rock 320 
555Chad KroegerHero (feat. Josey Scott)3:19Spider-Man: Music From and Inspired By22002Rock 320 
556Cheap TrickDream Police3:50The Greatest Hits22002Classic Rock 320 
557Cheap TrickDon’t Be Cruel3:08The Greatest Hits32002Classic Rock 320 
558Cheap TrickI Want You to Want Me (live)3:38The Greatest Hits62002Classic Rock 320 
559Cheap TrickAin’t That a Shame (live)5:10The Greatest Hits82002Classic Rock 320 
560Cheap TrickSurrender4:13The Greatest Hits92002Classic Rock 320 
561Cheap TrickThe Flame5:36The Greatest Hits102002Classic Rock 320 
562Cheap TrickMagical Mystery Tour4:10The Greatest Hits142002Classic Rock 320 
563ChevelleFace to the Floor3:38Hats Off to the Bull12011Rock 320 
564ChevelleSame Old Trip3:09Hats Off to the Bull22011Rock 320 
565ChevelleHats Off to the Bull3:55Hats Off to the Bull72011Rock 320 
566ChevelleTake Out the Gunman4:19La Gargola32014Rock 320 
567ChevellePoint #14:22Point #121999Rock 320 
568ChevelleJars3:19Sci-Fi Crimes42009Rock 320 
569ChevelleDoor to Door Cannibals4:35The North Corridor12016Rock 320 
570ChevelleJoyride (Omen)3:36The North Corridor32016Rock 320 
571ChevelleThe Clincher3:43This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)12005Rock 320 
572ChevelleVitamin R (Leading Us Along)3:43This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In)32005Rock 320 
573ChevelleI Get It3:55Vena Sera102007Rock 320 
574ChevelleSend the Pain Below4:12Wonder What’s Next32002Rock 320 
575ChevelleThe Red3:58Wonder What’s Next52002Rock 320 
576ChickenfootDifferent Devil4:24Chickenfoot III32011Hard Rock 320 
577CinderellaShake Me3:43Once Upon A...11997Rock 320 
578CinderellaNobody's Fool4:48Once Upon A...21997Rock 320 
579CinderellaSomebody Save Me3:15Once Upon A...31997Rock 320 
580CinderellaGypsy Road3:54Once Upon A...41997Rock 320 
581CinderellaDon't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)5:55Once Upon A...51997Rock 320 
582CinderellaThe Last Mile3:48Once Upon A...61997Rock 320 
583CinderellaComing Home4:56Once Upon A...71997Rock 320 
584CinderellaShelter Me4:47Once Upon A...81997Rock 320 
585CinderellaHeartbreak Station4:30Once Upon A...91997Rock 320 
586CinderellaThe More Things Change4:22Once Upon A...101997Rock 320 
587The ClashWhite Riot (single version)1:59The Essential Clash12003Rock 320 
588The ClashLondon’s Burning2:10The Essential Clash22003Rock 320 
589The ClashComplete Control3:13The Essential Clash32003Rock 320 
590The ClashClash City Rockers (original version)3:56The Essential Clash42003Rock 320 
591The ClashI’m So Bored With the U.S.A.2:25The Essential Clash52003Rock 320 
592The ClashCareer Opportunities1:52The Essential Clash62003Rock 320 
593The ClashHate & War2:05The Essential Clash72003Rock 320 
594The ClashCheat2:06The Essential Clash82003Rock 320 
595The ClashPolice & Thieves6:00The Essential Clash92003Rock 320 
596The ClashJanie Jones2:05The Essential Clash102003Rock 320 
597The ClashGarageland3:13The Essential Clash112003Rock 320 
598The ClashCapital Radio One2:09The Essential Clash122003Rock 320 
599The Clash(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais4:01The Essential Clash132003Rock 320 
600The ClashEnglish Civil War2:37The Essential Clash142003Rock 320 
601The ClashTommy Gun3:17The Essential Clash152003Rock 320 
602The ClashSafe European Home3:51The Essential Clash162003Rock 320 
603The ClashJulie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad3:04The Essential Clash172003Rock 320 
604The ClashStay Free3:40The Essential Clash182003Rock 320 
605The ClashGroovy Times3:30The Essential Clash192003Rock 320 
606The ClashI Fought the Law2:39The Essential Clash202003Rock 320 
607The ClashLondon Calling3:20The Essential Clash12003Rock 320 
608The ClashThe Guns of Brixton3:10The Essential Clash22003Rock 320 
609The ClashClampdown3:50The Essential Clash32003Rock 320 
610The ClashRudie Can’t Fail3:29The Essential Clash42003Rock 320 
611The ClashLost in the Supermarket3:47The Essential Clash52003Rock 320 
612The ClashJimmy Jazz3:55The Essential Clash62003Rock 320 
613The ClashTrain in Vain3:11The Essential Clash72003Rock 320 
614The ClashBankrobber4:35The Essential Clash82003Rock 320 
615The ClashThe Magnificent Seven5:33The Essential Clash92003Rock 320 
616The ClashIvan Meets G.I. Joe3:07The Essential Clash102003Rock 320 
617The ClashPolice on My Back3:17The Essential Clash112003Rock 320 
618The ClashStop the World2:33The Essential Clash122003Rock 320 
619The ClashSomebody Got Murdered3:34The Essential Clash132003Rock 320 
620The ClashThe Street Parade3:29The Essential Clash142003Rock 320 
621The ClashThis Is Radio Clash4:11The Essential Clash152003Rock 320 
622The ClashGhetto Defendant4:44The Essential Clash162003Rock 320 
623The ClashRock the Casbah3:42The Essential Clash172003Rock 320 
624The ClashStraight to Hell5:30The Essential Clash182003Rock 320 
625The ClashShould I Stay or Should I Go3:08The Essential Clash192003Rock 320 
626The ClashThis Is England3:50The Essential Clash202003Rock 320 
627ColdStupid Girl3:09Year of the Spider42003Rock 320 
628Collective SoulHeavy2:557even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994–200112001Alternative 320 
629Collective SoulShe Said4:157even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994–200122001Alternative 320 
630Collective SoulShine5:067even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994–200132001Alternative 320 
631Collective SoulEnergy3:217even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994–200142001Alternative 320 
632Collective SoulRun4:337even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994–200152001Alternative 320 
633Collective SoulGel2:587even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994–200162001Alternative 320 
634Collective SoulPrecious Declaration3:397even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994–200172001Alternative 320 
635Collective SoulWhy, Part 23:387even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994–200182001Alternative 320 
636Collective SoulThe World I Know4:167even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994–200192001Alternative 320 
637Collective SoulNext Homecoming3:117even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994–2001102001Alternative 320 
638Collective SoulListen4:137even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994–2001112001Alternative 320 
639Collective SoulDecember4:457even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994–2001122001Alternative 320 
640Collective SoulForgiveness5:007even Year Itch: Greatest Hits 1994–2001132001Alternative 320 
641Collective SoulWelcome All Again3:55Collective Soul12009Alternative 320 
642Collective SoulYou3:51Collective Soul42009Alternative 320 
643Collective SoulUnderstanding4:23Collective Soul62009Alternative 320 
644Collective SoulStaring Down3:35Collective Soul72009Alternative 320 
645Collective SoulShe Does3:26Collective Soul82009Alternative 320 
646Course of NatureCaught in the Sun4:50Superkala22002Rock 320 
647CrackerTeen Angst (What the World Needs Now)4:14Cracker11992Alternative 320 
648CrackerLow4:36Kerosene Hat11993Alternative 320 
649CrackerGet Off This4:26Kerosene Hat31993Alternative 320 
650The CranberriesZombie5:06No Need to Argue41994Alternative 320 
651Crash Test DummiesMmm Mmm Mmm Mmm3:55God Shuffled His Feet31994Alternative 320 
652CreamSunshine of Your Love4:12Complete Clapton22007Classic Rock 320 
653CreamWhite Room4:59Complete Clapton32007Classic Rock 320 
654CreedOvercome3:46Full Circle12009Alternative 320 
655CreedA Thousand Faces4:54Full Circle32009Alternative 320 
656CreedRain3:28Full Circle52009Alternative 320 
657CreedFull Circle4:08Full Circle92009Alternative 320 
658CreedTorn6:25Greatest Hits12004Alternative 320 
659CreedMy Own Prison5:00Greatest Hits22004Alternative 320 
660CreedWhat's This Life For3:32Greatest Hits32004Alternative 320 
661CreedOne5:02Greatest Hits42004Alternative 320 
662CreedAre You Ready4:46Greatest Hits52004Alternative 320 
663CreedHigher5:26Greatest Hits62004Alternative 320 
664CreedWith Arms Wide Open4:38Greatest Hits72004Alternative 320 
665CreedWhat If5:18Greatest Hits82004Alternative 320 
666CreedOne Last Breath3:59Greatest Hits92004Alternative 320 
667CreedDon't Stop Dancing4:30Greatest Hits102004Alternative 320 
668CreedBullets3:51Greatest Hits112004Alternative 320 
669CreedMy Sacrifice4:55Greatest Hits122004Alternative 320 
670CreedWeathered5:30Greatest Hits132004Alternative 320 
671Creedence Clearwater RevivalSusie Q4:35Chronicle11994Classic Rock 320 
672Creedence Clearwater RevivalProud Mary3:08Chronicle31994Classic Rock 320 
673Creedence Clearwater RevivalBad Moon Rising2:20Chronicle41994Classic Rock 320 
674Creedence Clearwater RevivalGreen River2:34Chronicle61994Classic Rock 320 
675Creedence Clearwater RevivalDown on the Corner2:44Chronicle81994Classic Rock 320 
676Creedence Clearwater RevivalFortunate Son2:20Chronicle91994Classic Rock 320 
677Creedence Clearwater RevivalTravelin’ Band2:09Chronicle101994Classic Rock 320 
678Creedence Clearwater RevivalWho’ll Stop the Rain2:29Chronicle111994Classic Rock 320 
679Creedence Clearwater RevivalUp Around the Bend2:42Chronicle121994Classic Rock 320 
680Creedence Clearwater RevivalRun Through the Jungle3:05Chronicle131994Classic Rock 320 
681Creedence Clearwater RevivalLookin’ Out My Back Door2:32Chronicle141994Classic Rock 320 
682Creedence Clearwater RevivalI Heard It Through the Grapevine11:06Chronicle161994Classic Rock 320 
683Creedence Clearwater RevivalHave You Ever Seen the Rain?2:39Chronicle171994Classic Rock 320 
684Creedence Clearwater RevivalBorn on the Bayou5:13The Long Road Home: The Ultimate John Fogerty • Creedence Collection12005Rock 320 
685Crosby, Stills & NashSouthern Cross4:44Daylight Again31982Classic Rock 320 
686Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungOhio3:02Greatest Hits82004Classic Rock 320 
687Crosby, Stills, Nash & YoungWoodstock3:56So Far71990Classic Rock 320 
688CrossfadeCold3:14Crossfade22004Rock 320 
689CrossfadeColors3:18Crossfade42004Rock 320 
690The CultFire Woman4:00MTV the First 1000 Years: Rock131999Rock 320 
691Damn YankeesComing of Age4:20Damn Yankees11990Rock 320 
692Damn YankeesBad Reputation4:30Damn Yankees21990Rock 320 
693Damn YankeesRunaway4:04Damn Yankees31990Rock 320 
694Damn YankeesHigh Enough4:45Damn Yankees41990Rock 320 
695Damn YankeesDamn Yankees4:40Damn Yankees51990Rock 320 
696Damn YankeesCome Again5:40Damn Yankees61990Rock 320 
697Damn YankeesDon't Tread on Me5:08Don't Tread11992Rock 320 
698Damn YankeesWhere You Goin' Now4:40Don't Tread31992Rock 320 
699DanzigMother3:24Danzig61988Metal 320 
700The DarknessI Believe in a Thing Called Love3:36Permission to Land42003Rock 320 
701DaughtryWaiting for Superman4:27Baptized22013Rock 320 
702DaughtryBattleships3:52Baptized32013Rock 320 
703DaughtryRenegade3:35Break the Spell12011Rock 320 
704DaughtryCrawling Back to You3:45Break the Spell22011Rock 320 
705DaughtryIt’s Not Over3:35Daughtry12008Rock 320 
706DaughtryUsed To3:32Daughtry22008Rock 320 
707DaughtryHome4:15Daughtry32008Rock 320 
708DaughtryOver You3:27Daughtry42008Rock 320 
709DaughtryCrashed3:31Daughtry52008Rock 320 
710DaughtryGone3:21Daughtry92008Rock 320 
711DaughtryWhat About Now4:13Daughtry122008Rock 320 
712DaughtryFeels Like the First Time3:24Daughtry132008Rock 320 
713DaughtryNo Surprise4:29Leave This Town22009Rock 320 
714DaughtryLife After You3:26Leave This Town42009Rock 320 
715DaughtryWhat I Meant to Say3:09Leave This Town52009Rock 320 
716Daughtry feat. SlashWhat I Want2:48Daughtry72008Rock 320 
717Dave Matthews BandCrash Into Me5:16Crash31996Alternative 320 
718Dave Matthews BandWhat Would You Say3:42Under the Table and Dreaming21994Alternative 320 
719Dave Matthews BandAnts Marching4:31Under the Table and Dreaming71994Alternative 320 
720David BowieSpace Oddity5:16Best of Bowie12002Rock 320 
721David BowieChanges3:35Best of Bowie22002Rock 320 
722David BowieSuffragette City3:27Best of Bowie32002Rock 320 
723David BowieRebel Rebel4:31Best of Bowie62002Rock 320 
724David BowieYoung Americans3:15Best of Bowie72002Rock 320 
725David BowieFame4:17Best of Bowie82002Rock 320 
726David Bowie“Heroes”3:37Best of Bowie102002Rock 320 
727David BowieUnder Pressure3:57Best of Bowie132002Rock 320 
728David BowieLet’s Dance4:10Best of Bowie142002Rock 320 
729David BowieChina Girl4:18Best of Bowie152002Rock 320 
730David BowieModern Love4:47Best of Bowie162002Rock 320 
731David Lee RothYankee Rose3:50The Best21997Rock 320 
732David Lee RothJust Like Paradise4:06The Best41997Rock 320 
733David Lee RothTobacco Road2:30The Best131997Rock 320 
734David Lee RothCalifornia Girls2:51The Best151997Rock 320 
735David Lee RothJust a Gigolo / I Ain't Got Nobody4:43The Best161997Rock 320 
736David Lee RothSensible Shoes5:09The Best171997Rock 320 
737David Lee RothGoin' Crazy3:10The Best181997Rock 320 
738Days of the NewShelf in the Room4:44Days of the New11997Alternative 320 
739Days of the NewTouch, Peel and Stand4:57Days of the New21997Alternative 320 
740Dead KennedysCalifornia uber alles3:28Milking the Sacred Cow12007Punk Rock 320 
741Dead KennedysPolice Truck2:26Milking the Sacred Cow22007Punk Rock 320 
742Dead KennedysKill the Poor3:08Milking the Sacred Cow32007Punk Rock 320 
743Dead KennedysHoliday in Cambodia3:45Milking the Sacred Cow42007Punk Rock 320 
744Dead KennedysNazi Punks Fuck Off1:04Milking the Sacred Cow52007Punk Rock 320 
745Dead KennedysToo Drunk to Fuck2:41Milking the Sacred Cow62007Punk Rock 320 
746Dead KennedysViva Las Vegas2:41Milking the Sacred Cow72007Punk Rock 320 
747Dead KennedysMoon Over Marin3:43Milking the Sacred Cow82007Punk Rock 320 
748Dead KennedysHalloween3:36Milking the Sacred Cow92007Punk Rock 320 
749Dead KennedysMTV Get Off the Air3:38Milking the Sacred Cow102007Punk Rock 320 
750Dead KennedysSoup Is Good Food (live)4:39Milking the Sacred Cow112007Punk Rock 320 
751Dead KennedysJock-O-Rama (live)4:19Milking the Sacred Cow122007Punk Rock 320 
752The Dead MilkmenPretty Music for Pretty People2:32Pretty Music for Pretty People12014Punk Rock 320 
753The Dead MilkmenBig Words Make the Baby Jesus Cry3:07Pretty Music for Pretty People22014Punk Rock 320 
754The Dead MilkmenWelcome to Undertown3:42Pretty Music for Pretty People32014Punk Rock 320 
755The Dead MilkmenNow I Wanna Hold Your Dog1:33Pretty Music for Pretty People42014Punk Rock 320 
756The Dead MilkmenMake It Witchy2:49Pretty Music for Pretty People52014Punk Rock 320 
757The Dead MilkmenMary Ann Cotton (The Poisoner’s Song)3:46Pretty Music for Pretty People62014Punk Rock 320 
758The Dead MilkmenI've Got to Get My Numbers Up2:59Pretty Music for Pretty People72014Punk Rock 320 
759The Dead MilkmenAnthropology Days3:10Pretty Music for Pretty People82014Punk Rock 320 
760The Dead MilkmenSomewhere Over Antarctica4:10Pretty Music for Pretty People92014Punk Rock 320 
761The Dead MilkmenDark Clouds Gather Over Middlemarch3:11Pretty Music for Pretty People102014Punk Rock 320 
762The Dead MilkmenStreetlamps - Walking to Work2:13Pretty Music for Pretty People112014Punk Rock 320 
763The Dead MilkmenThe Sun Turns Our Patio Into a Lifeless Hell3:02Pretty Music for Pretty People122014Punk Rock 320 
764The Dead MilkmenThe Great Boston Molasses Flood3:53Pretty Music for Pretty People132014Punk Rock 320 
765The Dead MilkmenAll You Need Is Nothing3:08Pretty Music for Pretty People142014Punk Rock 320 
766The Dead MilkmenRonald Reagan Killed the Black Dahlia1:33Pretty Music for Pretty People152014Punk Rock 320 
767The Dead MilkmenHipster Beard3:50Pretty Music for Pretty People162014Punk Rock 320 
768The Dead MilkmenSanitary Times2:35Pretty Music for Pretty People172014Punk Rock 320 
769Def LeppardLet’s Get Rocked4:56Adrenalize12009Rock 320 
770Def LeppardHeaven Is3:33Adrenalize22009Rock 320 
771Def LeppardMake Love Like a Man4:15Adrenalize32009Rock 320 
772Def LeppardTonight4:03Adrenalize42009Rock 320 
773Def LeppardWhite Lightning7:03Adrenalize52009Rock 320 
774Def LeppardStand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)4:32Adrenalize62009Rock 320 
775Def LeppardPersonal Property4:21Adrenalize72009Rock 320 
776Def LeppardHave You Ever Needed Someone So Bad5:24Adrenalize82009Rock 320 
777Def LeppardI Wanna Touch U3:37Adrenalize92009Rock 320 
778Def LeppardTear It Down3:37Adrenalize102009Rock 320 
779Def LeppardLet's Go5:02Def Leppard12015Rock 320 
780Def LeppardDangerous3:26Def Leppard22015Rock 320 
781Def LeppardMan Enough3:54Def Leppard32015Rock 320 
782Def LeppardWe Belong5:06Def Leppard42015Rock 320 
783Def LeppardInvincible3:46Def Leppard52015Rock 320 
784Def LeppardSea Of Love4:04Def Leppard62015Rock 320 
785Def LeppardEnergized3:23Def Leppard72015Rock 320 
786Def LeppardAll Time High4:19Def Leppard82015Rock 320 
787Def LeppardBattle Of My Own2:42Def Leppard92015Rock 320 
788Def LeppardBroke 'N' Brokenhearted3:17Def Leppard102015Rock 320 
789Def LeppardForever Young2:22Def Leppard112015Rock 320 
790Def LeppardLast Dance3:09Def Leppard122015Rock 320 
791Def LeppardWings Of An Angel4:23Def Leppard132015Rock 320 
792Def LeppardBlind Faith5:35Def Leppard142015Rock 320 
793Def LeppardDemolition Man3:24Euphoria11999Rock 320 
794Def LeppardPromises3:59Euphoria21999Rock 320 
795Def LeppardBack in Your Face3:20Euphoria31999Rock 320 
796Def LeppardGoodbye3:36Euphoria41999Rock 320 
797Def LeppardAll Night3:37Euphoria51999Rock 320 
798Def LeppardPaper Sun5:27Euphoria61999Rock 320 
799Def LeppardIt’s Only Love4:06Euphoria71999Rock 320 
800Def Leppard21st Century Sha La La La Girl4:06Euphoria81999Rock 320 
801Def LeppardTo Be Alive3:52Euphoria91999Rock 320 
802Def LeppardDisintegrate2:50Euphoria101999Rock 320 
803Def LeppardGuilty3:46Euphoria111999Rock 320 
804Def LeppardDay After Day4:36Euphoria121999Rock 320 
805Def LeppardKings of Oblivion4:18Euphoria131999Rock 320 
806Def LeppardLet It Go4:43High ’n’ Dry11992Rock 320 
807Def LeppardAnother Hit and Run4:58High ’n’ Dry21992Rock 320 
808Def LeppardHigh ’n’ Dry (Saturday Night)3:26High ’n’ Dry31992Rock 320 
809Def LeppardBringin’ On the Heartbreak4:33High ’n’ Dry41992Rock 320 
810Def LeppardSwitch 6253:03High ’n’ Dry51992Rock 320 
811Def LeppardYou Got Me Runnin’4:22High ’n’ Dry61992Rock 320 
812Def LeppardLady Strange4:38High ’n’ Dry71992Rock 320 
813Def LeppardOn Through the Night5:06High ’n’ Dry81992Rock 320 
814Def LeppardMirror, Mirror (Look Into My Eyes)4:07High ’n’ Dry91992Rock 320 
815Def LeppardNo No No3:12High ’n’ Dry101992Rock 320 
816Def LeppardWomen5:42Hysteria11987Rock 320 
817Def LeppardRocket6:37Hysteria21987Rock 320 
818Def LeppardAnimal4:05Hysteria31987Rock 320 
819Def LeppardLove Bites5:47Hysteria41987Rock 320 
820Def LeppardPour Some Sugar on Me4:27Hysteria51987Rock 320 
821Def LeppardArmageddon It5:24Hysteria61987Rock 320 
822Def LeppardGods of War6:37Hysteria71987Rock 320 
823Def LeppardDon’t Shoot Shotgun4:26Hysteria81987Rock 320 
824Def LeppardRun Riot4:39Hysteria91987Rock 320 
825Def LeppardHysteria5:54Hysteria101987Rock 320 
826Def LeppardExcitable4:19Hysteria111987Rock 320 
827Def LeppardLove and Affection4:36Hysteria121987Rock 320 
828Def LeppardRock Brigade3:09On Through the Night11988Rock 320 
829Def LeppardHello America3:28On Through the Night21988Rock 320 
830Def LeppardSorrow Is a Woman3:55On Through the Night31988Rock 320 
831Def LeppardIt Could Be You2:33On Through the Night41988Rock 320 
832Def LeppardSatellite4:28On Through the Night51988Rock 320 
833Def LeppardWhen the Walls Came Tumbling Down4:44On Through the Night61988Rock 320 
834Def LeppardWasted3:45On Through the Night71988Rock 320 
835Def LeppardRocks Off3:44On Through the Night81988Rock 320 
836Def LeppardIt Don’t Matter3:21On Through the Night91988Rock 320 
837Def LeppardAnswer to the Master3:13On Through the Night101988Rock 320 
838Def LeppardOverture7:44On Through the Night111988Rock 320 
839Def LeppardRock! Rock! (Till You Drop)3:54Pyromania11983Rock 320 
840Def LeppardPhotograph4:08Pyromania21983Rock 320 
841Def LeppardStagefright3:44Pyromania31983Rock 320 
842Def LeppardToo Late for Love4:26Pyromania41983Rock 320 
843Def LeppardDie Hard the Hunter6:15Pyromania51983Rock 320 
844Def LeppardFoolin’4:33Pyromania61983Rock 320 
845Def LeppardRock of Ages4:07Pyromania71983Rock 320 
846Def LeppardComin’ Under Fire4:14Pyromania81983Rock 320 
847Def LeppardAction! Not Words3:48Pyromania91983Rock 320 
848Def LeppardBilly’s Got a Gun5:56Pyromania101983Rock 320 
849Def LeppardDesert Song5:19Retro Active11993Rock 320 
850Def LeppardFractured Love5:07Retro Active21993Rock 320 
851Def LeppardAction3:40Retro Active31993Rock 320 
852Def LeppardTwo Steps Behind (acoustic version)4:16Retro Active41993Rock 320 
853Def LeppardShe’s Too Tough3:40Retro Active51993Rock 320 
854Def LeppardMiss You in a Heartbeat4:04Retro Active61993Rock 320 
855Def LeppardOnly After Dark3:52Retro Active71993Rock 320 
856Def LeppardRide Into the Sun3:11Retro Active81993Rock 320 
857Def LeppardFrom the Inside4:16Retro Active91993Rock 320 
858Def LeppardRing of Fire4:41Retro Active101993Rock 320 
859Def LeppardI Wanna Be Your Hero4:29Retro Active111993Rock 320 
860Def LeppardMiss You in a Heartbeat (electric version)4:56Retro Active121993Rock 320 
861Def LeppardTwo Steps Behind (electric version) / Miss You in a Heartbeat (unplugged)8:58Retro Active131993Rock 320 
862Def LeppardTruth?3:00Slang11996Rock 320 
863Def LeppardTurn to Dust4:21Slang21996Rock 320 
864Def LeppardSlang2:37Slang31996Rock 320 
865Def LeppardAll I Want Is Everything5:20Slang41996Rock 320 
866Def LeppardWork It Out4:49Slang51996Rock 320 
867Def LeppardBreathe a Sigh4:06Slang61996Rock 320 
868Def LeppardDeliver Me3:04Slang71996Rock 320 
869Def LeppardGift of Flesh3:48Slang81996Rock 320 
870Def LeppardBlood Runs Cold4:26Slang91996Rock 320 
871Def LeppardWhere Does Love Go When It Dies4:05Slang101996Rock 320 
872Def LeppardPearl of Euphoria6:21Slang111996Rock 320 
873Def LeppardGo3:21Songs From the Sparkle Lounge12008Rock 320 
874Def LeppardNine Lives3:32Songs From the Sparkle Lounge22008Rock 320 
875Def LeppardC’mon C’mon4:09Songs From the Sparkle Lounge32008Rock 320 
876Def LeppardLove4:17Songs From the Sparkle Lounge42008Rock 320 
877Def LeppardTomorrow3:35Songs From the Sparkle Lounge52008Rock 320 
878Def LeppardCruise Control3:03Songs From the Sparkle Lounge62008Rock 320 
879Def LeppardHallucinate3:16Songs From the Sparkle Lounge72008Rock 320 
880Def LeppardOnly the Good Die Young3:34Songs From the Sparkle Lounge82008Rock 320 
881Def LeppardBad Actress3:03Songs From the Sparkle Lounge92008Rock 320 
882Def LeppardCome Undone3:33Songs From the Sparkle Lounge102008Rock 320 
883Def LeppardGotta Let It Go3:55Songs From the Sparkle Lounge112008Rock 320 
884Def LeppardLet's Get Rocked4:56Vault: Greatest Hits 1980-199541995Rock 320 
885Def LeppardTwo Steps Behind (acoustic)4:19Vault: Greatest Hits 1980-199551995Rock 320 
886Def LeppardFoolin'4:34Vault: Greatest Hits 1980-199571995Rock 320 
887Def LeppardWhen Love and Hate Collide4:17Vault: Greatest Hits 1980-199591995Rock 320 
888Def LeppardBringin' on the Heartbreak4:32Vault: Greatest Hits 1980-1995151995Rock 320 
889Def LeppardNow3:58X12002Rock 320 
890Def LeppardUnbelievable3:58X22002Rock 320 
891Def LeppardYou’re So Beautiful3:31X32002Rock 320 
892Def LeppardEveryday3:08X42002Rock 320 
893Def LeppardLong Long Way to Go4:38X52002Rock 320 
894Def LeppardFour Letter Word3:07X62002Rock 320 
895Def LeppardTorn to Shreds2:56X72002Rock 320 
896Def LeppardLove Don’t Lie4:46X82002Rock 320 
897Def LeppardGravity2:33X92002Rock 320 
898Def LeppardCry3:17X102002Rock 320 
899Def LeppardGirl Like You2:49X112002Rock 320 
900Def LeppardLet Me Be the One3:29X122002Rock 320 
901Def LeppardScar4:59X132002Rock 320 
902Depeche ModePeople Are People3:52Some Great Reward31989Rock 320 
903Depeche ModePersonal Jesus4:56Violator31990Rock 320 
904Depeche ModeEnjoy the Silence6:12Violator61990Rock 320 
905Depeche ModePolicy of Truth4:55Violator71990Rock 320 
906Derek and the DominosLayla7:09Complete Clapton102007Classic Rock 320 
907DescendentsTalking2:27Cool to Be You12004Punk Rock 320 
908DescendentsNothing With You2:29Cool to Be You22004Punk Rock 320 
909DescendentsShe Don’t Care1:51Cool to Be You32004Punk Rock 320 
910DescendentsMerican1:51Cool to Be You42004Punk Rock 320 
911DescendentsDog and Pony Show2:28Cool to Be You52004Punk Rock 320 
912DescendentsBlast Off2:27Cool to Be You62004Punk Rock 320 
913DescendentsDreams2:56Cool to Be You72004Punk Rock 320 
914DescendentsCool to Be You2:24Cool to Be You82004Punk Rock 320 
915DescendentsMaddie3:06Cool to Be You92004Punk Rock 320 
916DescendentsMass Nerder2:47Cool to Be You102004Punk Rock 320 
917DescendentsOne More Day3:33Cool to Be You112004Punk Rock 320 
918DescendentsTack2:21Cool to Be You122004Punk Rock 320 
919DescendentsAnchor Grill3:03Cool to Be You132004Punk Rock 320 
920DescendentsDry Spell2:43Cool to Be You142004Punk Rock 320 
921DevoHere to Go (Go mix version)5:33Greatest Hits11990Classic Rock 320 
922DevoThrough Being Cool3:12Greatest Hits21990Classic Rock 320 
923DevoBig Mess2:46Greatest Hits31990Classic Rock 320 
924DevoThat's Good3:25Greatest Hits41990Classic Rock 320 
925DevoJerkin' Back 'n' Forth3:05Greatest Hits51990Classic Rock 320 
926DevoPeek-a-Boo!3:03Greatest Hits61990Classic Rock 320 
927DevoBeautiful World3:34Greatest Hits71990Classic Rock 320 
928Devo(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction2:40Greatest Hits81990Classic Rock 320 
929DevoWhip It2:39Greatest Hits91990Classic Rock 320 
930DevoGirl U Want2:57Greatest Hits101990Classic Rock 320 
931DevoFreedom of Choice3:28Greatest Hits111990Classic Rock 320 
932DevoSmart Patrol / Mr. DNA6:06Greatest Hits121990Classic Rock 320 
933DevoGut Feeling4:59Greatest Hits131990Classic Rock 320 
934DevoGates of Steel3:29Greatest Hits141990Classic Rock 320 
935DevoWorking in the Coalmine2:49Greatest Hits151990Classic Rock 320 
936DevoJocko Homo3:37Greatest Hits161990Classic Rock 320 
937Dinosaur Jr.Feel the Pain4:19Without a Sound11994Alternative 320 
938DioHoly Diver5:51Stand Up and Shout: The Dio Anthology22003Metal 320 
939DioRainbow in the Dark4:16Stand Up and Shout: The Dio Anthology52003Metal 320 
940DioThe Last in Line5:45Stand Up and Shout: The Dio Anthology72003Metal 320 
941Dire StraitsMoney for Nothing8:26Brothers in Arms21985Classic Rock 320 
942Dire StraitsSkateaway6:40Making Movies32000Classic Rock 320 
943Dire StraitsSultans of Swing5:50Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits11998Classic Rock 320 
944Dire StraitsLady Writer3:49Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits21998Classic Rock 320 
945Dire StraitsSo Far Away4:03Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits81998Classic Rock 320 
946Dire StraitsWalk of Life4:12Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits111998Classic Rock 320 
947Dire StraitsHeavy Fuel5:01Sultans of Swing: The Very Best of Dire Straits131998Classic Rock 320 
948DishwallaCounting Blue Cars4:51Pet Your Friends31995Alternative 320 
949The DistillersDrain the Blood3:08Coral Fang12003Punk Rock 320 
950The DistillersDismantle Me2:26Coral Fang22003Punk Rock 320 
951The DistillersDie on a Rope2:39Coral Fang32003Punk Rock 320 
952The DistillersThe Gallow Is God4:35Coral Fang42003Punk Rock 320 
953The DistillersCoral Fang2:09Coral Fang52003Punk Rock 320 
954The DistillersThe Hunger5:27Coral Fang62003Punk Rock 320 
955The DistillersHall of Mirrors3:49Coral Fang72003Punk Rock 320 
956The DistillersBeat Your Heart Out2:48Coral Fang82003Punk Rock 320 
957The DistillersLove Is Paranoid2:07Coral Fang92003Punk Rock 320 
958The DistillersFor Tonight You’re Only Here to Know3:18Coral Fang102003Punk Rock 320 
959The DistillersDeath Sex12:17Coral Fang112003Punk Rock 320 
960DisturbedAsylum4:36Asylum22010Metal 320 
961DisturbedThe Infection4:08Asylum32010Metal 320 
962DisturbedWarrior3:24Asylum42010Metal 320 
963DisturbedAnother Way to Die4:13Asylum52010Metal 320 
964DisturbedPrayer3:41Believe12002Metal 320 
965DisturbedLiberate3:30Believe22002Metal 320 
966DisturbedThe Light4:16Immortalized52015Metal 320 
967DisturbedThe Sound of Silence4:08Immortalized112015Metal 320 
968DisturbedIndestructible4:38Indestructible12008Metal 320 
969DisturbedInside the Fire3:51Indestructible22008Metal 320 
970DisturbedLand of Confusion4:50Ten Thousand Fists112005Metal 320 
971DisturbedMidlife Crisis4:03The Lost Children152011Metal 320 
972DisturbedLiving After Midnight4:25The Lost Children162011Metal 320 
973DisturbedStupify4:34The Sickness32000Metal 320 
974DisturbedDown With the Sickness4:38The Sickness42000Metal 320 
975DisturbedShout 20004:17The Sickness102000Metal 320 
976DokkenBreaking the Chains3:52The Very Best of Dokken11999Classic Rock 320 
977DokkenInto the Fire4:27The Very Best of Dokken31999Classic Rock 320 
978DokkenIn My Dreams4:20The Very Best of Dokken81999Classic Rock 320 
979DokkenDream Warriors4:48The Very Best of Dokken101999Classic Rock 320 
980Don HenleyDirty Laundry5:36Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits11995Rock 320 
981Don HenleyThe Boys of Summer4:47Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits21995Rock 320 
982Don HenleyAll She Wants to Do Is Dance4:30Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits31995Rock 320 
983Don HenleyNot Enough Love in the World3:54Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits41995Rock 320 
984Don HenleySunset Grill6:29Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits51995Rock 320 
985Don HenleyThe End of the Innocence5:14Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits61995Rock 320 
986Don HenleyThe Last Worthless Evening6:04Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits71995Rock 320 
987Don HenleyNew York Minute6:32Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits81995Rock 320 
988Don HenleyThe Heart of the Matter5:21Actual Miles: Henley's Greatest Hits101995Rock 320 
989Donnie IrisAh! Leah!3:4220th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Donnie Iris12001Classic Rock 320 
990The Doobie BrothersListen to the Music3:26The Very Best of The Doobie Brothers12007Classic Rock 320 
991The Doobie BrothersJesus Is Just Alright3:51The Very Best of The Doobie Brothers22007Classic Rock 320 
992The Doobie BrothersRockin' Down the Highway3:21The Very Best of The Doobie Brothers32007Classic Rock 320 
993The Doobie BrothersLong Train Runnin'3:28The Very Best of The Doobie Brothers42007Classic Rock 320 
994The Doobie BrothersChina Grove3:15The Very Best of The Doobie Brothers52007Classic Rock 320 
995The Doobie BrothersBlack Water4:15The Very Best of The Doobie Brothers102007Classic Rock 320 
996The Doobie BrothersTakin' It to the Streets3:50The Very Best of The Doobie Brothers142007Classic Rock 320 
997The Doobie BrothersWhat a Fool Believes3:42The Very Best of The Doobie Brothers32007Classic Rock 320 
998The DoorsRiders on the Storm7:15The Best of The Doors12000Classic Rock 320 
999The DoorsLight My Fire7:07The Best of The Doors22000Classic Rock 320 
1000The DoorsLove Me Two Times3:15The Best of The Doors32000Classic Rock 320 
1001The DoorsBreak On Through (to the Other Side)2:28The Best of The Doors62000Classic Rock 320 
1002The DoorsLove Her Madly3:19The Best of The Doors102000Classic Rock 320 
1003The DoorsPeople Are Strange2:11The Best of The Doors112000Classic Rock 320 
1004The DoorsTouch Me3:13The Best of The Doors122000Classic Rock 320 
1005The DoorsL.A. Woman7:52The Best of The Doors152000Classic Rock 320 
1006The DoorsHello, I Love You2:15The Best of The Doors162000Classic Rock 320 
1007The DoorsThe End11:44The Best of The Doors172000Classic Rock 320 
1008Dropkick MurphysCadence to Arms1:49Do or Die11998Punk Rock 320 
1009Dropkick MurphysDo or Die1:50Do or Die21998Punk Rock 320 
1010Dropkick MurphysGet Up2:06Do or Die31998Punk Rock 320 
1011Dropkick MurphysCaught in a Jar2:19Do or Die51998Punk Rock 320 
1012Dropkick MurphysMemories Remain2:25Do or Die61998Punk Rock 320 
1013Dropkick MurphysFar Away Coast2:41Do or Die81998Punk Rock 320 
1014Dropkick MurphysTenant Enemy #12:13Do or Die121998Punk Rock 320 
1015Dropkick MurphysFinnegan’s Wake2:19Do or Die131998Punk Rock 320 
1016Dropkick MurphysNoble2:34Do or Die141998Punk Rock 320 
1017Dropkick MurphysBoys on the Docks (Murphys’ Pub version)2:33Do or Die151998Punk Rock 320 
1018Dropkick MurphysSkinhead on the MBTA3:49Do or Die161998Punk Rock 320 
1019Dropkick MurphysRoll Call0:32The Gang’s All Here11999Punk Rock 320 
1020Dropkick MurphysBlood and Whiskey1:47The Gang’s All Here21999Punk Rock 320 
1021Dropkick MurphysPipebomb on Lansdowne1:50The Gang’s All Here31999Punk Rock 320 
1022Dropkick MurphysPerfect Stranger1:58The Gang’s All Here41999Punk Rock 320 
1023Dropkick Murphys10 Years of Service2:45The Gang’s All Here51999Punk Rock 320 
1024Dropkick MurphysUpstarts and Broken Hearts2:56The Gang’s All Here61999Punk Rock 320 
1025Dropkick MurphysDevil’s Brigade1:27The Gang’s All Here71999Punk Rock 320 
1026Dropkick MurphysCurse of a Fallen Soul3:00The Gang’s All Here81999Punk Rock 320 
1027Dropkick MurphysHomeward Bound2:00The Gang’s All Here91999Punk Rock 320 
1028Dropkick MurphysGoing Strong3:06The Gang’s All Here101999Punk Rock 320 
1029Dropkick MurphysThe Fighting 69th3:13The Gang’s All Here111999Punk Rock 320 
1030Dropkick MurphysBoston Asphalt1:39The Gang’s All Here121999Punk Rock 320 
1031Dropkick MurphysWheel of Misfortune3:50The Gang’s All Here131999Punk Rock 320 
1032Dropkick MurphysThe Only Road2:11The Gang’s All Here141999Punk Rock 320 
1033Dropkick MurphysAmazing Grace2:38The Gang’s All Here151999Punk Rock 320 
1034Dropkick MurphysThe Gang’s All Here7:59The Gang’s All Here161999Punk Rock 320 
1035Dropkick MurphysBarroom Hero3:09The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-199712000Punk Rock 320 
1036Dropkick MurphysFightstarter Karaoke2:33The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-199722000Punk Rock 320 
1037Dropkick MurphysJohn Law2:15The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-199732000Punk Rock 320 
1038Dropkick MurphysRegular Guy1:53The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-199742000Punk Rock 320 
1039Dropkick Murphys3rd Man In2:19The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-199752000Punk Rock 320 
1040Dropkick MurphysCareer Opportunities (live)1:53The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-199762000Punk Rock 320 
1041Dropkick MurphysNever Alone3:18The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-199772000Punk Rock 320 
1042Dropkick MurphysTake It or Leave It2:02The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-199782000Punk Rock 320 
1043Dropkick MurphysEurotrash1:36The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-199792000Punk Rock 320 
1044Dropkick MurphysFront Seat2:33The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997102000Punk Rock 320 
1045Dropkick MurphysDenial2:24The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997112000Punk Rock 320 
1046Dropkick MurphysBilly's Bones2:03The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997122000Punk Rock 320 
1047Dropkick MurphysRoad of the Righteous2:50The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997132000Punk Rock 320 
1048Dropkick MurphysGuns of Brixton (live)2:47The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997142000Punk Rock 320 
1049Dropkick MurphysCadence to Arms (live)2:26The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997152000Punk Rock 320 
1050Dropkick MurphysDo or Die (live)1:48The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997162000Punk Rock 320 
1051Dropkick MurphysIn the Streets of Boston (live)1:14The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997172000Punk Rock 320 
1052Dropkick MurphysNever Alone (live)2:40The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997182000Punk Rock 320 
1053Dropkick MurphysGet Up (live)2:05The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997192000Punk Rock 320 
1054Dropkick MurphysFar Away Coast (live)2:46The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997202000Punk Rock 320 
1055Dropkick MurphysBoys on the Docks (live)2:53The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997212000Punk Rock 320 
1056Dropkick MurphysSkinhead on the MTBA (live)4:45The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997222000Punk Rock 320 
1057Dropkick MurphysI've Had Enough (live)1:42The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997232000Punk Rock 320 
1058Dropkick MurphysWhite Riot (live)1:48The Singles Collection, Volume 1: 1996-1997242000Punk Rock 320 
1059Drowning PoolStep Up3:17Desensitized22004Rock 320 
1060Drowning PoolLove and War3:37Desensitized72004Rock 320 
1061Drowning Pool37 Stitches3:50Full Circle92007Rock 320 
1062Drowning PoolBodies3:22Sinner22001Rock 320 
1063EaglesSeven Bridges Road2:57Eagles Greatest Hits, Volume 231985Rock 320 
1064EaglesLearn to Be Still4:28Hell Freezes Over42008Rock 320 
1065EaglesTake It Easy3:30The Complete Greatest Hits12008Rock 320 
1066EaglesWitchy Woman4:11The Complete Greatest Hits22008Rock 320 
1067EaglesPeaceful Easy Feeling4:16The Complete Greatest Hits32008Rock 320 
1068EaglesDesperado3:33The Complete Greatest Hits42008Rock 320 
1069EaglesTequila Sunrise2:52The Complete Greatest Hits52008Rock 320 
1070EaglesAlready Gone4:15The Complete Greatest Hits72008Rock 320 
1071EaglesThe Best of My Love4:34The Complete Greatest Hits82008Rock 320 
1072EaglesLyin' Eyes6:20The Complete Greatest Hits132008Rock 320 
1073EaglesOne of These Nights4:50The Complete Greatest Hits142008Rock 320 
1074EaglesTake It to the Limit4:47The Complete Greatest Hits152008Rock 320 
1075EaglesAfter the Thrill Is Gone3:56The Complete Greatest Hits162008Rock 320 
1076EaglesHotel California6:30The Complete Greatest Hits172008Rock 320 
1077EaglesLife in the Fast Lane4:45The Complete Greatest Hits12008Rock 320 
1078EaglesVictim of Love4:10The Complete Greatest Hits32008Rock 320 
1079EaglesNew Kid in Town5:05The Complete Greatest Hits52008Rock 320 
1080EaglesHeartache Tonight4:25The Complete Greatest Hits72008Rock 320 
1081EaglesThe Sad Cafe5:33The Complete Greatest Hits82008Rock 320 
1082EaglesI Can't Tell You Why4:53The Complete Greatest Hits92008Rock 320 
1083EaglesThe Long Run3:41The Complete Greatest Hits102008Rock 320 
1084EaglesIn the City3:45The Complete Greatest Hits112008Rock 320 
1085EaglesThose Shoes4:56The Complete Greatest Hits122008Rock 320 
1086EaglesLove Will Keep Us Alive4:02The Complete Greatest Hits142008Rock 320 
1087EaglesGet Over It3:30The Complete Greatest Hits152008Rock 320 
1088EaglesHole in the World4:19The Complete Greatest Hits162008Rock 320 
1089Eddie MoneyTwo Tickets to Paradise3:58The Best of Eddie Money12001Classic Rock 320 
1090Eddie MoneyShakin'3:09The Best of Eddie Money22001Classic Rock 320 
1091Eddie MoneyTake Me Home Tonight3:32The Best of Eddie Money32001Classic Rock 320 
1092Eddie MoneyWalk on Water4:40The Best of Eddie Money52001Classic Rock 320 
1093Eddie MoneyThink I'm in Love3:10The Best of Eddie Money72001Classic Rock 320 
1094Eddie MoneyBaby Hold On3:32The Best of Eddie Money102001Classic Rock 320 
1095Eddie MoneyI Wanna Go Back3:55The Best of Eddie Money132001Classic Rock 320 
1096Eddie MoneyPeace in Our Time5:02The Best of Eddie Money162001Classic Rock 320 
1097EdisunMedicate3:56Edisun52010Rock 320 
1098Egypt CentralWhite Rabbit3:37White Rabbit22011Rock 320 
1099Electric Light OrchestraEvil Woman4:13All Over the World: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra22005Classic Rock 320 
1100Electric Light OrchestraDon't Bring Me Down4:04All Over the World: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra32005Classic Rock 320 
1101Electric Light OrchestraSweet Talkin' Woman3:49All Over the World: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra42005Classic Rock 320 
1102Electric Light OrchestraShine a Little Love4:12All Over the World: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra52005Classic Rock 320 
1103Electric Light OrchestraTurn to Stone3:49All Over the World: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra62005Classic Rock 320 
1104Electric Light OrchestraStrange Magic4:10All Over the World: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra182005Classic Rock 320 
1105Electric Light OrchestraDo Ya3:46Ticket to the Moon: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra, Volume 222008Classic Rock 320 
1106EmphaticPut Down the Drink3:41Damage32011Rock 320 
1107Eric ClaptonAfter Midnight3:08Complete Clapton72007Classic Rock 320 
1108Eric ClaptonI Shot the Sheriff4:22Complete Clapton122007Classic Rock 320 
1109Eric ClaptonKnockin’ on Heaven’s Door4:24Complete Clapton132007Classic Rock 320 
1110Eric ClaptonCocaine3:35Complete Clapton152007Classic Rock 320 
1111Eric ClaptonLay Down Sally3:49Complete Clapton162007Classic Rock 320 
1112Eric ClaptonWonderful Tonight3:41Complete Clapton172007Classic Rock 320 
1113Eric ClaptonI Can’t Stand It4:08Complete Clapton192007Classic Rock 320 
1114Eric ClaptonIt’s in the Way That You Use It4:13Complete Clapton42007Classic Rock 320 
1115Eric ClaptonTears in Heaven4:35Complete Clapton82007Classic Rock 320 
1116Eric ClaptonChange the World3:56Complete Clapton122007Classic Rock 320 
1117Eric ClaptonMy Father’s Eyes5:24Complete Clapton132007Classic Rock 320 
1118Eric ClaptonShe’s Gone4:45Pilgrim121998Classic Rock 320 
1119EuropeThe Final Countdown5:11The Final Countdown11986Classic Rock 320 
1120EuropeRock The Night4:04The Final Countdown21986Classic Rock 320 
1121EuropeCarrie4:30The Final Countdown31986Classic Rock 320 
1122EuropeCherokee4:13The Final Countdown61986Classic Rock 320 
1123EvanescenceWhat You Want3:41Evanescence12011Rock 320 
1124EvanescenceGoing Under3:35Fallen12003Rock 320 
1125EvanescenceBring Me to Life3:57Fallen22003Rock 320 
1126EvanescenceMy Immortal (Band Version)4:33Fallen122014Rock 320 
1127EvanescenceSweet Sacrifice3:05The Open Door12006Rock 320 
1128EvanescenceCall Me When You’re Sober3:34The Open Door22006Rock 320 
1129Evans BlueSick Of It2:58Evans Blue22010Rock 320 
1130Evans BlueSay It3:13Evans Blue52010Rock 320 
1131Evans BlueThis Time It's Different3:29Graveyard Of Empires12012Rock 320 
1132Eve 6Inside Out3:39Eve 621998Alternative 320 
1133Eve 6Here's to the Night4:09Horrorscope52000Alternative 320 
1134ExtremeRest In Peace6:01Three Sides To Every Story21992Rock 320 
1135Faith No MoreMidlife Crisis4:23Angel Dust31992Rock 320 
1136Faith No MoreEpic4:54The Real Thing21989Rock 320 
1137Faith No MoreFalling to Pieces5:16The Real Thing31989Rock 320 
1138Fall Out BoySugar, We’re Goin Down3:49From Under the Cork Tree42005Alternative 320 
1139Fall Out BoyMy Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light 'em Up)3:06Save Rock and Roll22013Alternative 320 
1140FilterHey Man Nice Shot5:14Short Bus11995Rock 320 
1141FilterWhere Do We Go From Here5:34The Amalgamut32002Alternative 320 
1142FilterTake a Picture6:02The Buzz72004Alternative 320 
1143Finger ElevenOne Thing4:39Finger Eleven112003Rock 320 
1144Finger ElevenLiving In A Dream3:04Life Turns Electric42010Rock 320 
1145Finger ElevenParalyzer3:28Them vs. You vs. Me12007Rock 320 
1146FirehouseRock on the Radio4:46Firehouse11990Rock 320 
1147FirehouseAll She Wrote4:27Firehouse21990Rock 320 
1148FirehouseDon't Treat Me Bad3:55Firehouse41990Rock 320 
1149FirehouseDon't Walk Away4:32Firehouse81990Rock 320 
1150FirehouseLove of a Lifetime4:46Firehouse111990Rock 320 
1151FirehouseReach for the Sky4:47Hold Your Fire11992Rock 320 
1152FirehouseRock You Tonight4:35Hold Your Fire21992Rock 320 
1153FirehouseYou're Too Bad3:38Hold Your Fire41992Rock 320 
1154FirehouseWhen I Look Into Your Eyes3:59Hold Your Fire51992Rock 320 
1155FirehouseHold Your Fire3:51Hold Your Fire71992Rock 320 
1156The FirmRadioactive2:49The Firm51985Classic Rock 320 
1157Five Finger Death PunchTrouble3:12A Decade Of Destruction12017Metal 320 
1158Five Finger Death PunchGone Away4:35A Decade Of Destruction22017Metal 320 
1159Five Finger Death PunchUnder and Over It3:38American Capitalist22011Metal 320 
1160Five Finger Death PunchThe Pride3:23American Capitalist32011Metal 320 
1161Five Finger Death PunchComing Down4:01American Capitalist42011Metal 320 
1162Five Finger Death PunchRemember Everything4:38American Capitalist82011Metal 320 
1163Five Finger Death PunchJekyll and Hyde3:26Got Your Six22015Metal 320 
1164Five Finger Death PunchWash It All Away3:44Got Your Six32015Metal 320 
1165Five Finger Death PunchMy Nemesis3:35Got Your Six52015Metal 320 
1166Five Finger Death PunchI Apologize4:05Got Your Six142015Metal 320 
1167Five Finger Death PunchThe Bleeding4:28The Way of the Fist42007Metal 320 
1168Five Finger Death PunchWrong Side of Heaven4:31The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 142013Metal 320 
1169Five Finger Death PunchBattle Born3:43The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 242013Metal 320 
1170Five Finger Death PunchHouse of the Rising Sun4:07The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2122013Metal 320 
1171Five Finger Death PunchHard to See3:29War Is the Answer22009Metal 320 
1172Five Finger Death PunchFar From Home3:32War Is the Answer72009Metal 320 
1173Five Finger Death PunchBad Company4:22War Is the Answer122009Metal 320 
1174Five Finger Death Punch feat. Rob HalfordLift Me Up4:06The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 112013Metal 320 
1175Fleetwood MacMonday Morning2:45The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac12002Rock 320 
1176Fleetwood MacDreams4:15The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac22002Rock 320 
1177Fleetwood MacYou Make Loving Fun3:33The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac32002Rock 320 
1178Fleetwood MacGo Your Own Way3:40The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac42002Rock 320 
1179Fleetwood MacRhiannon3:46The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac52002Rock 320 
1180Fleetwood MacSay You Love Me4:03The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac62002Rock 320 
1181Fleetwood MacI'm So Afraid (live, 1997)6:01The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac72002Rock 320 
1182Fleetwood MacSilver Springs4:30The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac82002Rock 320 
1183Fleetwood MacOver My Head3:08The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac92002Rock 320 
1184Fleetwood MacNever Going Back Again2:14The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac102002Rock 320 
1185Fleetwood MacSara6:26The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac112002Rock 320 
1186Fleetwood MacLove in Store3:10The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac122002Rock 320 
1187Fleetwood MacLandslide3:17The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac142002Rock 320 
1188Fleetwood MacBig Love (live, 1997)2:48The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac162002Rock 320 
1189Fleetwood MacThe Chain4:29The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac12002Rock 320 
1190Fleetwood MacDon't Stop3:12The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac22002Rock 320 
1191Fleetwood MacGypsy4:22The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac42002Rock 320 
1192Fleetwood MacSecond Hand News2:52The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac52002Rock 320 
1193Fleetwood MacLittle Lies3:39The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac62002Rock 320 
1194Fleetwood MacGold Dust Woman4:59The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac92002Rock 320 
1195Fleetwood MacHold Me3:44The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac102002Rock 320 
1196Fleetwood MacSeven Wonders3:38The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac112002Rock 320 
1197Fleetwood MacEverywhere3:42The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac132002Rock 320 
1198Fleetwood MacAs Long as You Follow4:18The Very Best of Fleetwood Mac162002Rock 320 
1199Flogging MollyDrunken Lullabies3:50Drunken Lullabies12002Punk Rock 320 
1200Flogging MollyWhat’s Left of the Flag3:39Drunken Lullabies22002Punk Rock 320 
1201Flogging MollyMay the Living Be Dead (in Our Wake)3:50Drunken Lullabies32002Punk Rock 320 
1202Flogging MollyIf I Ever Leave This World Alive3:21Drunken Lullabies42002Punk Rock 320 
1203Flogging MollyThe Kilburn High Road3:43Drunken Lullabies52002Punk Rock 320 
1204Flogging MollyRebels of the Sacred Heart5:11Drunken Lullabies62002Punk Rock 320 
1205Flogging MollySwagger2:05Drunken Lullabies72002Punk Rock 320 
1206Flogging MollyCruel Mistress2:57Drunken Lullabies82002Punk Rock 320 
1207Flogging MollyDeath Valley Queen4:18Drunken Lullabies92002Punk Rock 320 
1208Flogging MollyAnother Bag of Bricks3:45Drunken Lullabies102002Punk Rock 320 
1209Flogging MollyThe Rare Ould Times4:06Drunken Lullabies112002Punk Rock 320 
1210Flogging MollyThe Son Never Shines (on Closed Doors)4:24Drunken Lullabies122002Punk Rock 320 
1211The FlysGot You (Where I Want You)4:02Holiday Man21998Alternative 320 
1212FoghatI Just Want to Make Love to You4:21The Best of Foghat11989Classic Rock 320 
1213FoghatFool for the City3:30The Best of Foghat71989Classic Rock 320 
1214FoghatSlow Ride3:58The Best of Foghat81989Classic Rock 320 
1215Foo FightersRun5:23Concrete and Gold22017Rock 320 
1216Foo FightersThe Pretender4:29Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace12007Rock 320 
1217Foo FightersLet It Die4:05Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace22007Rock 320 
1218Foo FightersLong Road to Ruin3:44Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace42007Rock 320 
1219Foo FightersBig Me2:12Foo Fighters31995Rock 320 
1220Foo FightersIn Your Honor3:50In Your Honor12005Rock 320 
1221Foo FightersNo Way Back3:16In Your Honor22005Rock 320 
1222Foo FightersBest of You4:15In Your Honor32005Rock 320 
1223Foo FightersDOA4:12In Your Honor42005Rock 320 
1224Foo FightersThe Last Song3:19In Your Honor62005Rock 320 
1225Foo FightersAll My Life4:23One by One12002Rock 320 
1226Foo FightersLow4:28One by One22002Rock 320 
1227Foo FightersTimes Like These4:26One by One42002Rock 320 
1228Foo FightersSaint Cecilia3:41Saint Cecilia EP12015Rock 320 
1229Foo FightersSomething From Nothing4:48Sonic Highways12014Rock 320 
1230Foo FightersCongregation5:11Sonic Highways32014Rock 320 
1231Foo FightersMonkey Wrench3:51The Colour and the Shape22003Rock 320 
1232Foo FightersMy Hero4:20The Colour and the Shape72003Rock 320 
1233Foo FightersEverlong4:10The Colour and the Shape112003Rock 320 
1234Foo FightersLearn to Fly3:55There Is Nothing Left to Lose31999Rock 320 
1235Foo FightersNext Year4:37There Is Nothing Left to Lose81999Rock 320 
1236Foo FightersRope4:19Wasting Light22011Rock 320 
1237Foo FightersThese Days4:58Wasting Light62011Rock 320 
1238Foo FightersWalk4:16Wasting Light112011Rock 320 
1239Fools For RowanBurnt Around The Edges4:24Twisted. Tied Up. Tangled.12009Alternative 320 
1240ForeignerJuke Box Hero4:20The Very Best...and Beyond41992Rock 320 
1241ForeignerHot Blooded4:24The Very Best...and Beyond51992Rock 320 
1242ForeignerCold as Ice3:20The Very Best...and Beyond61992Rock 320 
1243ForeignerHead Games3:37The Very Best...and Beyond71992Rock 320 
1244ForeignerWaiting for a Girl Like You4:49The Very Best...and Beyond81992Rock 320 
1245ForeignerUrgent4:29The Very Best...and Beyond91992Rock 320 
1246ForeignerDouble Vision3:44The Very Best...and Beyond101992Rock 320 
1247ForeignerI Want to Know What Love Is5:04The Very Best...and Beyond111992Rock 320 
1248ForeignerSay You Will4:11The Very Best...and Beyond121992Rock 320 
1249ForeignerThat Was Yesterday3:46The Very Best...and Beyond131992Rock 320 
1250ForeignerI Don't Want to Live Without You4:53The Very Best...and Beyond141992Rock 320 
1251ForeignerDirty White Boy3:38The Very Best...and Beyond161992Rock 320 
1252ForeignerFeels Like the First Time3:49The Very Best...and Beyond171992Rock 320 
1253FozzyJudas4:10Judas12017Metal 320 
1254FreeAll Right Now5:29Harley-Davidson Road Songs21994Rock 320 
1255From Ashes to NewLost and Alone3:09Day One32016Rock 320 
1256From Ashes to NewThrough It All3:33Day One52016Rock 320 
1257FuelHemorrhage (in My Hands)3:57The Best of Fuel12005Alternative 320 
1258FuelShimmer3:34The Best of Fuel32005Alternative 320 
1259FuelBad Day3:15The Best of Fuel42005Alternative 320 
1260FuelFalls on Me4:14The Best of Fuel62005Alternative 320 
1261FuelBittersweet3:52The Best of Fuel92005Alternative 320 
1262FuelInnocent3:38The Best of Fuel102005Alternative 320 
1263Gemini SyndromeStardust3:48Lux52013Rock 320 
1264Gemini SyndromeRemember We Die3:47Memento Mori22016Metal 320 
1265George Thorogood & The DestroyersMadison Blues4:28Greatest Hits: 30 Years of Rock12004Classic Rock 320 
1266George Thorogood & The DestroyersOne Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer8:26Greatest Hits: 30 Years of Rock22004Classic Rock 320 
1267George Thorogood & The DestroyersMove It on Over4:19Greatest Hits: 30 Years of Rock32004Classic Rock 320 
1268George Thorogood & The DestroyersWho Do You Love?4:25Greatest Hits: 30 Years of Rock42004Classic Rock 320 
1269George Thorogood & The DestroyersBad to the Bone4:49Greatest Hits: 30 Years of Rock52004Classic Rock 320 
1270George Thorogood & The DestroyersI Drink Alone4:32Greatest Hits: 30 Years of Rock62004Classic Rock 320 
1271George Thorogood & The DestroyersGear Jammer4:33Greatest Hits: 30 Years of Rock72004Classic Rock 320 
1272George Thorogood & The DestroyersWillie and the Hand Jive4:03Greatest Hits: 30 Years of Rock82004Classic Rock 320 
1273George Thorogood & The DestroyersIf You Don't Start Drinkin' (I'm Gonna Leave)4:11Greatest Hits: 30 Years of Rock122004Classic Rock 320 
1274George Thorogood & The DestroyersGet a Haircut4:07Greatest Hits: 30 Years of Rock132004Classic Rock 320 
1275Gerry RaffertyBaker Street6:29Right Down the Line: The Best of Gerry Rafferty11989Classic Rock 320 
1276Gerry RaffertyRight Down the Line4:29Right Down the Line: The Best of Gerry Rafferty41989Classic Rock 320 
1277GhostFrom the Pinnacle to the Pit4:02Meliora22015Rock 320 
1278GhostSquare Hammer3:59Meliora12016Rock 320 
1279GhostMissionary Man3:42Meliora42016Rock 320 
1280Glenn FreySmuggler's Blues3:50Solo Collection71995Rock 320 
1281Glenn FreyThe Heat Is On3:46Solo Collection81995Rock 320 
1282Glenn FreyYou Belong to the City5:51Solo Collection91995Rock 320 
1283Glenn FreyPart of Me, Part of You5:57Solo Collection121995Rock 320 
1284Godsmack1000hp3:461000HP12014Rock 320 
1285GodsmackSomething Different4:421000HP32014Rock 320 
1286GodsmackSick of Life3:52Awake12001Rock 320 
1287GodsmackAwake5:04Awake22001Rock 320 
1288GodsmackGreed3:29Awake32001Rock 320 
1289GodsmackBad Magick4:17Awake42001Rock 320 
1290GodsmackStraight Out of Line4:19Faceless12003Rock 320 
1291GodsmackI Stand Alone4:06Faceless52003Rock 320 
1292GodsmackRe-Align4:20Faceless62003Rock 320 
1293GodsmackSerenity4:34Faceless122003Rock 320 
1294GodsmackMoon Baby4:23Godsmack11998Rock 320 
1295GodsmackWhatever3:26Godsmack21998Rock 320 
1296GodsmackKeep Away4:50Godsmack31998Rock 320 
1297GodsmackBad Religion3:13Godsmack51998Rock 320 
1298GodsmackNow or Never5:06Godsmack91998Rock 320 
1299GodsmackVoodoo4:40Good Times, Bad Times… 10 Years of Godsmack42007Rock 320 
1300GodsmackRunning Blind3:55Good Times, Bad Times… 10 Years of Godsmack122007Rock 320 
1301GodsmackSpeak3:55Good Times, Bad Times… 10 Years of Godsmack142007Rock 320 
1302GodsmackCryin’ Like a Bitch3:23The Oracle12010Rock 320 
1303GodsmackLove-Hate-Sex-Pain5:15The Oracle42010Rock 320 
1304Golden EarringRadar Love6:25The Continuing Story of Radar Love11989Classic Rock 320 
1305Golden EarringTwilight Zone7:53The Continuing Story of Radar Love121989Classic Rock 320 
1306Good CharlotteI Just Wanna Live2:46The Chronicles of Life and Death52004Alternative 320 
1307Grand Funk RailroadWe're an American Band3:26Icons12013Classic Rock 320 
1308Grand Funk RailroadSome Kind of Wonderful3:22Icons22013Classic Rock 320 
1309Grand Funk RailroadThe Loco-Motion2:46Icons32013Classic Rock 320 
1310Grand Funk RailroadCloser to Home (I'm Your Captain)9:58Icons112013Classic Rock 320 
1311Grateful DeadTruckin’5:08The Very Best of Grateful Dead12003Classic Rock 320 
1312Grateful DeadTouch of Grey5:50The Very Best of Grateful Dead22003Classic Rock 320 
1313Grateful DeadCasey Jones4:28The Very Best of Grateful Dead42003Classic Rock 320 
1314Great WhiteCall It Rock And Roll3:57Absolute Hits12011Rock 320 
1315Great WhiteOnce Bitten Twice Shy5:23Absolute Hits22011Rock 320 
1316Great WhiteMista Bone5:11Absolute Hits32011Rock 320 
1317Great WhiteSave Your Love4:32Absolute Hits42011Rock 320 
1318Great WhiteHouse Of Broken Love6:00Absolute Hits52011Rock 320 
1319Great WhiteOld Rose Motel7:23Absolute Hits72011Rock 320 
1320Great WhiteRock Me7:16Absolute Hits82011Rock 320 
1321Great WhiteAll Over Now4:23Absolute Hits92011Rock 320 
1322Great WhiteLady Red Light4:55Absolute Hits112011Rock 320 
1323Great WhiteFace The Day5:23Absolute Hits132011Rock 320 
1324Great WhiteBig Goodbye5:57Absolute Hits152011Rock 320 
1325Green DayOh Love5:03¡Uno!122012Alternative 320 
1326Green DayKnow Your Enemy3:1021st Century Breakdown32009Alternative 320 
1327Green Day21 Guns5:2121st Century Breakdown162009Alternative 320 
1328Green DayAmerican Idiot2:54American Idiot12004Alternative 320 
1329Green DayHoliday3:52American Idiot32004Alternative 320 
1330Green DayBoulevard of Broken Dreams4:20American Idiot42004Alternative 320 
1331Green DayWake Me Up When September Ends4:45American Idiot112004Alternative 320 
1332Green DayLongview3:54International Superhits!32001Alternative 320 
1333Green DayWelcome to Paradise3:44International Superhits!42001Alternative 320 
1334Green DayBasket Case3:01International Superhits!52001Alternative 320 
1335Green DayWhen I Come Around2:58International Superhits!62001Alternative 320 
1336Green DayShe2:14International Superhits!72001Alternative 320 
1337Green DayBrain Stew3:13International Superhits!102001Alternative 320 
1338Green DayGood Riddance (Time of Your Life)2:33International Superhits!152001Alternative 320 
1339Green DayMinority2:48International Superhits!182001Alternative 320 
1340Green DayWarning3:41International Superhits!192001Alternative 320 
1341Green DayRevolution Radio3:00Revolution Radio32016Alternative 320 
1342Green DayStill Breathing3:44Revolution Radio72016Alternative 320 
1343Greg Kihn BandThe Break Up Song (They Don't Write 'Em)2:51Best Of Beserkley '75-'84102012Classic Rock 320 
1344Greg Kihn BandJeopardy3:50Best Of Beserkley '75-'84172012Classic Rock 320 
1345Greta Van FleetHighway Tune3:01Black Smoke Rising12017Rock 320 
1346Greta Van FleetSafari Song3:55Black Smoke Rising22017Rock 320 
1347Guns N’ RosesIt's So Easy3:22Appetite for Destruction21987Rock 320 
1348Guns N’ RosesNightrain4:28Appetite for Destruction31987Rock 320 
1349Guns N’ RosesMr. Brownstone3:48Appetite for Destruction51987Rock 320 
1350Guns N’ RosesMy Michelle3:40Appetite for Destruction71987Rock 320 
1351Guns N’ RosesBetter4:58Chinese Democracy32008Rock 320 
1352Guns N’ RosesSorry6:14Chinese Democracy102008Rock 320 
1353Guns N’ RosesI.R.S.4:28Chinese Democracy112008Rock 320 
1354Guns N’ RosesReckless Life3:20G N’ R Lies11988Rock 320 
1355Guns N’ RosesMove to the City3:42G N’ R Lies31988Rock 320 
1356Guns N’ RosesUsed to Love Her3:13G N’ R Lies61988Rock 320 
1357Guns N’ RosesWelcome to the Jungle4:31Greatest Hits12004Rock 320 
1358Guns N’ RosesSweet Child o' Mine5:55Greatest Hits22004Rock 320 
1359Guns N’ RosesPatience5:56Greatest Hits32004Rock 320 
1360Guns N’ RosesParadise City6:47Greatest Hits42004Rock 320 
1361Guns N’ RosesKnockin' on Heaven's Door5:36Greatest Hits52004Rock 320 
1362Guns N’ RosesCivil War7:42Greatest Hits62004Rock 320 
1363Guns N’ RosesYou Could Be Mine5:43Greatest Hits72004Rock 320 
1364Guns N’ RosesNovember Rain8:57Greatest Hits92004Rock 320 
1365Guns N’ RosesLive and Let Die3:02Greatest Hits102004Rock 320 
1366Guns N’ RosesYesterdays3:16Greatest Hits112004Rock 320 
1367Guns N’ RosesAin't It Fun5:07Greatest Hits122004Rock 320 
1368Guns N’ RosesSince I Don't Have You4:19Greatest Hits132004Rock 320 
1369Guns N’ RosesSympathy for the Devil7:35Greatest Hits142004Rock 320 
1370Guns N’ RosesBad Obsession5:28Use Your Illusion I71991Rock 320 
1371Guns N’ RosesEstranged9:23Use Your Illusion II111991Rock 320 
1372Guns N’ RosesDon't Cry (alternate lyrics)4:44Use Your Illusion II131991Rock 320 
1373HalestormIt's Not You2:54Halestorm12009Rock 320 
1374HalestormI Get Off3:03Halestorm22009Rock 320 
1375HalestormBet U Wish U Had Me Back3:43Halestorm32009Rock 320 
1376HalestormI Am the Fire3:37Into the Wild Life22015Rock 320 
1377HalestormAmen2:58Into the Wild Life42015Rock 320 
1378HalestormMayhem3:36Into the Wild Life72015Rock 320 
1379HalestormLove Bites (So Do I)3:11The Strange Case Of...12012Rock 320 
1380HalestormMz. Hyde3:22The Strange Case Of...22012Rock 320 
1381HalestormI Miss the Misery3:03The Strange Case Of...32012Rock 320 
1382HalestormHere's to Us2:59The Strange Case Of...122012Rock 320 
1383Head EastNever Been Any Reason5:11Flat as a Pancake11987Classic Rock 320 
1384HeartCrazy On You4:54Essential12002Rock 320 
1385HeartMagic Man5:30Essential22002Rock 320 
1386HeartDreamboat Annie (Reprise)3:49Essential32002Rock 320 
1387HeartBarracuda4:23Essential42002Rock 320 
1388HeartKick It Out2:46Essential62002Rock 320 
1389HeartHeartless5:00Essential82002Rock 320 
1390HeartStraight On5:06Essential92002Rock 320 
1391HeartDog And Butterfly5:21Essential102002Rock 320 
1392HeartEven It Up5:12Essential122002Rock 320 
1393HeartNever3:42The Essential Heart22002Rock 320 
1394HeartThese Dreams3:51The Essential Heart32002Rock 320 
1395HeartNothin' at All3:49The Essential Heart42002Rock 320 
1396HeartIf Looks Could Kill3:20The Essential Heart52002Rock 320 
1397HeartAlone3:17The Essential Heart62002Rock 320 
1398HeartWho Will You Run To3:42The Essential Heart72002Rock 320 
1399HeartThere's the Girl3:26The Essential Heart82002Rock 320 
1400HeartAll I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You4:43The Essential Heart102002Rock 320 
1401HeartI Didn't Want to Need You3:42The Essential Heart122002Rock 320 
1402HeartStranded3:32The Essential Heart132002Rock 320 
1403HeartWill You Be There (in the Morning)4:02The Essential Heart162002Rock 320 
1404HeartWhat About Love?3:41The Essential Heart12002Rock 320 
1405HellyeahDrink Drank Drunk3:56Band Of Brothers42012Metal 320 
1406HellyeahMoth4:47Blood for Blood42014Metal 320 
1407HellyeahHush3:52Blood for Blood82014Metal 320 
1408HellyeahAlcohaulin' Ass3:54Hellyeah52007Metal 320 
1409HellyeahHell of a Time3:40Stampede32010Metal 320 
1410HellyeahBetter Man4:31Stampede52010Metal 320 
1411HellyeahHuman3:33Unden!able52016Metal 320 
1412HellyeahI Don't Care Anymore4:41Unden!able82016Metal 320 
1413HellyeahLove Falls4:34Unden!able102016Metal 320 
1414Highly SuspectBloodfeather3:55Mister Asylum72015Rock 320 
1415Highly SuspectMy Name Is Human4:18The Boy Who Died Wolf12016Rock 320 
1416HinderWhat Ya Gonna Do4:06All American Nightmare32010Rock 320 
1417HinderGet Stoned3:38Extreme Behavior12005Rock 320 
1418HinderLips of an Angel4:21Extreme Behavior82005Rock 320 
1419HinderUse Me3:49Take It to the Limit12008Rock 320 
1420HinderUp All Night3:33Take It to the Limit42008Rock 320 
1421The HolliesLong Cool Woman in a Black Dress3:18Greatest Hits52002Classic Rock 320 
1422Hollywood UndeadLevitate3:24American Tragedy122011Rock 320 
1423Hollywood UndeadUndead4:25Swan Songs12008Rock 320 
1424HoobastankSame Direction3:15The Reason12004Alternative 320 
1425HoobastankThe Reason3:52The Reason82004Alternative 320 
1426HoobastankCrawling in the Dark2:56The Seven Series12003Alternative 320 
1427HoobastankRunning Away3:00The Seven Series32003Alternative 320 
1428Husker DuCrystal3:29Candy Apple Grey11986Rock 320 
1429Husker DuDon’t Want to Know If You Are Lonely3:31Candy Apple Grey21986Rock 320 
1430Husker DuI Don’t Know for Sure2:30Candy Apple Grey31986Rock 320 
1431Husker DuSorry Somehow4:29Candy Apple Grey41986Rock 320 
1432Husker DuToo Far Down4:38Candy Apple Grey51986Rock 320 
1433Husker DuHardly Getting Over It6:06Candy Apple Grey61986Rock 320 
1434Husker DuDead Set on Destruction3:01Candy Apple Grey71986Rock 320 
1435Husker DuEiffel Tower High2:50Candy Apple Grey81986Rock 320 
1436Husker DuNo Promise Have I Made3:41Candy Apple Grey91986Rock 320 
1437Husker DuAll This I’ve Done for You3:10Candy Apple Grey101986Rock 320 
1438I PrevailStuck In Your Head3:35Lifelines22016Rock 320 
1439I PrevailLifelines3:21Lifelines32016Rock 320 
1440In This MomentOh Lord4:08Ritual22017Rock 320 
1441In This MomentIn the Air Tonight4:57Ritual42017Rock 320 
1442In This MomentRoots4:09Ritual112017Rock 320 
1443IncubusStellar3:20Make Yourself61999Rock 320 
1444IncubusDrive3:52Make Yourself81999Rock 320 
1445IncubusPardon Me3:43Make Yourself121999Rock 320 
1446IncubusNice to Know You4:43Morning View12001Rock 320 
1447IncubusWish You Were Here3:34Morning View32001Rock 320 
1448Iron MaidenAces High (live)4:38Somewhere Back in Time: The Best of 1980–198922008Metal 320 
1449Iron Maiden2 Minutes to Midnight6:01Somewhere Back in Time: The Best of 1980–198932008Metal 320 
1450Iron MaidenWasted Years5:07Somewhere Back in Time: The Best of 1980–198952008Metal 320 
1451Iron MaidenRun to the Hills3:54Somewhere Back in Time: The Best of 1980–198982008Metal 320 
1452The J. Geils BandCenterfold3:38Best of the J. Geils Band12006Rock 320 
1453The J. Geils BandFreeze‐Frame3:58Best of the J. Geils Band22006Rock 320 
1454The J. Geils BandLove Stinks3:45Best of the J. Geils Band42006Rock 320 
1455JackylDown on Me4:02Choice Cuts21998Rock 320 
1456JackylWhen Will It Rain4:36Choice Cuts31998Rock 320 
1457JackylLocked and Loaded3:30Choice Cuts41998Rock 320 
1458JackylI Stand Alone3:59Choice Cuts51998Rock 320 
1459JackylThe Lumberjack3:33Choice Cuts91998Rock 320 
1460JackylDirty Little Mind3:30Jackyl21992Rock 320 
1461JackylReach for Me3:34Jackyl71992Rock 320 
1462Jane’s AddictionBeen Caught Stealing3:33MTV the First 1000 Years: Rock111999Rock 320 
1463Jane’s AddictionJust Because3:51Strays32003Rock 320 
1464Jefferson StarshipJane4:14Hits51998Classic Rock 320 
1465Jefferson StarshipFind Your Way Back4:17Hits61998Classic Rock 320 
1466JetAre You Gonna Be My Girl3:33Get Born22003Rock 320 
1467JetLook What You’ve Done3:50Get Born42003Rock 320 
1468JetCold Hard Bitch4:03Get Born92003Rock 320 
1469JetSeventeen3:41Shaka Rock52015Rock 320 
1470Jimi HendrixPurple Haze2:51Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix11997Classic Rock 320 
1471Jimi HendrixFire2:43Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix21997Classic Rock 320 
1472Jimi HendrixThe Wind Cries Mary3:20Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix31997Classic Rock 320 
1473Jimi HendrixHey Joe3:29Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix41997Classic Rock 320 
1474Jimi HendrixAll Along the Watchtower3:58Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix51997Classic Rock 320 
1475Jimi HendrixCrosstown Traffic2:19Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix71997Classic Rock 320 
1476Jimi HendrixFoxy Lady3:18Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix111997Classic Rock 320 
1477Jimi HendrixVoodoo Child (slight return)5:12Experience Hendrix: The Best of Jimi Hendrix151997Classic Rock 320 
1478Joan Jett and the BlackheartsI Love Rock 'n' Roll2:55I Love Rock 'n' Roll11992Classic Rock 320 
1479Joan Jett and the BlackheartsCrimson and Clover3:17I Love Rock 'n' Roll51992Classic Rock 320 
1480Joan OsborneOne of Us5:21Relish61995Alternative 320 
1481Joe WalshRocky Mountain Way5:15Joe Walsh's Greatest Hits (Little Did He Know…)91997Classic Rock 320 
1482Joe WalshLife's Been Good8:04Joe Walsh's Greatest Hits (Little Did He Know…)111997Classic Rock 320 
1483Joe WalshAll Night Long3:32Joe Walsh's Greatest Hits (Little Did He Know…)121997Classic Rock 320 
1484Joe WalshOrdinary Average Guy5:11Joe Walsh's Greatest Hits (Little Did He Know…)151997Classic Rock 320 
1485John CaffertyOn the Dark Side2:43Eddie and the Cruisers11990Classic Rock 320 
1486John FogertyCenterfield3:53The Long Road Home: The Ultimate John Fogerty • Creedence Collection32005Rock 320 
1487John FogertyThe Old Man Down the Road3:33The Long Road Home: The Ultimate John Fogerty • Creedence Collection152005Rock 320 
1488John LennonImagine3:04Lennon Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon11998Classic Rock 320 
1489John LennonWoman3:28Lennon Legend: The Very Best of John Lennon131998Classic Rock 320 
1490John MellencampPink Houses4:45Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits22004Classic Rock 320 
1491John MellencampLonely Ol’ Night3:46Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits32004Classic Rock 320 
1492John MellencampRain on the Scarecrow3:46Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits52004Classic Rock 320 
1493John MellencampCheck It Out4:21Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits72004Classic Rock 320 
1494John MellencampPeaceful World4:06Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits82004Classic Rock 320 
1495John MellencampPaper in Fire3:52Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits92004Classic Rock 320 
1496John MellencampYour Life Is Now3:59Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits102004Classic Rock 320 
1497John MellencampAuthority Song3:50Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits132004Classic Rock 320 
1498John MellencampWhat If I Came Knocking5:06Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits142004Classic Rock 320 
1499John MellencampCrumblin’ Down3:36Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits152004Classic Rock 320 
1500John MellencampSmall Town3:42Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits162004Classic Rock 320 
1501John MellencampR.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.2:55Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits172004Classic Rock 320 
1502John MellencampCherry Bomb4:49Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits182004Classic Rock 320 
1503John MellencampKey West Intermezzo (I Saw You First)4:54Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits32004Classic Rock 320 
1504John MellencampHand to Hold on To3:26Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits42004Classic Rock 320 
1505John MellencampI Need a Lover5:36Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits52004Classic Rock 320 
1506John MellencampHurts So Good3:41Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits62004Classic Rock 320 
1507John MellencampGet a Leg Up3:47Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits72004Classic Rock 320 
1508John MellencampWild Night3:28Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits82004Classic Rock 320 
1509John MellencampDance Naked3:01Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits92004Classic Rock 320 
1510John MellencampAin’t Even Done With the Night4:38Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits112004Classic Rock 320 
1511John MellencampJust Another Day3:31Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits122004Classic Rock 320 
1512John MellencampJack & Diane4:17Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits132004Classic Rock 320 
1513John MellencampI’m Not Running Anymore3:27Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits152004Classic Rock 320 
1514John MellencampAgain Tonight3:18Words & Music: John Mellencamp’s Greatest Hits162004Classic Rock 320 
1515John ParrNaughty Naughty3:39John Parr22006Rock 281 
1516JourneyOnly the Young4:05Greatest Hits11988Classic Rock 320 
1517JourneyDon’t Stop Believin’4:11Greatest Hits21988Classic Rock 320 
1518JourneyWheel in the Sky4:12Greatest Hits31988Classic Rock 320 
1519JourneyFaithfully4:26Greatest Hits41988Classic Rock 320 
1520JourneyI’ll Be Alright Without You4:50Greatest Hits51988Classic Rock 320 
1521JourneyAny Way You Want It3:23Greatest Hits61988Classic Rock 320 
1522JourneyAsk the Lonely3:54Greatest Hits71988Classic Rock 320 
1523JourneyWho’s Crying Now5:02Greatest Hits81988Classic Rock 320 
1524JourneySeparate Ways (Worlds Apart)5:26Greatest Hits91988Classic Rock 320 
1525JourneyLights3:11Greatest Hits101988Classic Rock 320 
1526JourneyLovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’3:50Greatest Hits111988Classic Rock 320 
1527JourneyOpen Arms3:19Greatest Hits121988Classic Rock 320 
1528JourneyGirl Can’t Help It3:50Greatest Hits131988Classic Rock 320 
1529JourneySend Her My Love3:55Greatest Hits141988Classic Rock 320 
1530JourneyBe Good to Yourself3:51Greatest Hits151988Classic Rock 320 
1531Judas PriestBreaking the Law2:35The Essential Judas Priest22006Metal 320 
1532Judas PriestHeading Out to the Highway3:47The Essential Judas Priest72006Metal 320 
1533Judas PriestYou've Got Another Thing Comin'5:10The Essential Judas Priest102006Metal 320 
1534Judas PriestTurbo Lover5:33The Essential Judas Priest152006Metal 320 
1535Judas PriestLiving After Midnight3:32The Essential Judas Priest32006Metal 320 
1536KansasCarry On Wayward Son5:22The Best of Kansas11999Classic Rock 320 
1537KansasPoint of Know Return3:12The Best of Kansas21999Classic Rock 320 
1538KansasDust in the Wind3:26The Best of Kansas41999Classic Rock 320 
1539Kenny Wayne Shepherd BandBlue on Black5:30Trouble Is...31997Classic Rock 320 
1540Kenny Wayne Shepherd BandSomehow, Somewhere, Someway5:34Trouble Is...71997Classic Rock 320 
1541Kid RockBorn Free5:14Born Free12010Rock 320 
1542Kid RockPurple Sky4:06Born Free42010Rock 320 
1543Kid RockForever3:46Cocky22001Rock 320 
1544Kid RockLay It on Me4:56Cocky32001Rock 320 
1545Kid RockLonely Road of Faith5:28Cocky72001Rock 320 
1546Kid RockBawitdaba4:27Devil Without a Cause11998Rock 320 
1547Kid RockCowboy4:17Devil Without a Cause21998Rock 320 
1548Kid RockOnly God Knows Why5:27Devil Without a Cause111998Rock 320 
1549Kid RockFirst Kiss4:40First Kiss12015Rock 320 
1550Kid RockLet's Ride4:51Rebel Soul22012Rock 320 
1551Kid RockAll Summer Long4:57Rock N Roll Jesus32007Rock 320 
1552Kid RockLowlife (Living the Highlife)4:04Rock N Roll Jesus122007Rock 320 
1553Kid Rock feat. Sheryl CrowPicture4:58Cocky92001Rock 320 
1554The KillersMr. Brightside3:42Hot Fuss22004Alternative 320 
1555The KillersSomebody Told Me3:17Hot Fuss42004Alternative 320 
1556Killswitch EngageMy Last Serenade4:13Alive or Just Breathing42002Metal 320 
1557Killswitch EngageMy Curse4:04As Daylight Dies52006Metal 320 
1558Killswitch EngageHate By Design3:46Incarnate22016Metal 320 
1559Killswitch EngageReckoning2:41Killswitch Engage42009Metal 320 
1560Killswitch EngageA Bid Farewell3:55The End of Heartache12004Metal 320 
1561Kings of LeonSex on Fire3:23Only by the Night32008Rock 320 
1562Kings of LeonBe Somebody3:47Only by the Night102008Rock 320 
1563KissHard Luck Woman3:35Greatest Kiss21997Rock 320 
1564KissPsycho Circus5:30Psycho Circus11998Rock 320 
1565KissUnholy3:42Revenge11992Rock 320 
1566KissGod Gave Rock ’n’ Roll to You II5:20Revenge51992Rock 320 
1567KissDomino4:01Revenge61992Rock 320 
1568KissI Just Wanna4:08Revenge111992Rock 320 
1569KissLet’s Put the X in Sex3:50Smashes, Thrashes & Hits11988Rock 320 
1570Kiss(You Make Me) Rock Hard3:29Smashes, Thrashes & Hits21988Rock 320 
1571KissLove Gun3:33Smashes, Thrashes & Hits31988Rock 320 
1572KissDetroit Rock City3:48Smashes, Thrashes & Hits41988Rock 320 
1573KissI Love It Loud3:47Smashes, Thrashes & Hits51988Rock 320 
1574KissDeuce3:23Smashes, Thrashes & Hits61988Rock 320 
1575KissLick It Up3:54Smashes, Thrashes & Hits71988Rock 320 
1576KissHeaven’s on Fire3:20Smashes, Thrashes & Hits81988Rock 320 
1577KissCalling Dr. Love3:40Smashes, Thrashes & Hits91988Rock 320 
1578KissStrutter3:19Smashes, Thrashes & Hits101988Rock 320 
1579KissBeth2:47Smashes, Thrashes & Hits111988Rock 320 
1580KissTears Are Falling3:55Smashes, Thrashes & Hits121988Rock 320 
1581KissI Was Made for Lovin’ You4:31Smashes, Thrashes & Hits131988Rock 320 
1582KissRock and Roll All Night2:57Smashes, Thrashes & Hits141988Rock 320 
1583KissShout It Out Loud3:06Smashes, Thrashes & Hits151988Rock 320 
1584The KnackMy Sharona4:55Get the Knack71990Rock 320 
1585KornWord Up!2:53Greatest Hits, Volume 112004Metal 320 
1586KornAnother Brick in the Wall, Parts 1-37:09Greatest Hits, Volume 122004Metal 320 
1587KornY’all Want a Single3:20Greatest Hits, Volume 132004Metal 320 
1588KornFreak on a Leash4:17Greatest Hits, Volume 1132004Metal 320 
1589KornA.D.I.D.A.S.2:35Greatest Hits, Volume 1152004Metal 320 
1590KornTwisted Transistor4:12See You on the Other Side12005Metal 320 
1591KornPolitics3:17See You on the Other Side22005Metal 320 
1592KornComing Undone3:19See You on the Other Side92005Metal 320 
1593KornNever Never3:41The Paradigm Shift72013Metal 320 
1594KornNarcissistic Cannibal3:10The Path of Totality42011Metal 320 
1595KornEvolution3:37Untitled42007Metal 320 
1596L.A. GunsThe Ballad of Jayne4:34Cocked & Loaded71989Rock 320 
1597Led ZeppelinGood Times Bad Times2:46Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Volume One12002Rock 320 
1598Led ZeppelinWhole Lotta Love5:34Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Volume One52002Rock 320 
1599Led ZeppelinImmigrant Song2:27Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Volume One72002Rock 320 
1600Led ZeppelinBlack Dog4:55Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Volume One92002Rock 320 
1601Led ZeppelinRock and Roll3:40Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Volume One102002Rock 320 
1602Led ZeppelinWhen the Levee Breaks7:10Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Volume One122002Rock 320 
1603Led ZeppelinStairway to Heaven8:00Early Days: The Best of Led Zeppelin, Volume One132002Rock 320 
1604Led ZeppelinMisty Mountain Hop4:38IV51971Classic Rock 320 
1605Led ZeppelinGoing To California3:31IV71971Classic Rock 320 
1606Lenny KravitzStand3:19Black and White America72011Rock 320 
1607Lenny KravitzAre You Gonna Go My Way3:31Greatest Hits12000Alternative 320 
1608Lenny KravitzFly Away3:41Greatest Hits22000Alternative 320 
1609Lenny KravitzRock and Roll Is Dead3:24Greatest Hits32000Alternative 320 
1610Lenny KravitzAgain3:48Greatest Hits42000Alternative 320 
1611Lenny KravitzIt Ain’t Over ’til It’s Over4:02Greatest Hits52000Alternative 320 
1612Lenny KravitzCan’t Get You Off My Mind4:33Greatest Hits62000Alternative 320 
1613Lenny KravitzAmerican Woman4:21Greatest Hits82000Alternative 320 
1614Lenny KravitzStand by My Woman4:19Greatest Hits92000Alternative 320 
1615Lenny KravitzAlways on the Run3:52Greatest Hits102000Alternative 320 
1616Lenny KravitzI Belong to You4:17Greatest Hits122000Alternative 320 
1617Lenny KravitzBelieve4:55Greatest Hits132000Alternative 320 
1618Lenny KravitzDirty White Boots3:57Strut32014Alternative 320 
1619LifehouseHalfway Gone3:15Smoke & Mirrors42010Alternative 320 
1620Limp BizkitFaith2:26Greatest Hitz22005Rock 320 
1621Limp BizkitNookie4:26Greatest Hitz32005Rock 320 
1622Limp BizkitBreak Stuff2:46Greatest Hitz42005Rock 320 
1623Limp BizkitMy Generation3:41Greatest Hitz82005Rock 320 
1624Limp BizkitRollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle)3:33Greatest Hitz92005Rock 320 
1625Limp BizkitMy Way4:33Greatest Hitz102005Rock 320 
1626Limp BizkitBehind Blue Eyes4:29Greatest Hitz132005Rock 320 
1627Linkin ParkOne Step Closer2:35Hybrid Theory22001Rock 320 
1628Linkin ParkCrawling3:29Hybrid Theory52001Rock 320 
1629Linkin ParkBurn It Down3:50Living Things32012Rock 320 
1630Linkin ParkSomewhere I Belong3:33Meteora32004Rock 320 
1631Linkin ParkFaint2:42Meteora72004Rock 320 
1632Linkin ParkBreaking the Habit3:16Meteora92004Rock 320 
1633Linkin ParkNumb3:07Meteora132004Rock 320 
1634Linkin ParkBleed It Out2:44Minutes to Midnight42007Rock 320 
1635Linkin ParkShadow of the Day4:49Minutes to Midnight52007Rock 320 
1636Linkin ParkWhat I've Done3:25Minutes to Midnight62007Rock 320 
1637Linkin ParkValentine's Day3:16Minutes to Midnight92007Rock 320 
1638Linkin ParkTalking to Myself3:51One More Light32017Rock 320 
1639Linkin ParkOne More Light4:15One More Light92017Rock 320 
1640Linkin ParkNew Divide4:29Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: The Album12009Rock 320 
1641Lita FordKiss Me Deadly4:01The Best of Lita Ford21992Classic Rock 320 
1642Lita FordShot of Poison3:31The Best of Lita Ford31992Classic Rock 320 
1643Lita Ford & Ozzy OsbourneClose My Eyes Forever4:42The Best of Lita Ford61992Classic Rock 320 
1644Little River BandLonesome Loser3:54Greatest Hits12000Classic Rock 320 
1645Little River BandHelp Is on Its Way4:02Greatest Hits22000Classic Rock 320 
1646Little River BandTake It Easy on Me3:45Greatest Hits42000Classic Rock 320 
1647Little River BandReminiscing4:13Greatest Hits62000Classic Rock 320 
1648Little River BandThe Other Guy2:49Greatest Hits102000Classic Rock 320 
1649Little River BandHappy Anniversary4:00Greatest Hits142000Classic Rock 320 
1650LiveThe Way Around Is Through4:52The Turn62014Alternative 320 
1651LiveSelling the Drama3:26Throwing Copper21994Alternative 320 
1652LiveI Alone3:50Throwing Copper31994Alternative 320 
1653LiveLightning Crashes5:25Throwing Copper51994Alternative 320 
1654LiveAll Over You3:59Throwing Copper71994Alternative 320 
1655Living ColourCult of Personality4:54Vivid11988Rock 320 
1656Local HBound for the Floor3:43As Good as Dead31996Rock 320 
1657Lou GrammMidnight Blue3:57Ready Or Not31987Rock 320 
1658LoverboyTurn Me Loose5:38Loverboy Classics: Their Greatest Hits11994Rock 320 
1659LoverboyWorking for the Weekend3:41Loverboy Classics: Their Greatest Hits21994Rock 320 
1660LoverboyTake Me to the Top6:13Loverboy Classics: Their Greatest Hits31994Rock 320 
1661LoverboyThe Kid Is Hot Tonight4:28Loverboy Classics: Their Greatest Hits41994Rock 320 
1662LoverboyThis Could Be the Night4:58Loverboy Classics: Their Greatest Hits51994Rock 320 
1663LoverboyLovin' Every Minute of It3:33Loverboy Classics: Their Greatest Hits71994Rock 320 
1664LoverboyAlmost Paradise3:50Loverboy Classics: Their Greatest Hits91994Rock 320 
1665LoverboyLucky Ones3:51Loverboy Classics: Their Greatest Hits101994Rock 320 
1666LoverboyHot Girls in Love4:01Loverboy Classics: Their Greatest Hits121994Rock 320 
1667LoverboyWhen It's Over5:07Loverboy Classics: Their Greatest Hits131994Rock 320 
1668Lynyrd SkynyrdSweet Home Alabama4:45Thyrty: 30th Anniversary Collection12003Southern Rock 320 
1669Lynyrd SkynyrdTuesday's Gone7:33Thyrty: 30th Anniversary Collection72003Southern Rock 320 
1670Lynyrd SkynyrdGimme Three Steps4:30Thyrty: 30th Anniversary Collection82003Southern Rock 320 
1671Lynyrd SkynyrdCall Me the Breeze5:08Thyrty: 30th Anniversary Collection112003Southern Rock 320 
1672Lynyrd SkynyrdSaturday Night Special5:09Thyrty: 30th Anniversary Collection122003Southern Rock 320 
1673Lynyrd SkynyrdFree Bird9:10Thyrty: 30th Anniversary Collection142003Southern Rock 320 
1674Lynyrd SkynyrdSimple Man (live)6:42Thyrty: 30th Anniversary Collection22003  320 
1675Lynyrd SkynyrdWhat's Your Name3:32Thyrty: 30th Anniversary Collection32003  320 
1676Lynyrd SkynyrdThat Smell5:49Thyrty: 30th Anniversary Collection42003  320 
1677Lynyrd SkynyrdYou Got That Right3:46Thyrty: 30th Anniversary Collection62003  320 
1678Lynyrd SkynyrdGimme Back My Bullets (live)5:05Thyrty: 30th Anniversary Collection92003  320 
1679Mad SeasonRiver of Deceit5:04Above31995Alternative 320 
1680Manfred Mann’s Earth BandBlinded by the Light7:06The Best of Manfred Mann's Earth Band11996Classic Rock 320 
1681Marcy PlaygroundSex and Candy2:53Marcy Playground21998Alternative 320 
1682Marilyn MansonPersonal Jesus4:06Lest We Forget: The Best Of22004Rock 320 
1683Marilyn MansonTainted Love3:20Lest We Forget: The Best Of52004Rock 320 
1684Marilyn MansonThe Dope Show3:40Lest We Forget: The Best Of62004Rock 320 
1685Marilyn MansonSweet Dreams (Are Made of This)4:51Lest We Forget: The Best Of92004Rock 320 
1686Marilyn MansonThe Beautiful People3:42Lest We Forget: The Best Of162004Rock 320 
1687Marilyn MansonDeep Six5:02The Pale Emperor22015Rock 320 
1688The Marshall Tucker BandHeard It in a Love Song (single version)3:31Greatest Hits52011Classic Rock 320 
1689The Marshall Tucker BandCan't You See (single version)3:20Greatest Hits112011Classic Rock 320 
1690MastodonShow Yourself3:02Emperor of Sand22017Metal 320 
1691MastodonThe Motherload4:59Once More ’Round the Sun22014Metal 320 
1692Matchbox TwentyHow Far We've Come3:31Exile on Mainstream12007Alternative 320 
1693Matchbox TwentyCrutch3:25Mad Season32000Alternative 320 
1694Matchbox TwentyLast Beautiful Girl4:03Mad Season42000Alternative 320 
1695Matchbox TwentyIf You’re Gone4:34Mad Season52000Alternative 320 
1696Matchbox TwentyMad Season5:02Mad Season62000Alternative 320 
1697Matchbox TwentyBent4:16Mad Season92000Alternative 320 
1698Matchbox TwentyDisease3:39More Than You Think You Are22002Alternative 320 
1699Matchbox TwentyBright Lights3:54More Than You Think You Are32002Alternative 320 
1700Matchbox TwentyUnwell3:48More Than You Think You Are42002Alternative 320 
1701Matchbox TwentyHand Me Down5:02More Than You Think You Are72002Alternative 320 
1702Matchbox TwentyReal World3:51Yourself or Someone Like You11996Alternative 320 
1703Matchbox TwentyLong Day3:45Yourself or Someone Like You21996Alternative 320 
1704Matchbox Twenty3 A.M.3:47Yourself or Someone Like You31996Alternative 320 
1705Matchbox TwentyPush3:58Yourself or Someone Like You41996Alternative 320 
1706Matchbox TwentyGirl Like That3:45Yourself or Someone Like You51996Alternative 320 
1707Matchbox TwentyBack 2 Good5:40Yourself or Someone Like You61996Alternative 320 
1708Meat LoafBat Out of Hell9:52Bat Out of Hell12001Classic Rock 320 
1709Meat LoafYou Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)5:05Bat Out of Hell22001Classic Rock 320 
1710Meat LoafTwo Out of Three Ain’t Bad5:26Bat Out of Hell52001Classic Rock 320 
1711Meat LoafParadise by the Dashboard Light8:30Bat Out of Hell62001Classic Rock 320 
1712Meat LoafI’d Do Anything for Love (but I Won’t Do That)12:00Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell11993Classic Rock 320 
1713Meat LoafLife Is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back8:00Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell21993Classic Rock 320 
1714Meat LoafRock and Roll Dreams Come Through5:50Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell31993Classic Rock 320 
1715Meat PuppetsBackwater3:42Too High to Die91994Alternative 320 
1716MegadethArchitecture of Aggression3:34Countdown to Extinction31992Metal 320 
1717MegadethForeclosure of a Dream4:17Countdown to Extinction41992Metal 320 
1718MegadethThis Was My Life3:42Countdown to Extinction61992Metal 320 
1719MegadethCountdown to Extinction4:16Countdown to Extinction71992Metal 320 
1720MegadethHigh Speed Dirt4:12Countdown to Extinction81992Metal 320 
1721MegadethAlmost Honest4:02Cryptic Writings21997Metal 320 
1722MegadethI’ll Get Even4:23Cryptic Writings61997Metal 320 
1723MegadethA Secret Place5:29Cryptic Writings81997Metal 320 
1724MegadethPeace Sells4:02Greatest Hits: Back to the Start32005Metal 320 
1725MegadethSweating Bullets5:26Greatest Hits: Back to the Start42005Metal 320 
1726MegadethAngry Again3:47Greatest Hits: Back to the Start52005Metal 320 
1727MegadethA tout le monde4:25Greatest Hits: Back to the Start62005Metal 320 
1728MegadethTrust5:12Greatest Hits: Back to the Start72005Metal 320 
1729MegadethSymphony of Destruction4:06Greatest Hits: Back to the Start92005Metal 320 
1730MegadethSkin o' My Teeth3:15Greatest Hits: Back to the Start152005Metal 320 
1731MetallicaBlackened6:41…and Justice for All12013Metal 320 
1732MetallicaOne7:27…and Justice for All42013Metal 320 
1733MetallicaThe Shortest Straw6:36…and Justice for All52013Metal 320 
1734MetallicaHarvester of Sorrow5:45…and Justice for All62013Metal 320 
1735MetallicaThe Frayed Ends of Sanity7:44…and Justice for All72013Metal 320 
1736MetallicaThe Day That Never Comes7:56Death Magnetic42008Metal 320 
1737MetallicaAll Nightmare Long7:58Death Magnetic52008Metal 320 
1738MetallicaMy Apocalypse5:01Death Magnetic102008Metal 320 
1739MetallicaTurn the Page6:06Garage Inc.41998Metal 320 
1740MetallicaWhiskey in the Jar5:04Garage Inc.91998Metal 320 
1741MetallicaTuesday's Gone9:05Garage Inc.101998Metal 320 
1742MetallicaAm I Evil?7:50Garage Inc.61998Metal 320 
1743MetallicaStone Cold Crazy2:17Garage Inc.101998Metal 320 
1744MetallicaAtlas, Rise!6:28Hardwired… to Self‐Destruct22016Metal 320 
1745MetallicaMoth Into Flame5:50Hardwired… to Self‐Destruct42016Metal 320 
1746MetallicaSpit Out the Bone7:09Hardwired… to Self‐Destruct62016Metal 320 
1747MetallicaSeek & Destroy6:54Kill ’em All92016Metal 320 
1748MetallicaAin’t My Bitch5:04Load11996Metal 320 
1749Metallica2 X 45:28Load21996Metal 320 
1750MetallicaThe House Jack Built6:39Load31996Metal 320 
1751MetallicaUntil It Sleeps4:29Load41996Metal 320 
1752MetallicaKing Nothing5:28Load51996Metal 320 
1753MetallicaHero of the Day4:21Load61996Metal 320 
1754MetallicaBleeding Me8:18Load71996Metal 320 
1755MetallicaCure4:54Load81996Metal 320 
1756MetallicaPoor Twisted Me4:00Load91996Metal 320 
1757MetallicaRonnie5:17Load131996Metal 320 
1758MetallicaBattery5:12Master of Puppets11986Metal 320 
1759MetallicaMaster of Puppets8:36Master of Puppets21986Metal 320 
1760MetallicaWelcome Home (Sanitarium)6:27Master of Puppets41986Metal 320 
1761MetallicaLeper Messiah5:40Master of Puppets61986Metal 320 
1762MetallicaEnter Sandman5:31Metallica11991Metal 320 
1763MetallicaSad but True5:24Metallica21991Metal 320 
1764MetallicaHolier Than Thou3:47Metallica31991Metal 320 
1765MetallicaThe Unforgiven6:27Metallica41991Metal 320 
1766MetallicaWherever I May Roam6:44Metallica51991Metal 320 
1767MetallicaDon’t Tread on Me4:00Metallica61991Metal 320 
1768MetallicaThrough the Never4:04Metallica71991Metal 320 
1769MetallicaNothing Else Matters6:28Metallica81991Metal 320 
1770MetallicaOf Wolf and Man4:16Metallica91991Metal 320 
1771MetallicaThe God That Failed5:08Metallica101991Metal 320 
1772MetallicaMy Friend of Misery6:49Metallica111991Metal 320 
1773MetallicaThe Struggle Within3:53Metallica121991Metal 320 
1774MetallicaFuel4:29Reload11997Metal 320 
1775MetallicaThe Memory Remains4:39Reload21997Metal 320 
1776MetallicaDevil’s Dance5:19Reload31997Metal 320 
1777MetallicaBetter Than You5:21Reload51997Metal 320 
1778MetallicaFight Fire With Fire4:44Ride the Lightning12003Metal 320 
1779MetallicaFor Whom the Bell Tolls5:11Ride the Lightning32003Metal 320 
1780MetallicaFade to Black6:53Ride the Lightning42003Metal 320 
1781MetallicaTrapped Under Ice4:04Ride the Lightning52003Metal 320 
1782MetallicaNo Leaf Clover5:43S&M81999Metal 320 
1783Midnight OilBeds Are Burning4:16Diesel and Dust11987Rock 320 
1784MisfitsShe1:22Collection I11986Punk Rock 320 
1785MisfitsHollywood Babylon2:20Collection I21986Punk Rock 320 
1786MisfitsBullet1:38Collection I31986Punk Rock 320 
1787MisfitsHorror Business2:45Collection I41986Punk Rock 320 
1788MisfitsTeenagers From Mars2:43Collection I51986Punk Rock 320 
1789MisfitsNight of the Living Dead1:57Collection I61986Punk Rock 320 
1790MisfitsWhere Eagles Dare2:08Collection I71986Punk Rock 320 
1791MisfitsVampira1:21Collection I81986Punk Rock 320 
1792MisfitsI Turned Into a Martian1:43Collection I91986Punk Rock 320 
1793MisfitsSkulls1:59Collection I101986Punk Rock 320 
1794MisfitsLondon Dungeon2:34Collection I111986Punk Rock 320 
1795MisfitsGhouls Night Out1:58Collection I121986Punk Rock 320 
1796MisfitsAstro Zombies2:11Collection I131986Punk Rock 320 
1797MisfitsMommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?2:01Collection I141986Punk Rock 320 
1798MisfitsDie, Die My Darling3:09Collection I151986Punk Rock 320 
1799MisfitsEarth A.D.2:09Collection I161986Punk Rock 320 
1800MisfitsDevilock1:26Collection I171986Punk Rock 320 
1801MisfitsDeath Comes Ripping1:53Collection I181986Punk Rock 320 
1802MisfitsGreen Hell1:53Collection I191986Punk Rock 320 
1803MisfitsWolfsblood1:11Collection I201986Punk Rock 320 
1804Modest MouseFloat On3:28Good News for People Who Love Bad News32004Rock 320 
1805Motley CrueSticky Sweet3:51Dr. Feelgood81989Rock 320 
1806Motley CrueToo Fast for Love3:22Greatest Hits12009Rock 320 
1807Motley CrueShout at the Devil3:15Greatest Hits22009Rock 320 
1808Motley CrueLooks That Kill4:09Greatest Hits32009Rock 320 
1809Motley CrueToo Young to Fall in Love3:32Greatest Hits42009Rock 320 
1810Motley CrueSmokin' in the Boys Room3:28Greatest Hits52009Rock 320 
1811Motley CrueHome Sweet Home4:01Greatest Hits62009Rock 320 
1812Motley CrueWild Side4:42Greatest Hits72009Rock 320 
1813Motley CrueGirls, Girls, Girls4:30Greatest Hits82009Rock 320 
1814Motley CrueDr. Feelgood4:51Greatest Hits92009Rock 320 
1815Motley CrueKickstart My Heart4:44Greatest Hits102009Rock 320 
1816Motley CrueSame Ol' Situation (S.O.S.)4:14Greatest Hits112009Rock 320 
1817Motley CrueDon't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)4:40Greatest Hits122009Rock 320 
1818Motley CrueWithout You4:30Greatest Hits132009Rock 320 
1819Motley CruePrimal Scream4:46Greatest Hits142009Rock 320 
1820Motley CrueIf I Die Tomorrow3:42Greatest Hits172009Rock 320 
1821Motley CrueSaints of Los Angeles3:40Greatest Hits182009Rock 320 
1822MotorheadAce of Spades2:51The Best of12000Rock 320 
1823MudvayneNot Falling4:05The Very Best Of Mudvayne32011Metal 320 
1824MudvayneDo What You Do3:35The Very Best Of Mudvayne52011Metal 320 
1825MudvayneScream With Me2:52The Very Best Of Mudvayne82011Metal 320 
1826MudvayneFall Into Sleep3:52The Very Best Of Mudvayne112011Metal 320 
1827MudvayneHappy?3:36The Very Best Of Mudvayne142011Metal 320 
1828MxPxUnder Lock and Key2:32Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo11998Punk Rock 320 
1829MxPxTomorrow’s Another Day2:47Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo21998Punk Rock 320 
1830MxPxThe Final Slowdance1:59Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo31998Punk Rock 320 
1831MxPxI’m OK, You’re OK2:39Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo41998Punk Rock 320 
1832MxPxCold and All Alone2:07Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo51998Punk Rock 320 
1833MxPxParty, My House, Be There2:16Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo61998Punk Rock 320 
1834MxPxThe Downfall of Western Civilization2:42Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo71998Punk Rock 320 
1835MxPxInvitation to Understanding2:33Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo81998Punk Rock 320 
1836MxPxFist vs. Tact1:11Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo91998Punk Rock 320 
1837MxPxWhat’s Mine Is Yours3:44Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo101998Punk Rock 320 
1838MxPxSelf Serving With a Purpose2:48Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo111998Punk Rock 320 
1839MxPxFor Always3:12Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo121998Punk Rock 320 
1840MxPxSet the Record Straight2:57Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo131998Punk Rock 320 
1841MxPxGet With It!1:44Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo141998Punk Rock 320 
1842MxPxInches From Life1:51Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo151998Punk Rock 320 
1843MxPxThe Theme Fiasco3:11Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo161998Punk Rock 320 
1844My Darkest DaysMove Your Body3:13My Darkest Days12010Rock 320 
1845My Darkest DaysEvery Lie2:56My Darkest Days32010Rock 320 
1846My Darkest Days ft. Zakk WyldePorn Star Dancing3:19My Darkest Days22010Rock 320 
1847Natalie MerchantWonder4:27Tigerlily21995Alternative 320 
1848Natalie MerchantCarnival5:59Tigerlily51995Alternative 320 
1849Natalie MerchantJealousy2:41Tigerlily91995Alternative 320 
1850NazarethShot me down3:29Expect No Mercy31977Classic Rock 320 
1851NazarethHair of the Dog4:09Hair of the Dog11975Classic Rock 320 
1852NazarethMiss Misery4:40Hair of the Dog21975Classic Rock 320 
1853NazarethLove Hurts3:53Hair of the Dog31975Classic Rock 320 
1854NazarethBeggar's Day3:45Hair of the Dog51975Classic Rock 320 
1855Neil YoungSouthern Man5:33Greatest Hits72004Classic Rock 320 
1856Neil YoungHeart of Gold3:09Greatest Hits112004Classic Rock 320 
1857Neil YoungLike a Hurricane8:23Greatest Hits122004Classic Rock 320 
1858Neil YoungRockin' in the Free World4:44Greatest Hits152004Classic Rock 320 
1859Neil Young & Crazy HorseDown by the River9:20Greatest Hits12004Classic Rock 320 
1860Neil Young & Crazy HorseCinnamon Girl3:02Greatest Hits32004Classic Rock 320 
1861Neil Young & The Stray GatorsOld Man3:25Greatest Hits102004Classic Rock 320 
1862New MedicineLaid3:11Race You To The Bottom12010Rock 320 
1863New MedicineRace You To The Bottom2:58Race You To The Bottom102010Rock 320 
1864NickelbackFeed the Machine5:02Feed the Machine12017Rock 320 
1865NickelbackMillion Miles an Hour4:10No Fixed Address12014Rock 320 
1866NickelbackEdge of a Revolution4:03No Fixed Address22014Rock 320 
1867NickelbackPhotograph4:19The Best of Nickelback, Volume 112013Rock 320 
1868NickelbackHow You Remind Me3:44The Best of Nickelback, Volume 122013Rock 320 
1869NickelbackBurn It to the Ground3:30The Best of Nickelback, Volume 132013Rock 320 
1870NickelbackRockstar4:15The Best of Nickelback, Volume 142013Rock 320 
1871NickelbackSavin' Me3:37The Best of Nickelback, Volume 152013Rock 320 
1872NickelbackFigured You Out3:49The Best of Nickelback, Volume 162013Rock 320 
1873NickelbackToo Bad3:53The Best of Nickelback, Volume 172013Rock 320 
1874NickelbackIf Today Was Your Last Day4:08The Best of Nickelback, Volume 182013Rock 320 
1875NickelbackFar Away3:58The Best of Nickelback, Volume 192013Rock 320 
1876NickelbackFeelin' Way Too Damn Good4:16The Best of Nickelback, Volume 1102013Rock 320 
1877NickelbackSomeday3:27The Best of Nickelback, Volume 1112013Rock 320 
1878NickelbackNever Again4:21The Best of Nickelback, Volume 1122013Rock 320 
1879NickelbackLullaby3:47The Best of Nickelback, Volume 1132013Rock 320 
1880NickelbackIf Everyone Cared3:37The Best of Nickelback, Volume 1142013Rock 320 
1881NickelbackGotta Be Somebody4:12The Best of Nickelback, Volume 1152013Rock 320 
1882NickelbackWhen We Stand Together3:10The Best of Nickelback, Volume 1162013Rock 320 
1883NickelbackAnimals3:05The Best of Nickelback, Volume 1172013Rock 320 
1884NickelbackThis Afternoon4:34The Best of Nickelback, Volume 1182013Rock 320 
1885NickelbackSomething in Your Mouth3:39The Best of Nickelback, Volume 1192013Rock 320 
1886NickelbackBreathe3:58The State11999Rock 320 
1887NickelbackLeader Of Men3:30The State31999Rock 320 
1888Night Ranger(You Can Still) Rock In America4:15Greatest Hits11989Rock 320 
1889Night RangerSing Me Away4:09Greatest Hits21989Rock 320 
1890Night RangerGoodbye4:19Greatest Hits31989Rock 320 
1891Night RangerWhen You Close Your Eyes4:18Greatest Hits41989Rock 320 
1892Night RangerSister Christian5:02Greatest Hits51989Rock 320 
1893Night RangerDon't Tell Me You Love Me4:21Greatest Hits61989Rock 320 
1894Night RangerSentimental Street4:11Greatest Hits71989Rock 320 
1895Night RangerFour In The Morning3:52Greatest Hits101989Rock 320 
1896Nine DaysAbsolutely (Story of a Girl)3:09The Madding Crowd22000Alternative 320 
1897Nine DaysIf I Am4:18The Madding Crowd32000Alternative 320 
1898Nine Inch NailsCloser6:13The Downward Spiral51994Rock 320 
1899Nine Inch NailsThe Hand That Feeds3:31With Teeth42005Rock 320 
1900NirvanaYou Know You’re Right3:38Nirvana12002Alternative 320 
1901NirvanaAbout a Girl2:49Nirvana22002Alternative 320 
1902NirvanaBeen a Son2:23Nirvana32002Alternative 320 
1903NirvanaSliver2:14Nirvana42002Alternative 320 
1904NirvanaSmells Like Teen Spirit5:01Nirvana52002Alternative 320 
1905NirvanaCome as You Are3:39Nirvana62002Alternative 320 
1906NirvanaLithium4:17Nirvana72002Alternative 320 
1907NirvanaIn Bloom4:15Nirvana82002Alternative 320 
1908NirvanaHeart‐Shaped Box4:42Nirvana92002Alternative 320 
1909NirvanaPennyroyal Tea (Scott Litt mix)3:37Nirvana102002Alternative 320 
1910NirvanaRape Me2:51Nirvana112002Alternative 320 
1911NirvanaDumb2:34Nirvana122002Alternative 320 
1912NirvanaAll Apologies (live)3:48Nirvana132002Alternative 320 
1913NirvanaThe Man Who Sold the World (live)3:47Nirvana142002Alternative 320 
1914The NixonsSister4:28Foma41995Alternative 320 
1915NonpointI Said It2:42Nonpoint32012Metal 320 
1916NonpointThat Day3:30Nonpoint72012Metal 320 
1917NonpointMisery3:09The Return42014Metal 320 
1918NonpointBullet With A Name3:26To The Pain12005Metal 285 
1919Nothing MoreI'll Be OK4:46Nothing More82014Rock 320 
1920Nothing MoreHere's to the Heartache4:17Nothing More92014Rock 320 
1921Nothing MoreJenny3:56Nothing More132014Rock 320 
1922OasisWonderwall4:18(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?31995Alternative 320 
1923OasisDon’t Look Back in Anger4:48(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?41995Alternative 320 
1924OasisChampagne Supernova7:27(What’s the Story) Morning Glory?121995Alternative 320 
1925OasisDon’t Go Away4:48Be Here Now81997Alternative 320 
1926OasisLive Forever4:36Definitely Maybe32000Alternative 320 
1927OasisLyla5:10Don’t Believe the Truth32005Alternative 320 
1928Of Mice & MenWould You Still Be There3:12Restoring Force: Full Circle42015Rock 320 
1929The OffspringDays Go By4:01Days Go By32012Alternative 320 
1930The OffspringCome Out and Play (Keep 'em Separated)3:17Greatest Hits22005Alternative 320 
1931The OffspringSelf Esteem4:17Greatest Hits32005Alternative 320 
1932The OffspringGotta Get Away3:51Greatest Hits42005Alternative 320 
1933The OffspringGone Away4:27Greatest Hits62005Alternative 320 
1934The OffspringPretty Fly (for a White Guy)3:08Greatest Hits72005Alternative 320 
1935The OffspringWhy Don't You Get a Job?2:49Greatest Hits82005Alternative 320 
1936The OffspringThe Kids Aren't Alright3:00Greatest Hits92005Alternative 320 
1937The OffspringOriginal Prankster3:41Greatest Hits102005Alternative 320 
1938The OffspringDefy You3:48Greatest Hits122005Alternative 320 
1939The OffspringHit That2:48Greatest Hits132005Alternative 320 
1940The OffspringKristy, Are You Doing Okay?3:42Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace72008Alternative 320 
1941OrgyBlue Monday4:26Candyass71998Rock 320 
1942OtherwiseDie For You3:11True Love Never Dies22012Hard Rock 320 
1943OtherwiseI Don't Apologize (1000 Pictures)4:02True Love Never Dies92012Hard Rock 320 
1944Our Lady PeaceSomewhere Out There4:11Gravity32002Rock 320 
1945The OutfieldFor You4:27Big Innings: Best of The Outfield21996Rock 320 
1946The OutfieldYour Love3:43Big Innings: Best of The Outfield31996Rock 320 
1947The OutfieldSay It Isn't So3:48Big Innings: Best of The Outfield51996Rock 320 
1948The OutfieldEverytime You Cry4:29Big Innings: Best of The Outfield71996Rock 320 
1949The OutfieldAll the Love3:32Big Innings: Best of The Outfield131996Rock 320 
1950Ozzy OsbourneBark At The Moon4:15Bark At The Moon11983Metal 320 
1951Ozzy OsbourneSlow Down4:20Bark At The Moon71983Metal 320 
1952Ozzy OsbourneNot Going Away4:32Black Rain12007Rock 320 
1953Ozzy OsbourneI Don't Wanna Stop3:59Black Rain22007Rock 320 
1954Ozzy OsbourneI Don't Know5:16Blizzard of Ozz11980Metal 320 
1955Ozzy OsbourneCrazy Train4:56Blizzard of Ozz21980Metal 320 
1956Ozzy OsbourneGoodbye to Romance5:35Blizzard of Ozz31980Metal 320 
1957Ozzy OsbourneMr. Crowley4:56Blizzard of Ozz61980Metal 320 
1958Ozzy OsbourneSteal Away (The Night)3:29Blizzard of Ozz91980Metal 320 
1959Ozzy OsbourneOver the Mountain4:31Diary of a Madman11981Metal 320 
1960Ozzy OsbourneFlying High Again4:40Diary of a Madman21981Metal 320 
1961Ozzy OsbourneYou Can't Kill Rock and Roll6:46Diary of a Madman31981Metal 320 
1962Ozzy OsbourneGets Me Through5:04Down to Earth12001Metal 320 
1963Ozzy OsbourneDreamer4:44Down to Earth32001Metal 320 
1964Ozzy OsbourneMr. Tinkertrain5:56No More Tears11991Rock 320 
1965Ozzy OsbourneI Don't Want to Change the World4:05No More Tears21991Rock 320 
1966Ozzy OsbourneMama, I'm Coming Home4:11No More Tears31991Rock 320 
1967Ozzy OsbourneNo More Tears7:24No More Tears51991Rock 320 
1968Ozzy OsbourneHellraiser4:52No More Tears71991Rock 320 
1969Ozzy OsbourneRoad to Nowhere5:10No More Tears111991Rock 320 
1970Ozzy OsbourneMiracle Man3:43No Rest for the Wicked11988Metal 320 
1971Ozzy OsbourneCrazy Babies4:14No Rest for the Wicked31988Metal 320 
1972Ozzy OsbourneFire in the Sky6:24No Rest for the Wicked61988Metal 320 
1973Ozzy OsbournePerry Mason5:53Ozzmosis11995Metal 320 
1974Ozzy OsbourneI Just Want You4:56Ozzmosis21995Metal 320 
1975Ozzy OsbourneGhost Behind My Eyes5:11Ozzmosis31995Metal 320 
1976Ozzy OsbourneThunder Underground6:30Ozzmosis41995Metal 320 
1977Ozzy OsbourneSee You on the Other Side6:10Ozzmosis51995Metal 320 
1978Ozzy OsbourneTomorrow6:37Ozzmosis61995Metal 320 
1979Ozzy OsbourneThe Ultimate Sin3:43The Ultimate Sin11986Rock 320 
1980Ozzy OsbourneSecret Loser4:08The Ultimate Sin21986Rock 320 
1981Ozzy OsbourneNever Know Why4:27The Ultimate Sin31986Rock 320 
1982Ozzy OsbourneLightning Strikes5:12The Ultimate Sin61986Rock 320 
1983Ozzy OsbourneKiller of Giants5:41The Ultimate Sin71986Rock 320 
1984Ozzy OsbourneFool Like You5:18The Ultimate Sin81986Rock 320 
1985Ozzy OsbourneShot in the Dark4:16The Ultimate Sin91986Rock 320 
1986PanteraCowboys From Hell4:06The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys’ Vulgar Hits!12003Metal 320 
1987PanteraCemetery Gates7:03The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys’ Vulgar Hits!22003Metal 320 
1988PanteraWalk5:16The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys’ Vulgar Hits!42003Metal 320 
1989PanteraThis Love6:34The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys’ Vulgar Hits!52003Metal 320 
1990PanteraCat Scratch Fever3:49The Best of Pantera: Far Beyond the Great Southern Cowboys’ Vulgar Hits!122003Metal 320 
1991Papa RoachAmerican Dreams3:23Crooked Teeth52017Rock 320 
1992Papa RoachHelp3:34Crooked Teeth72017Rock 320 
1993Papa RoachFalling Apart3:10F.E.A.R.42015Rock 320 
1994Papa RoachGravity4:06F.E.A.R.72015Rock 320 
1995Papa RoachGetting Away With Murder3:12Getting Away With Murder52004Rock 320 
1996Papa RoachScars3:28Getting Away With Murder82004Rock 320 
1997Papa RoachLast Resort3:19Infest22000Rock 320 
1998Papa RoachShe Loves Me Not3:29Lovehatetragedy72002Rock 320 
1999Papa RoachLifeline4:17Metamorphosis52009Rock 320 
2000Papa RoachLeader of the Broken Hearts4:12The Connection92012Rock 320 
2001Papa Roach…To Be Loved3:02The Paramour Sessions12006Rock 320 
2002Papa RoachForever4:06The Paramour Sessions52006Rock 320 
2003Papa RoachBurn3:25Time for Annihilation: On the Record & On the Road12010Rock 320 
2004Pat BenatarHeartbreaker3:28Greatest Hits12005Classic Rock 320 
2005Pat BenatarWe Live for Love3:55Greatest Hits22005Classic Rock 320 
2006Pat BenatarHit Me With Your Best Shot2:52Greatest Hits32005Classic Rock 320 
2007Pat BenatarHell Is for Children4:51Greatest Hits42005Classic Rock 320 
2008Pat BenatarTreat Me Right3:14Greatest Hits52005Classic Rock 320 
2009Pat BenatarYou Better Run3:04Greatest Hits62005Classic Rock 320 
2010Pat BenatarFire and Ice3:19Greatest Hits72005Classic Rock 320 
2011Pat BenatarPromises in the Dark4:49Greatest Hits82005Classic Rock 320 
2012Pat BenatarShadows of the Night3:43Greatest Hits102005Classic Rock 320 
2013Pat BenatarLittle Too Late3:26Greatest Hits112005Classic Rock 320 
2014Pat BenatarLove Is a Battlefield4:10Greatest Hits132005Classic Rock 320 
2015Pat BenatarWe Belong3:42Greatest Hits142005Classic Rock 320 
2016Pat BenatarInvincible4:09Greatest Hits162005Classic Rock 320 
2017Patty SmythThe Warrior3:59Greatest Hits11998Pop 320 
2018Pearl JamAmongst the Waves3:58Backspacer62009Alternative 320 
2019Pearl JamSirens5:41Lightning Bolt42013Alternative 320 
2020Pearl JamOnce3:16Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-200312004Alternative 320 
2021Pearl JamAlive5:42Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-200322004Alternative 320 
2022Pearl JamEven Flow5:03Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-200332004Alternative 320 
2023Pearl JamJeremy5:20Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-200342004Alternative 320 
2024Pearl JamDissident3:34Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-200382004Alternative 320 
2025Pearl JamRearviewmirror4:44Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-200392004Alternative 320 
2026Pearl JamSpin the Black Circle2:49Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003102004Alternative 320 
2027Pearl JamCorduroy4:39Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003112004Alternative 320 
2028Pearl JamNot for You5:53Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003122004Alternative 320 
2029Pearl JamI Got Id4:51Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003132004Alternative 320 
2030Pearl JamBlack5:39Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-200312004Alternative 320 
2031Pearl JamDaughter3:56Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-200332004Alternative 320 
2032Pearl JamBetter Man4:28Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-200362004Alternative 320 
2033Pearl JamNothingman4:34Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-200372004Alternative 320 
2034Pearl JamWishlist3:26Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003112004Alternative 320 
2035Pearl JamLast Kiss3:17Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003122004Alternative 320 
2036Pearl JamLight Years5:10Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003142004Alternative 320 
2037Pearl JamYellow Ledbetter5:03Rearviewmirror: Greatest Hits 1991-2003172004Alternative 320 
2038PennywiseFight Till You Die2:23Full Circle12005Punk Rock 320 
2039PennywiseDate With Destiny2:55Full Circle22005Punk Rock 320 
2040PennywiseGet a Life2:56Full Circle32005Punk Rock 320 
2041PennywiseSociety3:24Full Circle42005Punk Rock 320 
2042PennywiseFinal Day3:11Full Circle52005Punk Rock 320 
2043PennywiseBroken2:46Full Circle62005Punk Rock 320 
2044PennywiseRunning Out of Time2:21Full Circle72005Punk Rock 320 
2045PennywiseYou’ll Never Make It2:35Full Circle82005Punk Rock 320 
2046PennywiseEvery Time3:36Full Circle92005Punk Rock 320 
2047PennywiseNowhere Fast2:56Full Circle102005Punk Rock 320 
2048PennywiseWhat If I2:55Full Circle112005Punk Rock 320 
2049PennywiseGo Away1:51Full Circle122005Punk Rock 320 
2050PennywiseDid You Really2:51Full Circle132005Punk Rock 320 
2051PennywiseBro Hymn Tribute8:11Full Circle142005Punk Rock 320 
2052Pennywise[untitled]13:47Full Circle152005Punk Rock 320 
2053PennywiseWouldn’t It Be Nice2:06Pennywise11991Punk Rock 320 
2054PennywiseRules1:25Pennywise21991Punk Rock 320 
2055PennywiseThe Secret3:33Pennywise31991Punk Rock 320 
2056PennywiseLiving for Today3:07Pennywise41991Punk Rock 320 
2057PennywiseCome Out Fighting2:16Pennywise51991Punk Rock 320 
2058PennywiseHomeless2:09Pennywise61991Punk Rock 320 
2059PennywiseOpen Door1:41Pennywise71991Punk Rock 320 
2060PennywisePennywise1:37Pennywise81991Punk Rock 320 
2061PennywiseWho’s to Blame1:35Pennywise91991Punk Rock 320 
2062PennywiseFun and Games2:32Pennywise101991Punk Rock 320 
2063PennywiseKodiak1:46Pennywise111991Punk Rock 320 
2064PennywiseSide One2:10Pennywise121991Punk Rock 320 
2065PennywiseNo Reason Why2:36Pennywise131991Punk Rock 320 
2066PennywiseBro Hymn3:00Pennywise141991Punk Rock 320 
2067Peter FramptonShow Me the Way4:39Greatest Hits11996Classic Rock 320 
2068Peter FramptonBaby, I Love Your Way4:50Greatest Hits61996Classic Rock 320 
2069Peter FramptonDo You Feel Like We Do13:54Greatest Hits141996Classic Rock 320 
2070Peter GabrielSolsbury Hill4:22Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats12003Classic Rock 320 
2071Peter GabrielSledgehammer4:55Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats32003Classic Rock 320 
2072Peter GabrielGames Without Frontiers3:57Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats112003Classic Rock 320 
2073Peter GabrielShock the Monkey3:57Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats122003Classic Rock 320 
2074Peter GabrielBig Time4:25Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats142003Classic Rock 320 
2075Pink FloydAnother Brick in the Wall, Part 24:01Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd42001Rock 320 
2076Pink FloydHey You4:39Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd62001Rock 320 
2077Pink FloydMoney6:29Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd102001Rock 320 
2078Pink FloydComfortably Numb6:53Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd42001Rock 320 
2079Pink FloydLearning to Fly4:51Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd82001Rock 320 
2080Pink FloydWish You Were Here5:21Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd102001Rock 320 
2081PlayerBaby Come Back4:13Baby Come Back: The Best of Player11998Classic Rock 320 
2082PocoCall It Love4:17Legacy21989Classic Rock 320 
2083The PoguesIf I Should Fall From Grace With God2:22The Rest of the Best11992Punk Rock 320 
2084The PoguesThe Sick Bed of Cuchulainn3:00The Rest of the Best21992Punk Rock 320 
2085The PoguesThe Old Main Drag3:19The Rest of the Best31992Punk Rock 320 
2086The PoguesBoys From the County Hell2:56The Rest of the Best41992Punk Rock 320 
2087The PoguesYoung Ned of the Hill2:46The Rest of the Best51992Punk Rock 320 
2088The PoguesDark Streets of London3:32The Rest of the Best61992Punk Rock 320 
2089The PoguesThe Auld Triangle4:21The Rest of the Best71992Punk Rock 320 
2090The PoguesRepeal of the Licensing Laws2:10The Rest of the Best81992Punk Rock 320 
2091The PoguesYeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah3:19The Rest of the Best91992Punk Rock 320 
2092The PoguesLondon Girl3:16The Rest of the Best101992Punk Rock 320 
2093The PoguesHonky Tonk Women2:56The Rest of the Best111992Punk Rock 320 
2094The PoguesSummer in Siam4:08The Rest of the Best121992Punk Rock 320 
2095The PoguesTurkish Song of the Damned3:27The Rest of the Best131992Punk Rock 320 
2096The PoguesLullaby of London3:32The Rest of the Best141992Punk Rock 320 
2097The PoguesThe Sunnyside of the Street2:45The Rest of the Best151992Punk Rock 320 
2098The PoguesHell's Ditch3:04The Rest of the Best161992Punk Rock 320 
2099The PoguesDirty Old Town3:46The Very Best Of…12001Punk Rock 320 
2100The PoguesSally MacLennane2:44The Very Best Of…32001Punk Rock 320 
2101The PoguesFiesta4:12The Very Best Of…42001Punk Rock 320 
2102The PoguesA Pair of Brown Eyes3:42The Very Best Of…52001Punk Rock 320 
2103The PoguesThe Body of an American4:49The Very Best Of…72001Punk Rock 320 
2104The PoguesStreams of Whisky2:32The Very Best Of…82001Punk Rock 320 
2105The PoguesMisty Morning, Albert Bridge3:02The Very Best Of…112001Punk Rock 320 
2106The PoguesRain Street4:02The Very Best Of…122001Punk Rock 320 
2107The PoguesWhite City2:31The Very Best Of…132001Punk Rock 320 
2108The PoguesA Rainy Night in Soho4:45The Very Best Of…142001Punk Rock 320 
2109The PoguesHell’s Ditch3:04The Very Best Of…192001Punk Rock 320 
2110The PoguesThe Band Played Waltzing Matilda8:11The Very Best Of…212001Punk Rock 320 
2111The Pogues & Kirsty MacCollFairytale of New York4:34The Very Best Of…62001Punk Rock 320 
2112The Pogues & The DublinersThe Irish Rover3:39The Very Best Of…22001Punk Rock 320 
2113PoisonLove on the Rocks3:33Open Up and Say… Ahh!11988Rock 320 
2114PoisonBack to the Rocking Horse3:36Open Up and Say… Ahh!31988Rock 320 
2115PoisonTearin' Down the Walls3:51Open Up and Say… Ahh!51988Rock 320 
2116PoisonNothin' but a Good Time3:43Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199611996Rock 320 
2117PoisonTalk Dirty to Me3:44Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199621996Rock 320 
2118PoisonUnskinny Bop3:47Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199631996Rock 320 
2119PoisonEvery Rose Has Its Thorn4:17Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199641996Rock 320 
2120PoisonFallen Angel3:55Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199651996Rock 320 
2121PoisonI Won't Forget You3:35Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199661996Rock 320 
2122PoisonStand5:12Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199671996Rock 320 
2123PoisonRide the Wind3:51Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199681996Rock 320 
2124PoisonLook What the Cat Dragged In3:09Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-199691996Rock 320 
2125PoisonI Want Action3:05Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996101996Rock 320 
2126PoisonLife Goes On4:47Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996111996Rock 320 
2127Poison(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice4:40Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996121996Rock 320 
2128PoisonCry Tough3:36Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996131996Rock 320 
2129PoisonYour Mama Don't Dance3:00Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996141996Rock 320 
2130PoisonSo Tell Me Why3:22Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996151996Rock 320 
2131PoisonSomething to Believe In5:30Poison's Greatest Hits 1986-1996161996Rock 320 
2132The PoliceCan't Stand Losing You2:57The Police22007Classic Rock 320 
2133The PoliceRoxanne3:11The Police42007Classic Rock 320 
2134The PoliceMessage in a Bottle4:49The Police82007Classic Rock 320 
2135The PoliceWalking on the Moon5:01The Police112007Classic Rock 320 
2136The PoliceDon't Stand So Close to Me4:01The Police122007Classic Rock 320 
2137The PoliceDe Do Do Do, De Da Da Da4:08The Police12007Classic Rock 320 
2138The PoliceEvery Little Thing She Does Is Magic4:20The Police42007Classic Rock 320 
2139The PoliceSpirits in the Material World2:58The Police52007Classic Rock 320 
2140The PoliceEvery Breath You Take4:16The Police72007Classic Rock 320 
2141The PoliceWrapped Around Your Finger5:15The Police92007Classic Rock 320 
2142The PoliceSynchronicity II5:01The Police112007Classic Rock 320 
2143The PoliceKing of Pain5:00The Police122007Classic Rock 320 
2144The PoliceWhen the World Is Running Down, You Make the Best of What's Still Around3:38Zenyatta Mondatta32003Classic Rock 320 
2145Pop EvilHero3:31Lipstick on the Mirror12008Rock 320 
2146Pop Evil100 in a 554:11Lipstick on the Mirror42008Rock 320 
2147Pop EvilSomebody Like You3:42Lipstick on the Mirror52008Rock 320 
2148Pop EvilTrenches3:37Onyx32013Hard Rock 320 
2149Pop EvilWaking Lions3:52Pop Evil12018Rock 320 
2150Pop EvilFootsteps4:22Up12015Hard Rock 320 
2151Pop EvilWays To Get High3:12Up82015Hard Rock 320 
2152Pop EvilMonster You Made3:41War of Angels42011Hard Rock 320 
2153Pop EvilBoss's Daughter3:25War of Angels62011Hard Rock 320 
2154Powerman 5000Super Villain3:45Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere32009Hard Rock 320 
2155Powerman 5000Free3:50Transform32003Hard Rock 320 
2156The Presidents of the United States of AmericaLump2:14The Presidents of the United States of America31995Alternative 320 
2157The PretendersBrass in Pocket3:06Greatest Hits12000Classic Rock 320 
2158The PretendersDon't Get Me Wrong3:48Greatest Hits32000Classic Rock 320 
2159The PretendersBack on the Chain Gang3:52Greatest Hits192000Classic Rock 320 
2160The PretendersI'll Stand by You4:00Greatest Hits202000Classic Rock 320 
2161The Pretty RecklessHeaven Knows3:44Going to Hell32014Rock 320 
2162The Pretty RecklessMake Me Wanna Die3:55Light Me Up32009Rock 320 
2163PropagandhiMate Ka Moris Ukun Rasik An3:03Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes12001Punk Rock 320 
2164PropagandhiFuck the Border1:32Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes22001Punk Rock 320 
2165PropagandhiToday’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes2:37Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes32001Punk Rock 320 
2166PropagandhiBack to the Motor League2:40Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes42001Punk Rock 320 
2167PropagandhiNatural Disasters2:04Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes52001Punk Rock 320 
2168PropagandhiWith Friends Like These Who the Fuck Needs COINTELPRO?3:23Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes62001Punk Rock 320 
2169PropagandhiAlbright Monument, Baghdad2:27Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes72001Punk Rock 320 
2170PropagandhiOrdinary People Do Fucked‐Up Things When Fucked‐Up Things Become Ordinary2:17Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes82001Punk Rock 320 
2171PropagandhiLadies’ Nite in Loserville1:45Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes92001Punk Rock 320 
2172PropagandhiEgo Fum Papa (I Am the Pope)1:38Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes102001Punk Rock 320 
2173PropagandhiNew Homes for Idle Hands1:44Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes112001Punk Rock 320 
2174PropagandhiBullshit Politicians1:33Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes122001Punk Rock 320 
2175PropagandhiMarch of the Crabs1:56Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes132001Punk Rock 320 
2176PropagandhiPurina Hall of Fame4:43Today’s Empires, Tomorrow’s Ashes142001Punk Rock 320 
2177Puddle of MuddDrift & Die4:25Come Clean22001Rock 320 
2178Puddle of MuddBlurry5:04Come Clean52001Rock 320 
2179Puddle of MuddShe Hates Me3:36Come Clean62001Rock 320 
2180Puddle of MuddFamous3:16Famous12007Rock 320 
2181Puddle of MuddPsycho3:30Famous42007Rock 320 
2182Puddle of MuddAway From Me3:58Life on Display12003Rock 320 
2183Puddle of MuddNothing Left to Lose4:29Life on Display32003Rock 320 
2184Puddle of MuddSpin You Around4:27Life on Display52003Rock 320 
2185Puddle of MuddThink4:10Life on Display72003Rock 320 
2186Puddle of MuddSpaceship3:16Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love & Hate22009Rock 320 
2187Puddle of MuddKeep It Together3:52Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love & Hate32009Rock 320 
2188QueenBohemian Rhapsody5:58Greatest Hits I & II11994Classic Rock 320 
2189QueenAnother One Bites the Dust3:36Greatest Hits I & II21994Classic Rock 320 
2190QueenKiller Queen3:02Greatest Hits I & II31994Classic Rock 320 
2191QueenFat Bottomed Girls3:24Greatest Hits I & II41994Classic Rock 320 
2192QueenBicycle Race3:03Greatest Hits I & II51994Classic Rock 320 
2193QueenYou’re My Best Friend2:52Greatest Hits I & II61994Classic Rock 320 
2194QueenCrazy Little Thing Called Love2:43Greatest Hits I & II91994Classic Rock 320 
2195QueenSomebody to Love4:57Greatest Hits I & II101994Classic Rock 320 
2196QueenWe Will Rock You2:02Greatest Hits I & II161994Classic Rock 320 
2197QueenWe Are the Champions3:01Greatest Hits I & II171994Classic Rock 320 
2198QueenUnder Pressure3:56Greatest Hits I & II21994Classic Rock 320 
2199QueenI Want It All4:01Greatest Hits I & II41994Classic Rock 320 
2200QueenI Want to Break Free4:18Greatest Hits I & II51994Classic Rock 320 
2201Queens of the Stone AgeNo One Knows4:38Songs for the Deaf22002Rock 320 
2202QueensrycheThe Lady Wore Black6:14Greatest Hits22000Rock 320 
2203QueensrycheEyes of a Stranger6:36Greatest Hits82000Rock 320 
2204QueensrycheJet City Woman5:21Greatest Hits92000Rock 320 
2205QueensrycheEmpire5:23Greatest Hits102000Rock 320 
2206QueensrycheSilent Lucidity5:45Greatest Hits112000Rock 320 
2207Quiet RiotBang Your Head (Metal Health)5:18Crank it Up111997Rock 320 
2208Quiet RiotMetal Health5:17Metal Health11983Rock 320 
2209Quiet RiotCum On Feel the Noize4:50Metal Health21983Rock 320 
2210Quiet RiotSlick Black Cadillac4:12Metal Health41983Rock 320 
2211Quiet RiotMama Weer All Crazee Now3:34Naughty Platinum Rock152000Rock 320 
2212R.E.M.Drive4:31Automatic for the People11992Alternative 320 
2213R.E.M.Man on the Moon5:14In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988–200312003Alternative 320 
2214R.E.M.What's the Frequency, Kenneth?4:01In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988–200342003Alternative 320 
2215R.E.M.Losing My Religion4:29In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988–200362003Alternative 320 
2216R.E.M.Orange Crush3:52In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988–200382003Alternative 320 
2217R.E.M.Stand3:12In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988–2003132003Alternative 320 
2218R.E.M.Everybody Hurts5:18In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988–2003162003Alternative 320 
2219R.E.M.Star 693:08Monster51994Alternative 320 
2220R.E.M.Bang and Blame5:30Monster81994Alternative 320 
2221R.E.M.Radio Song4:15Out of Time11991Alternative 320 
2222R.E.M.Shiny Happy People3:46Out of Time61991Alternative 320 
2223RadioheadCreep3:55Pablo Honey21993Alternative 320 
2224Rage Against the MachineNo Shelter4:03Godzilla: The Album41998Alternative 320 
2225Rage Against the MachineBombtrack4:04Rage Against the Machine12003Rock 320 
2226Rage Against the MachineKilling in the Name5:14Rage Against the Machine22003Rock 320 
2227Rage Against the MachineTake the Power Back5:37Rage Against the Machine32003Rock 320 
2228Rage Against the MachineBullet in the Head5:09Rage Against the Machine52003Rock 320 
2229Rage Against the MachineFistful of Steel5:31Rage Against the Machine82003Rock 320 
2230Rage Against the MachineRenegades of Funk4:35Renegades42000Rock 320 
2231Rage Against the MachineTestify3:30The Battle of Los Angeles11999Rock 320 
2232Rage Against the MachineGuerrilla Radio3:26The Battle of Los Angeles21999Rock 320 
2233Rage Against the MachineCalm Like a Bomb4:58The Battle of Los Angeles31999Rock 320 
2234Rage Against the MachineSleep Now in the Fire3:25The Battle of Los Angeles51999Rock 320 
2235Rage Against the MachineBorn of a Broken Man4:41The Battle of Los Angeles61999Rock 320 
2236RainbowMan on the Silver Mountain4:39Stand Up and Shout: The Dio Anthology42003Metal 320 
2237RainsLook in My Eyes3:18Stories12009Rock 320 
2238RainsPressure3:32Stories62009Rock 320 
2239Ram JamBlack Betty3:58The Very Best Of11990Classic Rock 320 
2240RamonesBlitzkrieg Bop2:12Greatest Hits12006Punk Rock 320 
2241RamonesBeat on the Brat2:32Greatest Hits22006Punk Rock 320 
2242RamonesJudy Is a Punk1:32Greatest Hits32006Punk Rock 320 
2243RamonesI Wanna Be Your Boyfriend2:26Greatest Hits42006Punk Rock 320 
2244RamonesSheena Is a Punk Rocker2:47Greatest Hits52006Punk Rock 320 
2245RamonesPinhead2:44Greatest Hits62006Punk Rock 320 
2246RamonesCommando1:52Greatest Hits72006Punk Rock 320 
2247RamonesRockaway Beach2:06Greatest Hits82006Punk Rock 320 
2248RamonesWe're a Happy Family2:39Greatest Hits92006Punk Rock 320 
2249RamonesCretin Hop1:55Greatest Hits102006Punk Rock 320 
2250RamonesTeenage Lobotomy2:01Greatest Hits112006Punk Rock 320 
2251RamonesI Wanna Be Sedated2:29Greatest Hits122006Punk Rock 320 
2252RamonesI Just Want to Have Something to Do2:41Greatest Hits132006Punk Rock 320 
2253RamonesRock 'n' Roll High School2:19Greatest Hits142006Punk Rock 320 
2254RamonesBaby, I Love You3:44Greatest Hits152006Punk Rock 320 
2255RamonesDo You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?3:49Greatest Hits162006Punk Rock 320 
2256RamonesThe KKK Took My Baby Away2:30Greatest Hits172006Punk Rock 320 
2257RamonesOutsider2:10Greatest Hits182006Punk Rock 320 
2258RamonesPet Sematary3:32Greatest Hits192006Punk Rock 320 
2259RamonesWart Hog1:54Greatest Hits202006Punk Rock 320 
2260RancidMaxwell Murder1:25…and Out Come the Wolves11995Punk Rock 320 
2261RancidThe 11th Hour2:28…and Out Come the Wolves21995Punk Rock 320 
2262RancidRoots Radicals2:47…and Out Come the Wolves31995Punk Rock 320 
2263RancidTime Bomb2:24…and Out Come the Wolves41995Punk Rock 320 
2264RancidOlympia WA.3:30…and Out Come the Wolves51995Punk Rock 320 
2265RancidLock, Step & Gone2:25…and Out Come the Wolves61995Punk Rock 320 
2266RancidJunkie Man3:04…and Out Come the Wolves71995Punk Rock 320 
2267RancidListed M.I.A.2:22…and Out Come the Wolves81995Punk Rock 320 
2268RancidRuby Soho2:37…and Out Come the Wolves91995Punk Rock 320 
2269RancidDaly City Train3:21…and Out Come the Wolves101995Punk Rock 320 
2270RancidJourney to the End of the East Bay3:11…and Out Come the Wolves111995Punk Rock 320 
2271RancidShe’s Automatic1:35…and Out Come the Wolves121995Punk Rock 320 
2272RancidOld Friend2:53…and Out Come the Wolves131995Punk Rock 320 
2273RancidDisorder and Disarray2:49…and Out Come the Wolves141995Punk Rock 320 
2274RancidThe Wars End1:53…and Out Come the Wolves151995Punk Rock 320 
2275RancidYou Don’t Care Nothin’2:28…and Out Come the Wolves161995Punk Rock 320 
2276RancidAs Wicked2:40…and Out Come the Wolves171995Punk Rock 320 
2277RancidAvenues & Alleyways3:11…and Out Come the Wolves181995Punk Rock 320 
2278RancidThe Way I Feel2:34…and Out Come the Wolves191995Punk Rock 320 
2279RattBest of Me4:18Infestation22010Rock 320 
2280RattTell the World3:15Ratt & Roll 81-9111991Rock 320 
2281RattRound and Round4:26Ratt & Roll 81-9131991Rock 320 
2282RattWanted Man3:41Ratt & Roll 81-9141991Rock 320 
2283RattBack for More3:47Ratt & Roll 81-9151991Rock 320 
2284RattLack of Communication3:56Ratt & Roll 81-9161991Rock 320 
2285RattLay It Down3:26Ratt & Roll 81-9171991Rock 320 
2286RattYou're in Love3:15Ratt & Roll 81-9181991Rock 320 
2287RattSlip of the Lip3:18Ratt & Roll 81-9191991Rock 320 
2288RattDance4:21Ratt & Roll 81-91101991Rock 320 
2289RattBody Talk3:49Ratt & Roll 81-91111991Rock 320 
2290RattWay Cool Jr.4:29Ratt & Roll 81-91121991Rock 320 
2291RattI Want a Woman4:00Ratt & Roll 81-91131991Rock 320 
2292RattLovin' You's a Dirty Job3:18Ratt & Roll 81-91141991Rock 320 
2293RattShame Shame Shame5:30Ratt & Roll 81-91151991Rock 320 
2294RattGivin' Yourself Away5:27Ratt & Roll 81-91161991Rock 320 
2295RattOne Step Away4:51Ratt & Roll 81-91171991Rock 320 
2296RattNobody Rides for Free4:42Ratt & Roll 81-91191991Rock 320 
2297Red Hot Chili PeppersLove Rollercoaster4:37Beavis and Butt‐Head Do America21996Rock 320 
2298Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Zephyr Song3:52By the Way62002Rock 320 
2299Red Hot Chili PeppersAround the World3:58Californication11999Rock 320 
2300Red Hot Chili PeppersUnder the Bridge4:33Greatest Hits12003Rock 320 
2301Red Hot Chili PeppersGive It Away4:44Greatest Hits22003Rock 320 
2302Red Hot Chili PeppersCalifornication5:29Greatest Hits32003Rock 320 
2303Red Hot Chili PeppersScar Tissue3:35Greatest Hits42003Rock 320 
2304Red Hot Chili PeppersSoul to Squeeze4:50Greatest Hits52003Rock 320 
2305Red Hot Chili PeppersOtherside4:15Greatest Hits62003Rock 320 
2306Red Hot Chili PeppersSuck My Kiss3:35Greatest Hits72003Rock 320 
2307Red Hot Chili PeppersBy the Way3:35Greatest Hits82003Rock 320 
2308Red Hot Chili PeppersParallel Universe4:29Greatest Hits92003Rock 320 
2309Red Hot Chili PeppersBreaking the Girl4:54Greatest Hits102003Rock 320 
2310Red Hot Chili PeppersMy Friends4:09Greatest Hits112003Rock 320 
2311Red Hot Chili PeppersHigher Ground3:22Greatest Hits122003Rock 320 
2312Red Hot Chili PeppersUniversally Speaking4:17Greatest Hits132003Rock 320 
2313Red Hot Chili PeppersRoad Trippin’3:25Greatest Hits142003Rock 320 
2314Red Hot Chili PeppersFortune Faded3:21Greatest Hits152003Rock 320 
2315Red Hot Chili PeppersSave the Population4:05Greatest Hits162003Rock 320 
2316Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie4:43I’m With You72011Rock 320 
2317Red Hot Chili PeppersAeroplane4:45One Hot Minute21995Rock 320 
2318Red Hot Chili PeppersDani California4:42Stadium Arcadium12006Rock 320 
2319Red Hot Chili PeppersSnow ((Hey Oh))5:34Stadium Arcadium22006Rock 320 
2320Red Hot Chili PeppersThe Getaway4:10The Getaway12016Rock 320 
2321Red Hot Chili PeppersDark Necessities5:02The Getaway22016Rock 320 
2322Red Sun RisingAmnesia3:30Polyester Zeal22015Rock 320 
2323Red Sun RisingThe Otherside3:36Polyester Zeal32015Rock 320 
2324Red Sun RisingEmotionless4:22Polyester Zeal52015Rock 320 
2325Redlight KingTimes Are Hard3:40Irons In The Fire52013Rock 320 
2326Redlight KingBullet in My Hand3:05Something for the Pain22011Rock 320 
2327REO SpeedwagonI Don't Want to Lose You3:09The Hits11988Classic Rock 320 
2328REO SpeedwagonHere With Me5:05The Hits21988Classic Rock 320 
2329REO SpeedwagonRoll With the Changes5:37The Hits31988Classic Rock 320 
2330REO SpeedwagonKeep On Loving You3:22The Hits41988Classic Rock 320 
2331REO SpeedwagonThat Ain't Love4:02The Hits51988Classic Rock 320 
2332REO SpeedwagonTake It on the Run4:01The Hits61988Classic Rock 320 
2333REO SpeedwagonIn My Dreams4:24The Hits71988Classic Rock 320 
2334REO SpeedwagonDon't Let Him Go3:48The Hits81988Classic Rock 320 
2335REO SpeedwagonCan't Fight This Feeling4:51The Hits91988Classic Rock 320 
2336REO SpeedwagonKeep Pushin'3:57The Hits101988Classic Rock 320 
2337REO SpeedwagonTime for Me to Fly3:38The Hits111988Classic Rock 320 
2338REO SpeedwagonOne Lonely Night3:24The Hits121988Classic Rock 320 
2339REO SpeedwagonBack on the Road Again5:29The Hits131988Classic Rock 320 
2340REO SpeedwagonRidin' the Storm Out5:50The Hits141988Classic Rock 320 
2341Rev TheoryThe Fire4:09Justice42011Rock 320 
2342Rob ZombieSick Bubblegum3:44Hellbilly Deluxe 2: Noble Jackals, Penny Dreadfuls and the Systematic Dehumanization of Cool22010Metal 320 
2343Rob ZombieDragula3:42Hellbilly Deluxe: 13 Tales of Cadaverous Cavorting Inside the Spookshow International31998Metal 320 
2344Rob ZombieLiving Dead Girl3:21Hellbilly Deluxe: 13 Tales of Cadaverous Cavorting Inside the Spookshow International41998Metal 320 
2345Rob ZombieFeel So Numb3:53Past, Present & Future122003Metal 320 
2346Rob ZombieNever Gonna Stop (The Red Red Kroovy)3:10Past, Present & Future132003Metal 320 
2347Rob ZombieWell, Everybody’s Fucking in a U.F.O.2:43The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser42016Metal 320 
2348Rob ZombieDead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown3:28Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor22013Metal 320 
2349The Rolling StonesGimme Shelter4:32Forty Licks22002Classic Rock 320 
2350The Rolling Stones(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction3:44Forty Licks32002Classic Rock 320 
2351The Rolling StonesJumpin' Jack Flash3:43Forty Licks52002Classic Rock 320 
2352The Rolling StonesYou Can't Always Get What You Want7:29Forty Licks62002Classic Rock 320 
2353The Rolling StonesUnder My Thumb3:42Forty Licks82002Classic Rock 320 
2354The Rolling StonesSympathy for the Devil6:18Forty Licks112002Classic Rock 320 
2355The Rolling StonesGet Off of My Cloud2:56Forty Licks142002Classic Rock 320 
2356The Rolling StonesWild Horses5:45Forty Licks152002Classic Rock 320 
2357The Rolling StonesPaint It, Black3:46Forty Licks172002Classic Rock 320 
2358The Rolling StonesHonky Tonk Women3:01Forty Licks182002Classic Rock 320 
2359The Rolling StonesStart Me Up3:33Forty Licks12003Classic Rock 320 
2360The Rolling StonesBrown Sugar3:49Forty Licks22003Classic Rock 320 
2361The Rolling StonesMiss You3:35Forty Licks32003Classic Rock 320 
2362The Rolling StonesBeast of Burden3:27Forty Licks42003Classic Rock 320 
2363The Rolling StonesDon't Stop3:58Forty Licks52003Classic Rock 320 
2364The Rolling StonesAngie4:31Forty Licks72003Classic Rock 320 
2365The Rolling StonesShattered3:46Forty Licks92003Classic Rock 320 
2366The Rolling StonesMixed Emotions4:01Forty Licks122003Classic Rock 320 
2367The Rolling StonesKeys to Your Love4:12Forty Licks132003Classic Rock 320 
2368The Rolling StonesAnybody Seen My Baby?4:07Forty Licks142003Classic Rock 320 
2369The Rolling StonesIt's Only Rock 'n' Roll4:10Forty Licks192003Classic Rock 320 
2370The RomanticsWhat I Like About You2:57What I Like About You (and Other Romantic Hits)11990Rock 320 
2371The RomanticsTalking in Your Sleep3:54What I Like About You (and Other Romantic Hits)61990Rock 320 
2372Royal BloodLights Out3:56How Did We Get So Dark?22017Rock 320 
2373Royal BloodI Only Lie When I Love You2:49How Did We Get So Dark?32017Rock 320 
2374Royal BloodCome On Over2:51Royal Blood22014Rock 320 
2375Royal BloodFigure It Out3:04Royal Blood32014Rock 320 
2376RushThe Spirit of Radio4:57Gold12006Classic Rock 320 
2377RushFreewill5:22Gold32006Classic Rock 320 
2378RushCloser to the Heart2:52Gold82006Classic Rock 320 
2379RushFly by Night3:21Gold122006Classic Rock 320 
2380RushWorking Man7:12Gold142006Classic Rock 320 
2381RushSubdivisions5:34Gold32006Classic Rock 320 
2382RushLimelight4:20Gold112006Classic Rock 320 
2383RushTom Sawyer4:34Gold142006Classic Rock 320 
2384SalivaAlways3:51Back Into Your System32002Rock 320 
2385SalivaRest in Pieces3:46Back Into Your System82002Rock 320 
2386SalivaLadies and Gentlemen3:37Blood Stained Love Story12007Rock 320 
2387SalivaFamily Reunion3:40Cinco Diablo12008Rock 320 
2388SalivaSuperstar4:03Every Six Seconds12001Rock 320 
2389SalivaClick Click Boom4:12Every Six Seconds32001Rock 320 
2390SalivaYour Disease3:57Every Six Seconds42001Rock 320 
2391SalivaGreater Than/Less Than4:50Every Six Seconds62001Rock 320 
2392Sammy HagarLet Sally Drive4:39Ten 1322000Rock 320 
2393Sammy HagarI'll Fall in Love Again4:10Unboxed31994Rock 320 
2394Sammy HagarThere's Only One Way to Rock4:14Unboxed41994Rock 320 
2395Sammy HagarHeavy Metal3:49Unboxed51994Rock 320 
2396Sammy HagarEagles Fly4:58Unboxed61994Rock 320 
2397Sammy HagarBaby's on Fire3:33Unboxed71994Rock 320 
2398Sammy HagarI Can't Drive 554:12Unboxed101994Rock 320 
2399SantanaOye como va4:18Ultimate Santana52007Classic Rock 320 
2400SantanaBlack Magic Woman3:15Ultimate Santana62007Classic Rock 320 
2401SantanaEvil Ways3:55Ultimate Santana72007Classic Rock 320 
2402Saving AbelBringing Down the Giant3:53Bringing Down the Giant12012Rock 320 
2403Saving AbelAddicted3:43Saving Abel22008Rock 320 
2404Saving Abel18 Days3:52Saving Abel42008Rock 320 
2405Saving AbelDrowning (Face Down)3:56Saving Abel52008Rock 320 
2406ScorpionsRock You Like a Hurricane4:12Bad for Good: The Very Best of Scorpions12002Rock 320 
2407ScorpionsThe Zoo5:28Bad for Good: The Very Best of Scorpions32002Rock 320 
2408ScorpionsNo One Like You3:56Bad for Good: The Very Best of Scorpions42002Rock 320 
2409ScorpionsStill Loving You4:48Bad for Good: The Very Best of Scorpions62002Rock 320 
2410ScorpionsBig City Nights4:08Bad for Good: The Very Best of Scorpions72002Rock 320 
2411ScorpionsRhythm of Love3:48Bad for Good: The Very Best of Scorpions92002Rock 320 
2412ScorpionsWind of Change5:11Bad for Good: The Very Best of Scorpions112002Rock 320 
2413ScorpionsSend Me an Angel4:32Bad for Good: The Very Best of Scorpions122002Rock 320 
2414ScorpionsTease Me Please Me4:42Bad for Good: The Very Best of Scorpions142002Rock 320 
2415Seasons AfterCry Little Sister4:02Through Tomorrow102010Metal 320 
2416Seasons AfterGettin' Even3:17Through Tomorrow132010Rock 256 
2417SeetherSame Damn Life3:20Isolate and Medicate22014Rock 320 
2418SeetherWords as Weapons4:01Isolate and Medicate32014Rock 320 
2419SeetherNobody Praying for Me3:18Isolate and Medicate82014Rock 320 
2420SeetherSave Today4:47Isolate and Medicate102014Rock 320 
2421SeetherLet You Down4:10Poison The Parish52017Rock 320 
2422SeetherFine Again4:05Seether: 2002-201312013Rock 320 
2423SeetherDriven Under4:33Seether: 2002-201322013Rock 320 
2424SeetherGasoline2:49Seether: 2002-201332013Rock 320 
2425SeetherRemedy3:28Seether: 2002-201352013Rock 320 
2426SeetherTruth3:51Seether: 2002-201362013Rock 320 
2427SeetherThe Gift5:35Seether: 2002-201372013Rock 320 
2428SeetherFake It3:15Seether: 2002-201382013Rock 320 
2429SeetherRise Above This3:24Seether: 2002-201392013Rock 320 
2430SeetherBreakdown3:30Seether: 2002-2013102013Rock 320 
2431SeetherCareless Whisper4:57Seether: 2002-2013112013Rock 320 
2432SeetherCountry Song3:52Seether: 2002-2013122013Rock 320 
2433SeetherTonight3:45Seether: 2002-2013132013Rock 320 
2434SeetherHere and Now3:58Seether: 2002-2013152013Rock 320 
2435SeetherSeether3:36Seether: 2002-201312013Rock 320 
2436Seether feat. Amy LeeBroken4:18Seether: 2002-201342013Rock 320 
2437Seven Mary ThreeWater’s Edge3:52American Standard11995Rock 320 
2438Seven Mary ThreeCumbersome3:59American Standard21995Rock 320 
2439SevendustThank You4:27Kill the Flaw12015Metal 320 
2440Sex PistolsHolidays in the Sun3:22Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols11985Punk Rock 320 
2441Sex PistolsBodies3:03Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols21985Punk Rock 320 
2442Sex PistolsNo Feelings2:50Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols31985Punk Rock 320 
2443Sex PistolsLiar2:41Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols41985Punk Rock 320 
2444Sex PistolsProblems4:11Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols51985Punk Rock 320 
2445Sex PistolsGod Save the Queen3:20Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols61985Punk Rock 320 
2446Sex PistolsSeventeen2:02Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols71985Punk Rock 320 
2447Sex PistolsAnarchy in the U.K.3:32Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols81985Punk Rock 320 
2448Sex PistolsSubmission4:12Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols91985Punk Rock 320 
2449Sex PistolsPretty Vacant3:17Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols101985Punk Rock 320 
2450Sex PistolsNew York3:05Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols111985Punk Rock 320 
2451Sex PistolsEMI3:09Never Mind the Bollocks Here’s the Sex Pistols121985Punk Rock 320 
2452Shaman's HarvestDirty Diana4:01Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns82014Rock 320 
2453Shaman's HarvestIn Chains4:09Smokin' Hearts & Broken Guns102014Rock 320 
2454Sheryl CrowMy Favorite Mistake4:07The Very Best of Sheryl Crow32003Rock 320 
2455Sheryl CrowIf It Makes You Happy5:25The Very Best of Sheryl Crow92003Rock 320 
2456ShinedownBully4:02Amaryllis22012Rock 320 
2457ShinedownAmaryllis4:04Amaryllis32012Rock 320 
2458ShinedownUnity4:12Amaryllis42012Rock 320 
2459ShinedownEnemies3:08Amaryllis52012Rock 320 
2460ShinedownFly From the Inside3:55Leave a Whisper12003Rock 320 
2461ShinedownBurning Bright3:47Leave a Whisper62003Rock 320 
2462Shinedown454:14Leave a Whisper122003Rock 320 
2463ShinedownSimple Man5:21Leave a Whisper132003Rock 320 
2464ShinedownDevour3:50The Sound of Madness12010Rock 320 
2465ShinedownSound of Madness3:54The Sound of Madness22010Rock 320 
2466ShinedownSecond Chance3:40The Sound of Madness32010Rock 320 
2467ShinedownThe Crow & The Butterfly4:13The Sound of Madness52010Rock 320 
2468ShinedownWhat a Shame4:19The Sound of Madness82010Rock 320 
2469ShinedownDiamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)5:38The Sound of Madness192010Rock 320 
2470ShinedownAsking for It3:30Threat to Survival12015Rock 320 
2471ShinedownCut the Cord3:42Threat to Survival22015Rock 320 
2472ShinedownState of My Head3:25Threat to Survival32015Rock 320 
2473ShinedownHow Did You Love?3:07Threat to Survival52015Rock 320 
2474ShinedownBlack Cadillac3:28Threat to Survival102015Rock 320 
2475ShinedownHeroes3:24Us and Them22005Rock 320 
2476ShinedownSave Me3:33Us and Them32005Rock 320 
2477ShinedownI Dare You3:54Us and Them42005Rock 320 
2478ShinedownYer Majesty3:01Us and Them52005Rock 320 
2479ShinedownLady So Divine7:09Us and Them82005Rock 320 
2480Sick PuppiesGunfight2:55Connect42013Rock 320 
2481Sick PuppiesRiptide3:11Tri‐Polar32009Rock 320 
2482Sick PuppiesYou’re Going Down3:07Tri‐Polar42009Rock 320 
2483SilverchairTomorrow4:26Frogstomp21995Alternative 320 
2484Sixx: A.M.We Will Not Go Quietly4:21Prayers For The Blessed Vol. 222016Rock 320 
2485Sixx: A.M.Without You4:04Prayers For The Blessed Vol. 282016Rock 320 
2486SIXX:A.M.Stars3:50Modern Vintage12014Rock 320 
2487Sixx:A.M.Rise3:54Prayers for the Damned, Vol. 112016Rock 320 
2488Sixx:A.M.Life Is Beautiful3:35The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack32007Rock 320 
2489Sixx:A.M.Pray for Me4:13The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack42007Rock 320 
2490Sixx:A.M.Lies of the Beautiful People3:58This Is Gonna Hurt22011Rock 320 
2491Sixx:A.M.Are You With Me4:02This Is Gonna Hurt32011Rock 320 
2492Skid RowBig Guns3:37Skid Row11989Rock 320 
2493Skid RowSweet Little Sister3:09Skid Row21989Rock 320 
2494Skid RowCan't Stand the Heartache3:24Skid Row31989Rock 320 
2495Skid RowPiece of Me2:48Skid Row41989Rock 320 
2496Skid Row18 and Life3:51Skid Row51989Rock 320 
2497Skid RowRattlesnake Shake3:09Skid Row61989Rock 320 
2498Skid RowYouth Gone Wild3:18Skid Row71989Rock 320 
2499Skid RowHere I Am3:09Skid Row81989Rock 320 
2500Skid RowMakin' a Mess3:38Skid Row91989Rock 320 
2501Skid RowI Remember You5:14Skid Row101989Rock 320 
2502Skid RowMonkey Business4:18Slave to the Grind11991Rock 320 
2503Skid RowSlave to the Grind3:29Slave to the Grind21991Rock 320 
2504Skid RowQuicksand Jesus5:26Slave to the Grind41991Rock 320 
2505Skid RowCreepshow3:58Slave to the Grind81991Rock 320 
2506Skid RowIn a Darkened Room3:55Slave to the Grind91991Rock 320 
2507Skid RowWasted Time5:48Slave to the Grind121991Rock 320 
2508SkilletHero3:06Awake12009Rock 320 
2509SkilletMonster2:58Awake22009Rock 320 
2510SkilletRise4:20Rise12013Rock 320 
2511SkilletSick of It3:10Rise22013Rock 320 
2512SkilletFeel Invincible3:50Unleashed12016Rock 320 
2513SkilletBack From the Dead3:33Unleashed22016Rock 320 
2514SkilletUndefeated3:35Unleashed52016Rock 320 
2515SkilletBurn It Down3:16Unleashed92016Rock 320 
2516SlashYou're a Lie3:50Apocalyptic Love42012Rock 320 
2517SlashAnastasia6:07Apocalyptic Love82012Rock 320 
2518SlashWorld on Fire4:31World on Fire12014Rock 320 
2519SlashBent to Fly4:56World on Fire62014Rock 320 
2520SlaughterEye to Eye3:58Stick It to Ya11990Rock 320 
2521SlaughterBurnin' Bridges4:06Stick It to Ya21990Rock 320 
2522SlaughterUp All Night4:17Stick It to Ya31990Rock 320 
2523SlaughterSpend My Life3:21Stick It to Ya41990Rock 320 
2524SlaughterFly to the Angels5:08Stick It to Ya71990Rock 320 
2525SlaughterMad About You4:08Stick It to Ya81990Rock 320 
2526SlaughterDesperately3:34Stick It to Ya121990Rock 320 
2527SlaughterReal Love3:40The Wild Life81992Rock 320 
2528SlipknotThe Devil in I5:42.5: The Gray Chapter42014Metal 320 
2529SlipknotKillpop3:45.5: The Gray Chapter52014Metal 320 
2530SlipknotPsychosocial4:43All Hope Is Gone42008Metal 320 
2531SlipknotDead Memories4:28All Hope Is Gone52008Metal 320 
2532SlipknotDuality4:12Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)42005Metal 320 
2533SlipknotBefore I Forget4:38Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)102005Metal 320 
2534The Smashing PumpkinsCherub Rock4:59Greatest Hits: Rotten Apples42001Alternative 320 
2535The Smashing PumpkinsToday3:22Greatest Hits: Rotten Apples52001Alternative 320 
2536The Smashing PumpkinsDisarm3:18Greatest Hits: Rotten Apples62001Alternative 320 
2537The Smashing PumpkinsLandslide3:10Greatest Hits: Rotten Apples72001Alternative 320 
2538The Smashing PumpkinsBullet With Butterfly Wings4:17Greatest Hits: Rotten Apples82001Alternative 320 
2539The Smashing Pumpkins19794:23Greatest Hits: Rotten Apples92001Alternative 320 
2540The Smashing PumpkinsTonight, Tonight4:15Greatest Hits: Rotten Apples112001Alternative 320 
2541Social DistortionAnother State of Mind2:39Greatest Hits12007Punk Rock 320 
2542Social DistortionMommy's Little Monster3:31Greatest Hits22007Punk Rock 320 
2543Social DistortionPrison Bound5:23Greatest Hits32007Punk Rock 320 
2544Social DistortionStory of My Life5:46Greatest Hits42007Punk Rock 320 
2545Social DistortionBall and Chain5:42Greatest Hits52007Punk Rock 320 
2546Social DistortionRing of Fire3:52Greatest Hits62007Punk Rock 320 
2547Social DistortionBad Luck4:22Greatest Hits72007Punk Rock 320 
2548Social DistortionWhen the Angels Sing4:16Greatest Hits82007Punk Rock 320 
2549Social DistortionI Was Wrong3:57Greatest Hits92007Punk Rock 320 
2550Social DistortionReach for the Sky3:31Greatest Hits102007Punk Rock 320 
2551Social DistortionFar Behind4:03Greatest Hits112007Punk Rock 320 
2552SoundgardenOutshined5:12A-Sides71997Rock 320 
2553SoundgardenRusty Cage4:27A-Sides81997Rock 320 
2554SoundgardenSpoonman4:08A-Sides91997Rock 320 
2555SoundgardenThe Day I Tried to Live5:21A-Sides101997Rock 320 
2556SoundgardenBlack Hole Sun5:20A-Sides111997Rock 320 
2557SoundgardenFell on Black Days4:42A-Sides121997Rock 320 
2558SoundgardenPretty Noose4:13A-Sides131997Rock 320 
2559SoundgardenBlow Up the Outside World5:47A-Sides151997Rock 320 
2560SpacehogIn the Meantime4:58Resident Alien11995Alternative 320 
2561SpongePlowed3:17Rotting Pinata61994Alternative 320 
2562SpongeMolly3:46Rotting Pinata81994Alternative 320 
2563StaindPrice to Play3:3614 Shades of Grey12003Rock 320 
2564StaindSo Far Away4:0514 Shades of Grey32003Rock 320 
2565StaindOpen Your Eyes3:52Break the Cycle12001Rock 320 
2566StaindFade4:03Break the Cycle32001Rock 320 
2567StaindIt's Been Awhile4:25Break the Cycle42001Rock 320 
2568StaindEpiphany4:18Break the Cycle72001Rock 320 
2569StaindFor You3:26Break the Cycle102001Rock 320 
2570StaindRight Here4:13Chapter V22005Rock 320 
2571StaindEverything Changes3:58Chapter V92005Rock 320 
2572StaindMudshovel4:41Dysfunction51999Rock 320 
2573StaindNot Again4:34Staind22011Rock 320 
2574StaindBelieve4:17The Illusion Of Progress32008Rock 320 
2575StaindAll I Want3:30The Illusion Of Progress52008Rock 320 
2576StaindOutside (Family Values version)5:40The Singles: 1996-200642006Rock 320 
2577StarsetHalo3:45Transmissions32014Rock 320 
2578StarsetMy Demons4:48Transmissions72014Rock 320 
2579SteelheartI'll Never Let You Go5:06Steelheart41990Rock 320 
2580SteelheartEverybody Loves Eileen6:21Steelheart51990Rock 320 
2581Steely DanDo It Again5:57The Definitive Collection12006Classic Rock 320 
2582Steely DanDirty Work3:10The Definitive Collection22006Classic Rock 320 
2583Steely DanReelin' in the Years4:37The Definitive Collection32006Classic Rock 320 
2584Steely DanRikki Don't Lose That Number4:32The Definitive Collection62006Classic Rock 320 
2585Steely DanFM4:50The Definitive Collection122006Classic Rock 320 
2586Steely DanHey Nineteen5:05The Definitive Collection132006Classic Rock 320 
2587SteppenwolfBorn to Be Wild3:30All Time Greatest Hits11999Classic Rock 320 
2588SteppenwolfMagic Carpet Ride4:27All Time Greatest Hits21999Classic Rock 320 
2589Steve Miller BandAbracadabra5:08Abracadabra21989Classic Rock 320 
2590Steve Miller BandHey Yeah3:16Bingo!12010Classic Rock 320 
2591Steve Miller BandSwingtown3:29Greatest Hits 1974-7811978Classic Rock 320 
2592Steve Miller BandJungle Love3:09Greatest Hits 1974-7821978Classic Rock 320 
2593Steve Miller BandTake the Money and Run2:53Greatest Hits 1974-7831978Classic Rock 320 
2594Steve Miller BandRock 'n Me3:07Greatest Hits 1974-7841978Classic Rock 320 
2595Steve Miller BandSerenade3:12Greatest Hits 1974-7851978Classic Rock 320 
2596Steve Miller BandThe Joker3:37Greatest Hits 1974-7881978Classic Rock 320 
2597Steve Miller BandFly Like an Eagle3:04Greatest Hits 1974-7891978Classic Rock 320 
2598Steve Miller BandJet Airliner3:35Greatest Hits 1974-78111978Classic Rock 320 
2599Stevie NicksEdge of Seventeen5:29Crystal Visions… The Very Best of Stevie Nicks12007Rock 320 
2600Stevie NicksI Can’t Wait4:35Crystal Visions… The Very Best of Stevie Nicks22007Rock 320 
2601Stevie NicksIf Anyone Falls4:07Crystal Visions… The Very Best of Stevie Nicks42007Rock 320 
2602Stevie NicksStand Back4:48Crystal Visions… The Very Best of Stevie Nicks122007Rock 320 
2603Stevie Nicks & Don HenleyLeather and Lace3:54Crystal Visions… The Very Best of Stevie Nicks152007Rock 320 
2604Stevie Nicks & Tom PettyStop Draggin’ My Heart Around4:02Crystal Visions… The Very Best of Stevie Nicks52007Rock 320 
2605Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroublePride and Joy3:40The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble42002Classic Rock 320 
2606Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleCold Shot4:01The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble112002Classic Rock 320 
2607Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleLook at Little Sister3:08The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble22002Classic Rock 320 
2608Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleThe House Is Rockin'2:24The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble102002Classic Rock 320 
2609Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleCrossfire4:10The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble112002Classic Rock 320 
2610Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double TroubleTightrope4:40The Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble122002Classic Rock 320 
2611Stiff Little FingersAlternative Ulster2:44Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers12012Punk Rock 320 
2612Stiff Little FingersAt the Edge3:00Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers22012Punk Rock 320 
2613Stiff Little FingersRoots Radicals Rockers & Reggae3:55Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers32012Punk Rock 320 
2614Stiff Little FingersWon’t Be Told3:27Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers42012Punk Rock 320 
2615Stiff Little FingersGotta Getaway3:35Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers52012Punk Rock 320 
2616Stiff Little FingersLast Train From the Wasteland4:50Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers62012Punk Rock 320 
2617Stiff Little FingersTouch and Go3:23Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers72012Punk Rock 320 
2618Stiff Little FingersTin Soldiers4:47Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers82012Punk Rock 320 
2619Stiff Little FingersStraw Dogs3:30Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers92012Punk Rock 320 
2620Stiff Little FingersJust Fade Away3:05Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers102012Punk Rock 320 
2621Stiff Little FingersBarbed Wire Love3:33Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers112012Punk Rock 320 
2622Stiff Little FingersSilver Lining3:04Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers122012Punk Rock 320 
2623Stiff Little FingersBits of Kids3:36Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers132012Punk Rock 320 
2624Stiff Little FingersNobody’s Hero4:05Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers142012Punk Rock 320 
2625Stiff Little FingersState of Emergency2:28Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers152012Punk Rock 320 
2626Stiff Little FingersThat’s When Your Blood Bumps3:44Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers162012Punk Rock 320 
2627Stiff Little FingersNo Change1:58Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers172012Punk Rock 320 
2628Stiff Little FingersBack to Front2:59Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers182012Punk Rock 320 
2629Stiff Little Fingers78 RPM2:36Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers192012Punk Rock 320 
2630Stiff Little FingersWait and See4:27Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers202012Punk Rock 320 
2631Stiff Little FingersGate 492:24Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers212012Punk Rock 320 
2632Stiff Little FingersBloody Sunday3:23Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers222012Punk Rock 320 
2633Stiff Little FingersFly the Flag3:47Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)12012Punk Rock 320 
2634Stiff Little FingersGo for It3:08Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)22012Punk Rock 320 
2635Stiff Little FingersLove of the Common People2:40Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)32012Punk Rock 320 
2636Stiff Little FingersRoaring Boys, Parts 1 & 26:06Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)42012Punk Rock 320 
2637Stiff Little FingersSad Eyed People3:55Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)52012Punk Rock 320 
2638Stiff Little FingersKicking Up a Racket2:44Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)62012Punk Rock 320 
2639Stiff Little FingersMr Fire Coal Man4:52Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)72012Punk Rock 320 
2640Stiff Little FingersHere We Are Nowhere0:59Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)82012Punk Rock 320 
2641Stiff Little FingersStrummerville3:19Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)92012Punk Rock 320 
2642Stiff Little FingersWasted Life3:16Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)102012Punk Rock 320 
2643Stiff Little FingersHappy Yesterday4:07Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)112012Punk Rock 320 
2644Stiff Little FingersBreakout3:03Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)122012Punk Rock 320 
2645Stiff Little FingersSafe as Houses5:28Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)132012Punk Rock 320 
2646Stiff Little FingersBloody Dub3:49Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)142012Punk Rock 320 
2647Stiff Little FingersWhite Noise1:50Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)152012Punk Rock 320 
2648Stiff Little FingersDoesn’t Make It Alright5:48Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)162012Punk Rock 320 
2649Stiff Little FingersPiccadilly Circus4:43Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)172012Punk Rock 320 
2650Stiff Little FingersJohnny Was8:11Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)182012Punk Rock 320 
2651Stiff Little FingersGuitar & Drum3:11Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)192012Punk Rock 320 
2652Stiff Little FingersSuspect Device2:43Assume Nothing. Question Everything. The Very Best of Stiff Little Fingers (CD2)202012Punk Rock 320 
2653Stone SourDigital (Did You Tell)4:00Audio Secrecy32010Metal 320 
2654Stone SourSay You'll Haunt Me4:24Audio Secrecy42010Metal 320 
2655Stone SourThrough Glass4:43Come What(ever) May82006Metal 320 
2656Stone SourSong #34:16Hydrograd52017Metal 320 
2657Stone SourBother4:00Stone Sour82002Metal 320 
2658Stone SourGimme Shelter (feat. Lzzy Hale)4:26Straight Outta Burbank32015Rock 320 
2659Stone Temple PilotsBetween the Lines2:50Stone Temple Pilots12010Alternative 320 
2660Stone Temple PilotsTake a Load Off3:11Stone Temple Pilots22010Alternative 320 
2661Stone Temple PilotsVasoline2:56Thank You12003Alternative 320 
2662Stone Temple PilotsDown3:51Thank You22003Alternative 320 
2663Stone Temple PilotsWicked Garden4:07Thank You32003Alternative 320 
2664Stone Temple PilotsBig Empty4:56Thank You42003Alternative 320 
2665Stone Temple PilotsPlush5:12Thank You52003Alternative 320 
2666Stone Temple PilotsCreep5:34Thank You72003Alternative 320 
2667Stone Temple PilotsLady Picture Show4:08Thank You82003Alternative 320 
2668Stone Temple PilotsTrippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart2:57Thank You92003Alternative 320 
2669Stone Temple PilotsInterstate Love Song3:15Thank You102003Alternative 320 
2670Stone Temple PilotsAll in the Suit That You Wear3:41Thank You112003Alternative 320 
2671Stone Temple PilotsSex Type Thing3:40Thank You122003Alternative 320 
2672Stone Temple PilotsSour Girl4:18Thank You142003Alternative 320 
2673The StoogesTrollin'3:07The Weirdness12007Punk Rock 320 
2674The StoogesYou Can't Have Friends2:22The Weirdness22007Punk Rock 320 
2675The StoogesATM3:15The Weirdness32007Punk Rock 320 
2676The StoogesMy Idea of Fun3:17The Weirdness42007Punk Rock 320 
2677The StoogesThe Weirdness3:45The Weirdness52007Punk Rock 320 
2678The StoogesFree & Freaky2:39The Weirdness62007Punk Rock 320 
2679The StoogesGreedy Awful People2:07The Weirdness72007Punk Rock 320 
2680The StoogesShe Took My Money3:49The Weirdness82007Punk Rock 320 
2681The StoogesThe End of Christianity4:19The Weirdness92007Punk Rock 320 
2682The StoogesMexican Guy3:29The Weirdness102007Punk Rock 320 
2683The StoogesPassing Cloud4:04The Weirdness112007Punk Rock 320 
2684The StoogesI'm Fried3:44The Weirdness122007Punk Rock 320 
2685StyxLady '953:05Greatest Hits11995Classic Rock 320 
2686StyxThe Best of Times4:18Greatest Hits21995Classic Rock 320 
2687StyxLorelei3:22Greatest Hits31995Classic Rock 320 
2688StyxToo Much Time on My Hands4:33Greatest Hits41995Classic Rock 320 
2689StyxBabe4:24Greatest Hits51995Classic Rock 320 
2690StyxFooling Yourself (The Angry Young Man)5:28Greatest Hits61995Classic Rock 320 
2691StyxShow Me the Way4:36Greatest Hits71995Classic Rock 320 
2692StyxRenegade4:14Greatest Hits81995Classic Rock 320 
2693StyxCome Sail Away6:05Greatest Hits91995Classic Rock 320 
2694StyxBlue Collar Man (Long Nights)4:06Greatest Hits101995Classic Rock 320 
2695StyxThe Grand Illusion4:35Greatest Hits111995Classic Rock 320 
2696StyxCrystal Ball4:32Greatest Hits121995Classic Rock 320 
2697StyxSuite Madame Blue6:33Greatest Hits131995Classic Rock 320 
2698StyxMiss America4:59Greatest Hits141995Classic Rock 320 
2699StyxMr. Roboto5:30Greatest Hits151995Classic Rock 320 
2700StyxDon't Let It End4:54Greatest Hits161995Classic Rock 320 
2701SupertrampGoodbye Stranger4:29The Autobiography of Supertramp11987Classic Rock 320 
2702SupertrampThe Logical Song3:48The Autobiography of Supertramp21987Classic Rock 320 
2703SupertrampBloody Well Right4:17The Autobiography of Supertramp31987Classic Rock 320 
2704SupertrampBreakfast in America2:39The Autobiography of Supertramp41987Classic Rock 320 
2705SupertrampTake the Long Way Home4:06The Autobiography of Supertramp61987Classic Rock 320 
2706SupertrampGive a Little Bit4:08The Autobiography of Supertramp121987Classic Rock 320 
2707System of a DownHypnotize3:09Hypnotize42005Metal 320 
2708System of a DownLonely Day2:47Hypnotize112005Metal 320 
2709System of a DownB.Y.O.B.4:15Mezmerize22005Metal 320 
2710System of a DownChic ’n’ Stu2:23Steal This Album!12004Metal 320 
2711System of a DownA.D.D. (American Dream Denial)3:17Steal This Album!62004Metal 320 
2712System of a DownI-E-A-I-A-I-O3:08Steal This Album!82004Metal 320 
2713System of a DownSugar2:33System of a Down31998Metal 320 
2714System of a DownChop Suey!3:30Toxicity62001Metal 320 
2715System of a DownToxicity3:39Toxicity122001Metal 320 
2716Talking HeadsLove → Building on Fire2:58The Best of Talking Heads12004Rock 320 
2717Talking HeadsPsycho Killer4:20The Best of Talking Heads22004Rock 320 
2718Talking HeadsUh‐oh, Love Comes to Town2:50The Best of Talking Heads32004Rock 320 
2719Talking HeadsTake Me to the River5:04The Best of Talking Heads42004Rock 320 
2720Talking HeadsFound a Job5:01The Best of Talking Heads52004Rock 320 
2721Talking HeadsLife During Wartime3:42The Best of Talking Heads62004Rock 320 
2722Talking HeadsHeaven4:02The Best of Talking Heads72004Rock 320 
2723Talking HeadsMemories Can’t Wait3:31The Best of Talking Heads82004Rock 320 
2724Talking HeadsOnce in a Lifetime4:20The Best of Talking Heads92004Rock 320 
2725Talking HeadsHouses in Motion4:31The Best of Talking Heads102004Rock 320 
2726Talking HeadsThis Must Be the Place (Naive Melody)4:56The Best of Talking Heads112004Rock 320 
2727Talking HeadsGirlfriend Is Better5:46The Best of Talking Heads122004Rock 320 
2728Talking HeadsBurning Down the House4:03The Best of Talking Heads132004Rock 320 
2729Talking HeadsRoad to Nowhere4:20The Best of Talking Heads142004Rock 320 
2730Talking HeadsAnd She Was3:39The Best of Talking Heads152004Rock 320 
2731Talking HeadsWild Wild Life3:41The Best of Talking Heads162004Rock 320 
2732Talking HeadsBlind5:00The Best of Talking Heads172004Rock 320 
2733Talking Heads(Nothing but) Flowers5:32The Best of Talking Heads182004Rock 320 
2734TantricMind Control3:02Mind Control12009Rock 320 
2735TantricBreakdown3:10Tantric12001Rock 320 
2736TantricLive Your Life (Down)4:30Tantric22001Rock 320 
2737TantricI Don't Care3:41Tantric32001Rock 320 
2738TantricMourning4:20Tantric62001Rock 320 
2739TantricAstounded4:21Tantric72001Rock 320 
2740TantricRegret4:13The End Begins12008Rock 320 
2741TantricDown and Out3:39The End Begins22008Rock 320 
2742TantricThe One4:08The End Begins32008Rock 320 
2743TantricLove Song4:03The End Begins42008Rock 320 
2744TantricFall Down (Bonus Track)3:37The End Begins122009Rock 290 
2745Ted NugentCat Scratch Fever3:39Great Gonzos: The Best of Ted Nugent11980Classic Rock 320 
2746Ted NugentFree-For-All3:21Great Gonzos: The Best of Ted Nugent31980Classic Rock 320 
2747Ted NugentStranglehold8:23Great Gonzos: The Best of Ted Nugent71980Classic Rock 320 
2748Ted NugentWango Tango4:49Great Gonzos: The Best of Ted Nugent91980Classic Rock 320 
2749Temple of the DogSay Hello 2 Heaven6:24Temple of the Dog11991Alternative 320 
2750Temple of the DogHunger Strike4:06Temple of the Dog31991Alternative 320 
2751TeslaModern Day Cowboy5:19Time's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla11995Rock 320 
2752TeslaGettin' Better3:21Time's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla21995Rock 320 
2753TeslaLittle Suzi4:03Time's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla31995Rock 320 
2754TeslaHeaven's Trail (No Way Out)4:33Time's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla41995Rock 320 
2755TeslaThe Way It Is5:08Time's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla51995Rock 320 
2756TeslaLove Song5:21Time's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla61995Rock 320 
2757TeslaSigns (live)3:13Time's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla71995Rock 320 
2758TeslaParadise (live)5:09Time's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla81995Rock 320 
2759TeslaEdison's Medicine4:48Time's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla91995Rock 320 
2760TeslaSong & Emotion5:56Time's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla101995Rock 320 
2761TeslaWhat You Give7:18Time's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla111995Rock 320 
2762TeslaChanges5:02Time's Makin' Changes: The Best of Tesla151995Rock 320 
2763Theory of a DeadmanNo Surprise3:40Gasoline32005Rock 320 
2764Theory of a DeadmanSanta Monica4:06Gasoline52005Rock 320 
2765Theory of a DeadmanDrown3:41Savages12014Rock 320 
2766Theory of a DeadmanBlow3:36Savages22014Rock 320 
2767Theory of a DeadmanAngel3:22Savages62014Rock 320 
2768Theory of a DeadmanSo Happy4:11Scars & Souvenirs12008Rock 320 
2769Theory of a DeadmanBy the Way3:35Scars & Souvenirs22008Rock 320 
2770Theory of a DeadmanNot Meant to Be3:33Scars & Souvenirs42008Rock 320 
2771Theory of a DeadmanBad Girlfriend3:25Scars & Souvenirs82008Rock 320 
2772Theory of a DeadmanHate My Life3:10Scars & Souvenirs92008Rock 320 
2773Theory of a DeadmanEnd of the Summer3:30Scars & Souvenirs112008Rock 320 
2774Theory of a DeadmanLowlife3:25The Truth Is…12011Rock 320 
2775Theory of a DeadmanBitch Came Back3:39The Truth Is…22011Rock 320 
2776Theory of a DeadmanHurricane4:17The Truth Is…32011Rock 320 
2777Theory of a DeadmanOut of My Head3:57The Truth Is…42011Rock 320 
2778Theory of a DeadmanGentleman3:28The Truth Is…52011Rock 320 
2779Theory of a DeadmanNothing Could Come Between Us3:25Theory of a Deadman22002Rock 320 
2780Theory of a DeadmanMake Up Your Mind4:02Theory of a Deadman32002Rock 320 
2781Theory of a DeadmanRx (Medicate)3:53Wake Up Call22017Rock 320 
2782Third Eye BlindSemi‐Charmed Life4:28A Collection12006Alternative 320 
2783Third Eye BlindHow’s It Going to Be4:12A Collection32006Alternative 320 
2784Third Eye BlindJumper4:32A Collection42006Alternative 320 
2785Third Eye BlindDeep Inside of You4:12A Collection72006Alternative 320 
2786Thirty Seconds to MarsThe Kill3:51A Beautiful Lie32005Rock 320 
2787Thirty Seconds to MarsFrom Yesterday4:08A Beautiful Lie72005Rock 320 
2788Thousand Foot KrutchRunning With Giants4:09Exhale12016Rock 320 
2789Thousand Foot KrutchPush4:20Exhale62016Rock 320 
2790Thousand Foot KrutchUntraveled Road3:55Oxygen: Inhale22014Rock 320 
2791Thousand Foot KrutchLight Up the Sky3:59The End Is Where We Begin32012Rock 320 
2792Thousand Foot KrutchLet the Sparks Fly4:06The End Is Where We Begin52012Rock 320 
2793Thousand Foot KrutchCourtesy Call3:56The End Is Where We Begin92012Rock 320 
2794Thousand Foot KrutchFly on the Wall4:02The End Is Where We Begin132012Rock 320 
2795Three Days GraceFallen Angel3:06Human32015Rock 320 
2796Three Days GraceI Am Machine3:21Human62015Rock 320 
2797Three Days GraceBreak3:13Life Starts Now22009Rock 320 
2798Three Days GraceWorld So Cold4:03Life Starts Now32009Rock 320 
2799Three Days GracePain3:23One-X22006Rock 320 
2800Three Days GraceAnimal I have Become3:51One-X32006Rock 320 
2801Three Days GraceNever Too Late3:29One-X42006Rock 320 
2802Three Days GraceRiot3:27One-X62006Rock 320 
2803Three Days GraceJust Like You3:08Three Days Grace22003Rock 320 
2804Three Days GraceI Hate Everything About You3:51Three Days Grace32003Rock 320 
2805Three Days GraceHome4:21Three Days Grace42003Rock 320 
2806Three Days GraceChalk Outline3:02Transit of Venus22012Rock 320 
2807Three Days GraceThe High Road3:13Transit of Venus32012Rock 320 
2808Three Days GraceMisery Loves My Company2:42Transit of Venus62012Rock 320 
2809ThriceHurricane4:45To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere12016Rock 320 
2810ThriceBlood On The Sand2:50To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere22016Rock 320 
2811ThriceBlack Honey3:59To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere72016Rock 320 
2812Through FireStronger3:43Breathe32016Metal 320 
2813Through FireBreathe4:00Breathe52016Metal 320 
2814ToadiesPossum Kingdom5:09Rubberneck41994Alternative 320 
2815Tom PettyYou Don’t Know How It Feels4:49Wildflowers21994Rock 320 
2816Tom PettyYou Wreck Me3:22Wildflowers41994Rock 320 
2817Tom PettyIt’s Good to Be King5:10Wildflowers51994Rock 320 
2818Tom Petty & The HeartbreakersU Get Me High4:11Hypnotic Eye92014Rock & Roll 320 
2819Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersAmerican Girl3:32Greatest Hits11993Rock 320 
2820Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersBreakdown2:42Greatest Hits21993Rock 320 
2821Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersRefugee3:22Greatest Hits51993Rock 320 
2822Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersDon’t Do Me Like That2:42Greatest Hits61993Rock 320 
2823Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersEven the Losers3:38Greatest Hits71993Rock 320 
2824Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersHere Comes My Girl4:25Greatest Hits81993Rock 320 
2825Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersThe Waiting3:59Greatest Hits91993Rock 320 
2826Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersYou Got Lucky3:36Greatest Hits101993Rock 320 
2827Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersDon’t Come Around Here No More5:04Greatest Hits111993Rock 320 
2828Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersRunnin’ Down a Dream4:23Greatest Hits131993Rock 320 
2829Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersFree Fallin’4:15Greatest Hits141993Rock 320 
2830Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersLearning to Fly4:01Greatest Hits151993Rock 320 
2831Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersInto the Great Wide Open3:44Greatest Hits161993Rock 320 
2832Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersMary Jane’s Last Dance4:33Greatest Hits171993Rock 320 
2833Tom Petty and the HeartbreakersSomething in the Air3:17Greatest Hits181993Rock 320 
2834TonicOpen Up Your Eyes3:41Lemon Parade11996Alternative 320 
2835TonicIf You Could Only See4:23Lemon Parade31996Alternative 320 
2836TonicYou Wanted More3:53Sugar21999Alternative 320 
2837ToolSober5:06Undertow31993Rock 320 
2838TotoHold the Line3:56The Essential Toto12003Classic Rock 320 
2839TotoRosanna5:30The Essential Toto22003Classic Rock 320 
2840TotoAfrica4:58The Essential Toto32003Classic Rock 320 
2841TotoI Won't Hold You Back4:56The Essential Toto82003Classic Rock 320 
2842TraptEnd of My Rope4:00No Apologies32010Rock 320 
2843TraptWho's Going Home With You Tonight3:35Only Through The Pain22008Rock 320 
2844TraptContagious4:23Only Through The Pain32008Rock 320 
2845TraptBring It3:39Reborn12013Rock 320 
2846TraptGoing Under3:18Reborn82013Rock 320 
2847TraptStand Up3:59Someone in Control42005Rock 320 
2848TraptHeadstrong4:46Trapt12002Rock 320